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Words and phrases whose definition contains feeling:   (610 results)

., abandon, abashed, abashment, acold, admiration, admiring, adoration, affect, affection, affectionateness, affinity, afraid, aggravation, aggression, aggressiveness, agitation, agree, alienation, alleviation, all right, amazement, amorous, amorousness, amusement, anger, angry, angst, animate, animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, antithesis, anxiousness, apart, appetence, appetency, appetite, appreciative, approval, ardor, ardour, aroused, ashamedly, ashamedp, assuagement, astonishment, as we say, attachment, aversion, avidity, avidness, awe, awed, aweless, awestricken, awestruck, awful, awless, bad, bad blood, ballottement, bashfulness, beam, beneficence, big, bitterness, blahs, blitheness, bloodless, boding, boredom, bravery, brotherhood, bubble over, callousness, calmness, captivation, care, carefreeness, caring, carnality, casual, certainp, chagrined, cheerfulness, cheerlessness, cheery, cherished, chilly, choler, closeness, cold, cold-blooded, coldhearted, color, colour, comfort, comfortableness, comfy, commiseration, commiserative, compatibility, compensate, complacence, complacency, compunction, concern, concerned, confidence, confusion, conscience, constriction, contempt, contrite, cover, cow, creeps, creepy-crawly, crossness, cynicism, dander, daze, deadp, deadpan, defeat, delectation, delight, demonstrator, depersonalisation, depersonalization, desire, despair, despisal, despising, despite, despondence, despondency, detached, devastation, disaffection, disappointment, disapproval, discombobulation, discomfort, disconsolateness, discouragement, disdain, disgruntlement, disheartenment, dislike, dismay, dispiritedness, displeasure, disquiet, disrespectful, dissatisfaction, distaste, distort, distressed, dizziness, downhearted, downheartedness, dreaminess, dudgeon, dysphoric, eagerness, earnestness, ecstatic, eerie, eery, ego, egotism, ekbom syndrome, elan, elation, embarrassed, emotion, emotionless, enamoredness, enchantment, encouragement, enmity, ennui, enragement, enraptured, enthrallment, enthusiasm, entrancement, enviousness, envy, esteem, estrangement, euphoria, euphoric, exasperation, excite, excitement, exhilaration, expectation, expressionism, exultation, fascination, favor, favour, fear, fearlessness, feel, feelingly, fidget, fidgetiness, fondness, fond regard, fooling, foreboding, fretfulness, friendliness, frustration, fulfillment, fulfilment, funky, fury, fussiness, gaiety, gall, gay, gesture, giddiness, glad, gloom, gloominess, glow, glumness, goodp, grateful, gratifying, gratitude, gravity, green-eyed monster, griever, guilt, guilt-ridden, guilty conscience, guilt feelings, guilt pang, guilt trip, hackles, halfhearted, happy, harassment, harbor, harbour, hardhearted, hardness, hate, hatred, have, heart, heartless, heartsickness, heavyheartedness, helplessness, hesitance, hesitancy, high dudgeon, high spirits, homelike, homely, homey, homy, hope, hopefulness, horny, hostility, hot, huffishness, humbleness, humility, humor, humour, hungry, ill will, impulsive, incautious, indefinable, indignation, indisposed, infuriation, inhuman, insensate, insensibility, insensibly, insentient, insight, insouciance, intangible, intimacy, intimidation, intuit, in awe of, irascibility, irate, ire, ireful, irresponsibility, irresponsibleness, irritability, irritated, irritation, isolated, isolation, jealousy, jitteriness, jocularity, jocundity, jollity, joviality, joylessness, jubilance, jubilancy, jubilation, jumpiness, keenness, know, lamenter, languor, lasciviousness, lassitude, laughinga, letdown, levity, lightheadedness, lightheartedness, lightsomeness, liking, listlessness, love, loving, loving-kindness, lovingness, low-down, low-spiritedness, lukewarm, madness, malice, maliciousness, mechanical, mechanically, mechanistic, meekness, melancholy, mercifulness, mercy, merriment, misery, mood, moodiness, moral obligation, moroseness, mourner, nauseated, nervousness, nettled, note, numbly, numbp, offence, offense, of late, oppression, oppressiveness, optimism, outrage, overawe, overawed, overcompensate, overflow, pain, painfulness, pang, panic, passion, passionateness, passionless, pathos, peevishness, penitent, perceptiveness, perceptivity, pessimism, petulance, pining, pity, pitying, placidity, placidness, playfulness, pleasance, pleasantness, pleased, pleasure, poetry, precious, premonition, presentiment, prickling, pride, pridefulness, promise, protectiveness, protester, proud, proud ofp, prurience, pruriency, queasy, quick temper, radiate, rage, rancor, rancour, randy, rapport, rapturous, ravishment, recapture, recreate, regard, rejoicing, relief, remorse, remorseful, repentant, reproduce, resentment, resistance, respect, respectful, restiveness, restlessness, restless legs, restless legs syndrome, reverent, reverential, rhapsodic, riant, rueful, ruth, ruthful, ruttish, sad, sanguineness, sanguinity, scorn, security, seedy, self-complacency, self-consciousness, self-depreciation, self-esteem, self-importance, self-pity, self-pride, self-reproach, self-satisfaction, sensation, sensationalism, sensualism, sensuousness, sentient, sentiment, sentimentality, separated, serenely, seriousness, set-apart, sexy, shake, shallowness, shamefacedness, shameless, sheepishness, shield, shine, shock, short temper, shyness, sick, sickish, sincerity, sinking, sinking feeling, smite, smugness, softheartedness, solemnity, solicitousness, solicitude, somberness, soreness, sorrower, sorry, sorry forp, soul, soulfulness, soulless, spill over, spite, spitefulness, spleen, sprachgefuhl, stab, stinging, stone, stonyhearted, stream of consciousness, stung, stupefaction, stupor, sublimity, submission, sulkiness, sullenness, sunny, superficiality, sure, surprised, survivor guilt, sweet, swelled, sympathetic, teased, tedium, temper, tenderness, tentacle, terror, testiness, tetchiness, thankful, thankless, the green-eyed monster, the sublime, thing, thirsty, thrilled, tinge, tingling, titillated, titillation, too bad, torment, touchiness, tough, treasured, trepidation, trouble, turned onp, twinge, ulteriority, umbrage, unaffectionate, unappreciative, unashamed, unblushing, uncaring, uncheerfulness, uncomfortable, uncomfortableness, uncompassionate, unconcern, unconcerned, undecomposable, undertow, undesiring, undesirous, uneasiness, unfeeling, unfeelingness, unfriendly, ungrateful, unguarded, unhappy, unpleasantness, unprompted, unregretful, unregretting, unrest, unthankful, vainglorious, venerating, venom, vertigo, want, wanted, warmhearted, warmheartedness, warmth, weight, wildness, wish, wishing, wonder, wonderment, woozy, worry, worship, wrestle, zeal

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