Words and phrases whose definition contains pain:   (396 results)

., acetaminophen, ache, aching, achy, acromegalia, acromegaly, act up, acupuncture, acute, acute glossitis, adenomyosis, advil, aerodontalgia, aeroembolism, afflict, afflictive, aggravate, agonised, agonized, agony, air embolism, algolagnia, algometer, algometry, algophobia, algophobic, alleviant, alleviate, alleviated, alleviation, alleviative, alleviator, alleviatory, anacin iii, analgesia, analgesic, analgetic, angina, anginal, angina pectoris, anginose, anginous, anguished, anodyne, apocynum androsaemifolium, apocynum cannabinum, arthralgia, assuage, awkward, bad, badness, barbarous, bends, beta endorphin, birch oil, birth pangs, bite, bornholm disease, bravery, brutal, burn, burning, caisson disease, causalgia, celebrex, celecoxib, cellulitis, cephalalgia, cephalitis, chest pain, chiralgia, chiropractic, cholecystectomy, clap, codeine, colic, comfort, comfortableness, common dogbane, complaininga, complaint, complaintive, constant, contorted, contrite, costalgia, courage, courageous, courageousness, cox-2, cringe, crohn's disease, cruel, cruelty, cry, curative, cure, cyclooxygenase-2, danger, datril, decompression sickness, demerol, dermatomyositis, diaphragmatic pleurisy, die, dilaudid, discomfort, distress, dol, double, double over, double up, dover's powder, ease, eased, easement, easing, embarrassing, embrocation, encephalitis, endometriosis, epidemic myalgia, epidemic pleurodynia, evidently, excruciation, exquisite, faint, fall of man, fear, fearfulness, fell, flashing, flinch, fomentation, fright, fulminant, funk, gas embolism, glossalgia, glossodynia, gonorrhea, gonorrhoea, groan, groaning, growing pains, guillain-barre syndrome, gulf war syndrome, haemorrhoid, hard, harmed, headache, head ache, health problem, hell, hellhole, hell on earth, hemorrhoid, herpangia, howl, hurt, hydromorphone, hydromorphone hydrochloride, hyperventilation, ibuprofen, ill health, indian hemp, infectious polyneuritis, inferno, inflammation, infliction, infrared therapy, inhuman treatment, insensible, intermittent claudication, intestinal colic, irritable bowel syndrome, isobutylphenyl propionic acid, keratalgia, kill, labor pain, labor pains, labour pains, lancinating, landry's paralysis, legionnaires' disease, lenitive, liniment, long-sufferance, long-suffering, malabsorption syndrome, mastalgia, master, mefenamic acid, meperidine, meperidine hydrochloride, meralgia, methyl salicylate, metralgia, midazolam, mitigative, mitigatory, mittelschmerz, moan, moaning, morphia, morphine, mortification, motrin, mucous colitis, myalgia, myodynia, myosis, naprosyn, naproxen, narcotic, natural childbirth, necrotizing enteritis, nephralgia, nettle, neuralgia, neuralgy, neuritis, nociceptive, nonpsychoactive, nuprin, odynophagia, orchidalgia, orchitis, osteitis deformans, paget's disease, pain-free, painful, painfully, painkiller, painless, painlessly, pain pill, pain threshold, pain unit, palliate, palliation, palliative, panadol, pancreatitis, pang, pass, passive, pelvic inflammatory disease, persian gulf illness, phantom limb pain, phantom limb syndrome, phenaphen, photalgia, photophobia, phrenitis, pid, piles, pinch, pleuralgia, pleurodynia, podalgia, polymyositis, ponstel, proctalgia, prostatitis, punished, quail, quick, ramsay hunt syndrome, read method, read method of childbirth, rebound tenderness, recoil, recurrent fever, redness, referred pain, regional enteritis, regional ileitis, relapsing fever, relief, relieve, relieved, remedy, remit, remorseful, renal colic, rheumatism weed, rhizotomy, rigid, rofecoxib, roughshod, rubor, rueful, ruthful, sadist, sadistic, savage, scarred, scratching, sensitivity, severe, severity, sharp, shoot, shouting, shrieked, shrink, side, sigyn, skin perceptiveness, smart, smarting, smite, snake pit, somatosense, soothe, sore, sorely, soreness, sorry, sough, spartan, spastic colon, spondylitis, spreading dogbane, squinch, stabbing, sticky, stiffened, stiffness, sting, stinging, stitch, stoic, stoical, stoicism, stolidity, stolidness, strain, stung, stylostixis, subside, suddenly, suffer, sufferance, suffering, sweet-birch oil, synovitis, tactility, tactual sensation, tempra, tenderness, thermalgesia, the pits, throb, throbbing, throe, tietze's syndrome, torment, tormented, torture, tortured, torturer, touch perception, tough, trench fever, trouble, try, twang, twinge, tylenol, ulalgia, ulcerative colitis, unbearable, uncomfortableness, uncontrollable, unenviable, unhealthiness, unpainful, urodynia, urticate, versed, vicious, vioxx, wail, weakening, weep, wince, wrench, wrenching, wring, writhed, writhen, yell, yelling

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