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Words and phrases whose definition contains period:   (605 results)

., 60 minutes, academic year, adjusting entry, adolescence, adulthood, aeon, aeonian, aestivation, age, air alert, allowance, all along, amnesty, amortisation, amortization, ancient, ancients, anomalistic month, antebellum, antediluvial, antediluvian, anthropic, anthropical, antiquated, antique, antiquity, appearance, archaeopteryx, archaeopteryx lithographica, archaic, archeopteryx, article, asynchronous, at length, avifauna, avifaunal, avifaunistic, bag, bail, balance of international payments, balance of payments, balance of trade, ballistocardiograph, basal body temperature method, basal body temperature method of family planning, basic training, bernini, bicentenary, bicentennial, bimester, bloom, blossom, blowing gas, blow gas, body count, booking, bout, bridge over, bronze age, calendar method, calendar method of birth control, calendar week, canicular days, canicule, cardiac output, cardiograph, carry back, carry forward, carry over, case load, cash flow, census, centenary, centennial, chapter, christian era, christmas, christmastide, christmastime, church father, circulation, class coniferopsida, clean up, clifford trust, climacteric, climate, clime, clock, coal, coelacanth, coetaneous, coeval, cold weather, color, colorful, common era, conciliation, coniferophyta, coniferophytina, coniferopsida, consequent, contemporaneity, contemporaneous, contemporaneously, contemporaneousness, contemporary, continuance, continue, continuity, correction, costume, costumed, covariance, cover, cross, currently, cycliophora, cynodontia, dark ages, dawn, day, decade, decennary, decennium, deciduous, deficit, delayed action, depression, descriptive, diestrous, diestrual, dioestrous, dioestrual, division cynodontia, dog days, dormant account, downtime, doze, drag, drag on, drag out, drift, drinking bout, drowse, duration, dust cover, dust sheet, duty period, duty tour, early, early days, earnings, earnings report, edmond halley, edmund halley, edwards, efflorescence, elizabethan age, emigrate, employee turnover, ending, endowment insurance, engagement, enlistment, eolithic, eon, eonian, epoch, era, estivation, estrus, eternal, euphuism, eve, evening, eventide, eventually, everlasting, exilic, expiration, expired, expiry, expressive style, extension, fall from grace, famishment, father, father of the church, fence mending, festival, filename extension, file name extension, finally, final period, financial year, first period, first quarter, first trimester, fiscal year, fishing licence, fishing license, fishing permit, flower, flush, forenoon, fortnight, frame, frequence, frequency, gain, game license, gdp, genus protoavis, genus struthiomimus, geosynchronous, geosynchronous orbit, gestation, gestation period, giovanni lorenzo bernini, glacial epoch, glacial period, gnp, golden age, golf hole, grab sample, grantor trust, gross domestic product, gross national product, gross revenue, gross sales, halley, harlem renaissance, harmonic law, hayes, heat, hebdomad, heyday, high-season, hitch, hold over, hole, holy year, honeymoon, horse opera, hospitalization, hot weather, hour, hours, hr, hunting licence, hunting license, hunting permit, ibero-mesornis, ice age, ictodosauria, ideal, idiolect, iguanodon, immature, income, income statement, incubation period, indian summer, information age, inning, interim, interlude, invisible balance, in the end, in the long run, iron age, italian renaissance, jonathan edwards, keep going, kepler's third law, lactation, lag, language lesson, lasting, last quarter, late, latency period, latency phase, latency stage, latera, latimeria chalumnae, lease, leave, leave of absence, lent, lententide, life, lifespan, lifetime, like, limitation, lively, long-acting, longueur, long haul, long run, long time, look back, lubavitch, lucre, lull, lunar day, lunar month, lunar year, lunation, lustrum, maternity, maturity, maximum and minimum thermometer, melioration, menstrual, mesolithic, metabolic rate, middle, middle ages, middle paleolithic, midterm, migration, moon, morn, morning, morning time, myxinikela siroka, naegele's rule, nap, national income, neolithic, net, net income, net profit, new deal, night, noel, nosecount, nose count, notification, noviciate, novitiate, nowadays, nuclear winter, nummulite, o'er, occupant, occupation, occupier, october revolution, oestrus, off-peak, off-season, oftenness, operating statement, orbit period, order ictodosauria, organization expense, output, outturn, over, overtime period, ovulation method, ovulation method of family planning, palaeolithic, paleolithic, pangaea, pangea, past, patch, pax romana, peacetime, peak, peak-seaason, perinatal, periodic motion, periodic movement, period of time, period piece, perpetual calendar, persistence, phanerozoic, phanerozoic aeon, phanerozoic eon, phase, phylum cycliophora, piece, pollen count, polyestrous, polyoestrous, postexilic, postictal, postwar, practicum, precipitation, pregnancy, premature, prematurely, premenstrual, prenatal, prepuberty, preseason, present, presently, president hayes, press run, prevalence, prime, print run, prison term, prix de rome, probation, probationer, production, profit, profit-and-loss statement, profits, profit and loss, profit and loss account, progress report, prohibition, prohibition era, puerperium, quaternary, question time, quiet, rain shower, ralph vaughan williams, ramadan, rapid, reconstruction, reconstruction period, recrudescence, red scare, reflate, reflation, regency, reign, reign of terror, renaissance, represent, residence time, resident, respiratory quotient, retrospect, reversion, review, rhythm, rhythm method, rhythm method of birth control, right along, romantic, romanticist, round, run, run-up, runninga, runup, run for, russian revolution, rut, rutherford b. hayes, rutherford birchard hayes, saint martin's summer, sales, school, schooltime, school day, school year, screen saver, season, second period, second trimester, see through, semester, semestral, semestrial, semicolon, sentence, sequent, settled, shibah, shift, shiva, shivah, short-run, short-term, shower, sidereal month, silver age, sinornis, sleep, snooze, span, spell, spending spree, spiritually, spree killer, stage, stagflation, starvation, statute of limitations, stay of execution, step out, stint, stock option, stock warrant, stone age, stop, stretch, student nurse, study hall, style, subdivision coniferophytina, subscription, sweep, synchronal, synchronic, synchronous, synodic month, term, terminal, terminate, termination, term insurance, term of a contract, term of enlistment, test period, the depression, the great depression, third period, third trimester, thought, throughput, tide over, time, time frame, time limit, time off, time of life, time period, tontine, tour, tour of duty, trachodon, trachodont, trade balance, trade gap, traffic, transfer, transplant, transpose, travel time, traverse, trial period, tricentenary, tricentennial, trick, trimester, tudor architecture, turbulence, turn, turnout, turnover, turnover rate, turn of the century, twelvemonth, two weeks, tyrannosaur, tyrannosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, upper paleolithic, uptime, usance, vaughan williams, victorian age, vigil, visible balance, waning, wartime, watch, waveform, wave form, wave shape, waxing, week, weekend, week from monday, western, wherein, while, wild west, window, work shift, work time, year, years, yield, young, youth, yr, yule, yuletide

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