Words and phrases whose definition contains nature:   (466 results)

., abstract, abstractionist, abstractive, accordant, action, activity, actual, act of terrorism, adenohypophysis, aeon, aerobacter, aesthete, aesthetician, affinity, agape, agreeable, alien, alikeness, ambiguous, angelic, angelical, animal, animalism, anterior pituitary, anterior pituitary gland, appreciation, apropos, arjuna, arthur compton, arthur holly compton, artificial, artificially, askinga, assertinga, asymptotic, as such, atomic number 105, atomic number 107, atomic number 19, atomic number 43, autocratic, autocratical, au fond, baal, backward, balder, baldr, balefulness, basic, basically, begin, belligerence, belligerency, benign, benignant, bestial, bhagavad-gita, bhagavadgita, biblical, blind, blithesome, bloodsucking, breezy, by artificial means, by nature, calcium carbonate, camouflage, cezanne, change, changeable, changed, changeless, character, cheerful, cherubic, cognate, commune, compton, conceivable, conceptional, congenial, connate, connatural, consonantal, constant, contentious, contrary, convert, conviviality, cosmology, cowper, criminal, critical, cryptic, cryptical, crystalline, cybele, cynical, daedal, darsana, decisive, declarative, declaratory, deep, define, deific, demonstration, denatured, denaturised, denaturized, depraved, diagnose, diagnosing, diagnosis, different, dindymene, direct, discourse, disguise, dissonant, distinct, distinguishable, distortable, distrustful, divine, divinity, document, dreamy, earthy, ecclesiology, ecotourism, elemental, element 105, element 107, emotionalism, emotionality, endowed, enzymology, eon, equivocal, essentially, esthete, esthetician, euphuism, evil, exalted, exoteric, experimental, factual, fearful, felonious, fetishist, fiducial, fiduciary, fly-by-night, flying saucer, fomor, fomorian, foreign, forgiving, formulary, fundamental, fundamentally, fungible, gas giant, gather, gentle, genus aerobacter, genus corynebacterium, german, germanic, gita, godlike, grand guignol, grasp, great mother, ground rule, hahnium, heart line, heterogeneous, heterogenous, high-flown, high-minded, hindsight, hold, homiletic, homiletical, homogeneity, homogeneous, homogeneousness, homogenous, human, human nature, hypostasis, idealistic, ideational, illative, illusive, illusory, imitation, immanent, immutable, implicit, implicit inp, inapposite, incident, incidental, inconvertible, indeterminably, indeterminate, inexplicit, inferential, inherent, inscrutable, insight, interpreter, interrogative, interrogatory, intimate, intimate with, intrinsic, intrinsical, intrinsically, invariant, inverse, inwardness, in and of itself, in essence, j. c. maxwell, james clerk maxwell, joviality, jovian planet, junk e-mail, kami, kind, kinship, know, law, law of nature, leechlike, legendary, lighthearted, likeness, lineament, line of heart, linus carl pauling, linus pauling, lofty, love line, lustful, magna mater, malapropos, maleficence, malicious, malign, manifestation, mark of cain, mater turrita, mathematical, maxwell, meditation, mensal line, metamorphose, metaphysical, mimesis, mimetic, mineral, misanthropic, misanthropical, mischief, monophysitism, moony, multiform, mutable, mysterious, mystifying, mythic, name, native, natural, naturalisation, naturalization, naturalize, naturally, naturally occurring, natural action, natural law, natural process, natural resource, natural resources, natural virtue, neurohypophysis, nice, noble-minded, nonfigurative, nonmoral, nonmusical, nonnatural, nonobjective, notional, nurture, nymph, ontology, open, operation, opposite, organic, otherworldly, out of place, ovine, ovular, pacific, papers, paper tiger, paralytic, paralytical, parasitic, parasitical, parliamentary, paroxysmal, pars nervosa, passionless, pathology, pauling, paul cezanne, peaceable, peaty, per se, petitionary, photographic, pliant, pluralist, posit, posterior pituitary, posterior pituitary gland, potassium, preaching, precariously, preternatural, principle, procedure, profound, proteinaceous, providential, pseudepigrapha, psychological, quality, rarefied, rarified, rationale, reducible, relatiative, remote, removedp, retaliatory, retributive, retributory, reverse, revolutionary, right, romanticism, rudra, samep, sandbagger, scandent, secret, sedate, see through, seraphic, sermon, set theory, shinto, shintoism, shrewishness, similitude, sixth sense, skeptical, sleety, sort, spacial, spam, spatial, specification, spectacular, speculation, spiritous, spirituous, start, steady, stipendiary, stomatal, stomatous, substantival, subterfuge, supernatural, superstitious, surface, suspicion, suspiciousness, sweet, synthetic, synthetical, taboo, tabu, tc, technetium, terrorism, terrorist act, teutonic, theology, theosophy, timorous, tortious, toxicologist, toxicology, trait, transcendental, transfigure, transform, transmogrify, transmute, transubstantiate, trepid, tropical, trusting, tubercular, tungstic acid, ufo, unappreciative, uncloak, underlying, understand, unidentified flying object, unmask, unmistakably, unmusical, unnatural, unnaturally, unnilpentium, unnilquintium, unnilseptium, unp, unreal, unregenerate, uns, unsociable, unvarying, upanishad, urbanised, urbanized, usufructuary, valued, variable, vegetable, verminous, vicious, vicissitude, vindicatory, vowellike, wildness, william cowper, woolgathering, written document, zonal, zonary

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