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., 12-tone music, 12-tone system, abu sayyaf, active, active voice, actuary, adulator, aec, aerosol bomb, agar, al-gama'a al-islamiyya, allegory, alphabetic, alphabetical, angler, apoptosis, applet, applied scientist, artificial kidney, artillery, artillery unit, atomic energy commission, atomic pile, atomic reactor, aversion therapy, bacteriophage, ballyhoo artist, bar printer, bearer of the sword, binary notation, binary number system, binary numeration system, binary system, biochip, bioremediation, black comedy, bludgeoner, boiling water reactor, bwr, carver, caspase-mediated cell death, catalytic converter, centrifuge, chain reactor, chalk talk, chrysanthemum parthenium, collotype, collotype printing, column chromatography, computational linguist, computer user, consumer, consumptive, contour language, coolant system, coordinate system, coquette, cosmotron, crutch, cybernaut, daisywheel printer, dangaleat, dangla, dark-field microscope, decimal notation, decimal number system, decimal numeration system, decimal system, dedicate, dictionary definition, direct mailer, double dribble, dowser, dragger, duct tape, dynamiter, dynamitist, echocardiography, echoencephalography, econometrician, econometrist, ee, electrical engineering, electric thermometer, electrocutioner, electrodynamometer, electromotive drug administration, electron lens, electroplater, electrostatic printer, emda, engineer, evaluative, experimental psychology, exploiter, extractor, feverfew, finagler, flatterer, flirt, foreign terrorist organization, forensic medicine, forensic pathology, fractional process, fractionation, frame of reference, fto, fuel-air bomb, fusion reactor, gagman, geophysical science, geophysicist, geophysics, george washington carver, german chamomile, grade separation, graphical user interface, gravure, gui, gun, gunman, gunslinger, gun for hire, gyrocompass, hamas, hemodialyzer, hexadecimal notation, hexadecimal number system, hexadecimal system, highjacker, hijacker, hired gun, hitman, hit man, hydraulic pump, hydraulic ram, hydrology, hypsometer, identikit, identikit picture, immunofluorescence, inertial guidance system, inertial navigation system, instrument, instrumental role, intaglio, intaglio printing, intellect, intellectual, intellectualisation, intellectualization, interferometer, interpreter, ionic medication, iontophoresis, iontotherapy, ironist, islamic resistance movement, jafar, jafar umar thalib, jaffar, jaffar umar thalib, jug band, labanotation, language, laser-guided bomb, lcd, left-hander, lefty, legalese, lens, less, lgb, lidar, liposomal delivery vector, liquid crystal display, literary pirate, lithographer, mahlstick, materia medica, matricaria chamomilla, matricaria recutita, maulstick, mechanical piano, microwave diathermy machine, microwave linear accelerator, military intelligence, mimeo, mimeograph, mimeograph machine, minx, mopper, multiphase, multiprocessor, multipurpose, new people's army, nouvelle cuisine, npa, nuclear medicine, nutrient agar, nutrition, octal notation, octal number system, octal numeration system, oil painter, onomatomania, optical pyrometer, paper chromatography, passive, passive voice, pentecostal religion, pettifogger, phage, pharmaceutical chemist, pharmacological medicine, pharmacologist, pharmacology, photocoagulation, photocopier, photogelatin process, photomontage, physiatrics, physical therapy, physiotherapy, pianola, pile, pipe smoker, pirate, pitchman, plagiariser, plagiarist, plagiarizer, player piano, play therapy, pointilist, polyphase, polytonalism, polytonality, pommel, possible, pressurized water reactor, prickteaser, programmed cell death, psychonomics, pure binary numeration system, pwr, pyroscope, quoter, radiography, radiologist, radiotelegraph, radiotelegraphy, radiotelephone, radiotelephony, radiotherapist, radio interferometer, ragsorter, reference frame, reference system, register language, rhabdomancer, ribald, ridiculer, right-hander, righthander, right hander, roentgenography, roneo, roneograph, roper, salter, satirist, schtick, schtik, scratcher, scrubber, scuba diver, seasoner, security blanket, selenium cell, sensationalist, separator, serialism, serial music, sexadecimal notation, sexadecimal number system, shearer, shooter, shortwave diathermy machine, shtick, shtik, shyster, skidder, slinger, sloganeer, snake charmer, snuffer, snuff user, sonograph, southpaw, speed freak, spin drier, spin dryer, springboard, standee, standup comedian, statistician, stealth fighter, straphanger, summer savory, summer savoury, surpriser, swearer, sweet false chamomile, synthesiser, synthesist, synthesizer, taenia, tanacetum parthenium, tapper, tcp, tease, technologist, terrorist, terrorist group, terrorist organization, thermel, thermobaric bomb, thermoelectric thermometer, thermograph, thermonuclear reactor, tone, topos, top fermentation, torpedo, trawler, triggerman, troller, twelve-tone music, twelve-tone system, ultramicroscope, unprofitable, unscrupulously, use, user, vacuum bomb, vamp, vamper, venn's diagram, venn diagram, verboseness, verbosity, viral delivery vector, volume-detonation bomb, wangler, water witch, wifi, wild chamomile, wind energy facility, wind farm, wind park, wire-puller, wireless fidelity, wireless local area network, wireless telegraphy, wireless telephone, wlan, wordmonger, x-ray photography, xerographic printer

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