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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

'cause, boos, booz, booze, buus, cause, cayes, chews, chi's, choose, chua, chui, clews, clues, coeur, cool, coole, cools, coombs, coomes, coone, coones, coons, coop, coors, coos, coot, coote, cose, coupe, couper, cousy, cow's, cows, coz, crew's, crewes, crews, cruise, cruse, cruz, cruze, cues, dews, do's, dues, ewes, foos, goos, hoos, hughs, jews, jews', joos, k's, k.'s, kaas, kase, kaus, kay's, kayes, kays, keas, kee's, kees, keese, key's, keyes, keyes', keys, kise, kloos, koob, kooi, kook, kool, koon, koon's, koone, koons, koop, koor, kooser, kooy, kruse, kueck, kuehn, kuehne, kuhar, kuhn, kuhns, kuo, kurz, kusa, kuse, kuze, kyes, leu's, loos, lose, lou's, luiz, luse, moos, muise, news, news', q's, q.'s, q.s, ques, queues, roos, roose, ruse, shoe's, shoes, soos, sous, sues, tewes, tews, two's, twos, u's, u.'s, u.s, who's, whose, woo's, woos, wu's, yew's, yoos, yu's, zoo's, zoos, zue's, koos, beu, boo, boos, boose, boosh, booth, boothe, booz, booze, buth, buus, chuai, coo, cooie, coos, cooze, cou, coup, couve, deuce, deuss, dew, dews, do, do's, doo, dooce, doose, douce, douche, douve, douwe, du, duce, due, dues, dush, duve, goo, goof, goos, goose, gousse, gu, gueuze, guth, khoo, khuu, koo, koos, ku, poo, poof, pooh, poove, pou, pouce, pousse, pu, puth, qu, thuy, to, too, tooth, touche, touze, tu, tue, two, two's, twos

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