The RhymeZone Poetry Contest is back.

Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bites, bytes, cites, feitz, fights, fites, geitz, hat's, hates, hats, hatz, heat's, heats, height, heintz, heintze, heise, heiss, heit, hetz, hiatt's, hice, hiett, hight, hikes, hirtz, hite, hits, hitz, hoots, hots, hotz, houts, houtz, hurts, hut's, huts, hyatt's, hykes, hypes, kites, knight's, knights, light's, lights, lites, mites, night's, nights, nights', reits, reitz, right's, rights, rights', rite's, rites, seitz, sights, site's, sites, tights, white's, whites, wright's, wrights, writes, heights, heitz, heights, heigth, heitz, hides, hikes, hyde's, hykes, hypes

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