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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

curve, d'oeuvre, herve, mauve, mave, meave, merc, merce, merck, merge, merk, merl, merle, mers, mersch, merz, meurer, mirth, move, murch, murff, murk, murph, murray, murree, murrey, murrie, murry, nerve, serv, serve, verve, merv, -ness, knave, kness, mace, mae's, maes, mais, maise, maize, mase, mathe, mave, may's, mayes, mays, mays', mayse, maze, merce, mers, mersch, merse, mersh, merv, merz, mesch, mesh, mess, messe, meth, meth-, methb, mez, mezze, mirth, mirthe, murff, murph, murres, murse, murth, nace, naish, nase, nathe, nave, nays, neff, neffe, nerve, nes, ness, nesse, neth, nez, nurse

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