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Words and phrases whose definition contains party:   (491 results)

., 1st earl attlee, 1st earl baldwin of bewdley, 1st earl of balfour, abb, acceptor, action, action at law, actual damages, adams, adherence, adhesion, adhesion contract, administrator, adverse witness, affair, after all, aid, aleatory contract, alex boncayao brigade, alienation of affection, aligned, american federalist party, american labor party, american party, amicus curiae, amicus curiae brief, ample, anti-masonic party, antipathetic, apostasy, apostate, appearance, appearing, appellant, arthur james balfour, assignee, assignor, attachment, attlee, bachelor party, backbencher, baldwin, balfour, bang, banquet, barn dance, bash, basque fatherland and liberty, basque homeland and freedom, beanfeast, bender, beta, birthday cake, birthday party, blackshirt, black panther, black panthers, blue, bolshevik, bolshevist, bolt, boorishly, booze-up, boss, bossism, brawl, bull moose party, bun-fight, bunfight, by the way, caller id, cancel, carousal, carouse, cash bar, caterer, cease and desist order, center, centerpiece, chukaku-ha, citation, clean up, clement attlee, clement richard attlee, closed primary, coattails effect, cocktail party, collateral fraud, collect call, coming into court, commissar, communist, communist party, compensatory damages, comrade, confession, conservative party, constitutional union party, constructive trust, contractor, contract of adhesion, costs, cracker, cracker bonbon, crash, crasher, crossover, crossover voter, cut across, dance, dead, dealer, decorate, deed poll, defection, delivery, democrat, democratic, democratic-republican party, denominational, denominationalism, deny, deserter, designated driver, deviationism, deviationist, de facto, dinner, dinner party, direct examination, direct loan, dispirited, dissolve, divestiture, dixiecrats, do, donkey, donner pass, door prize, double damages, drag, economic strangulation, electioneer, elephant, enjoining, enjoinment, escrow, eta, euskadi ta askatasuna, extrinsic fraud, failure, fancy dress, farc, farmer-labor party, favor, favour, fear, feast, federalist, federalist party, federal party, fellow traveler, fellow traveller, fete, fete champetre, fiesta, filer, financial obligation, fire, first of october antifascist resistance group, fix, floatinga, floating voter, floor leader, free soil party, friend of the court, fuerzas armadas revolucionarios de colombia, fully fledged, gambling contract, garden party, gate-crashing, gatecrasher, general damages, general verdict, german nazi, gerrymander, get out, girlfriend, girondist, good time, gop, grapo, gray, great, green, greenback party, green party, grey, guomindang, hack, hakenkreuz, have, heart, heart and soul, hen party, host, hostage, hostile witness, housewarming, house party, indebtedness, indenture, independent, injunction, interdict, interdiction, intervenor, intervention, intrude, invite, involuntary trust, in full swing, in time, iosif vissarionovich dzhugashvili, jane doe, john doe, john reed, join, jolly, joseph stalin, judgement on the pleadings, judgment on the pleadings, juice up, know-nothing party, kuomintang, labor, labor party, labour, labourite, labour party, lawn party, legal action, legal transfer, leon trotsky, lev davidovich bronstein, liability, liberal party, liberty party, lifeless, list system, litigant, litigator, livery, machine, machine politician, majority leader, make, manifesto, manuel rodriquez patriotic front, mask, masque, masquerade, masquerade costume, mdma, mediation, merrymaker, messily, militant tendency, minority leader, mixer, moment, mugwump, muscle, national socialist, national socialist german workers' party, nazi, nazi party, neutral, new people's army, nomenklatura, nominal, nonaligned, nonpartisan, nonpartizan, nonsectarian, novation, no fault automobile insurance, no fault insurance, npa, objection, one-party, open house, open primary, opposition, organ, or so, output contract, paper, part, partisan, partizan, party-spirited, partygoer, party boss, party favor, party favour, party game, party line, party liner, party man, party spirit, party to the action, party to the transaction, party whip, people's party, plaintiff in error, plank, platform, plead, pleading, plurality, pol, politburo, political boss, political commissar, political contribution, political donation, political hack, political leader, political machine, political platform, political program, politician, politico, populist party, practically, preteen, prevailing party, principal, program, progressive party, prohibition party, pronunciamento, propertyless, proposition, protection, push, qualification, quid, quid pro quo, raffish, raiding, rat, ratter, raucous, rave, raver, reception, reception line, recreant, recruit, recusal, recusation, redirect examination, reed, reexamination, regret, regular, relative majority, renegade, renunciation, representation, republican, republican party, requirements contract, rescue party, reserved, responsible, return, reunion, reveler, reveller, reversioner, revolutionary armed forces of colombia, revolutionary proletarian army, richard roe, right, right-winger, rightist, robert falcon scott, robert scott, royal, rpa-abb, salvation, samuel adams, sam adams, scire facias, scott, scrutin de liste, scrutin de liste system, search party, sectarianism, sendero luminoso, separate, shadow cabinet, shindig, shindy, shining path, shower, signal, skirmisher, sl, slate, sleepover, sleep over, slumber party, smoker, snapper, snobbishly, sociable, social, socialist labor party, socialist party, social democratic party, soiree, some, speaker, special verdict, spinmeister, spin doctor, split ticket, spruce, spur-of-the-moment, stag, stag party, stalin, standoffishly, stanley baldwin, states' rights democratic party, stock power, straight ticket, strenuously, stretcher party, subcontract, summary judgement, summary judgment, super, support, surety, swastika, swing, swing voter, tame, tammany, tammany hall, tammany society, tea, tea party, tergiversation, thankfully, third party, three-way calling, throw, ticket, titular, toot, tort-feasor, tortfeasor, trade protection, traverse, treble damages, trotsky, trust, turncoat, umbrella, unsectarian, unstrained, unwelcome guest, usurp, varied, ward-heeler, war party, wedding, wedding party, whereat, whig, whig party, whip, whist drive, working

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