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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

air's, airs, ayer's, ayres, bares, bear's, bears, bears', berres, bures, care's, cares, chaires, chairs, dares, errs, fair's, faires, fairs, fares, gehres, hair's, hairs, hare's, hares, heirs, jares, kehres, maerz, mairs, mare's, mares, pairs, pares, pears, phares, sayres, share's, shares, shares', sherr's, stairs, stares, tara, taro, tarry, tear, tebbs, ted's, telles, tells, ten's, tens, terese, teri, terra, terra's, terre, terri, terrie, terror, terrors, terry, terry's, thames, theirs, there's, tiers, tour's, tours, wares, wears, where's, bailes, bails, baires, bales, balfe, balles, bares, bayles, beales, beals, bear's, bears, bears', beer's, beers, beers', bell's, belles, bells, bells', bels, belshe, belth, belz, beres, berle's, berles, berles', berls, berres, bierce, biers, bill's, billes, bills, bills', birls, bures, burls, cales, calles, care's, cares, curls, dale's, dales, dalles, dares, deal's, deals, dealth, dears, deere's, deers, deils, deles, dell's, dells, delph, delve, diels, dills, dils, gaels, gail's, gailes, gails, gale's, gales, galles, gares, gayals, gayles, gear's, gears, geres, gerres, giersch, gill's, gills, gilse, girl's, girls, girls', guelf, guelph, kales, kayles, keels, kehres, kells, kelsch, keres, keyers, kielce, kills, pails, pairs, pales, pares, peals, pearce, pearls, pears, peels, peerce, peers, peirce, peles, pell's, pelles, pels, pelz, perls, pierce, piers, pill's, pills, pilz, pirls, purls, taels, tailles, tails, tales, tares, teals, teles, telles, tells, teres, terres, tierce, tiers, tills, tilth

See tears used in context: 100+ rhymes, 166 Shakespeare works, 1 Mother Goose rhyme, several books and articles.

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