Words that rhyme with tries:   (313 results)

1 syllable:
ais, bise, breiz, buys, cries, dies, dries, dyes, eis, eyes, flies, fries, grise, guise, guy's, guys, highs, i.'s, i.s, ise, lies, pies, prise, prize, rise, schweiz, size, skies, spies, thighs, ties, wise

2 syllables:
abscise, advise, allies, applies, apprise, apprize, arise, assize, baptize, betise, capsize, chastise, civvies, clockwise, comprise, crosswise, defies, demise, denies, despise, devise, disguise, disprize, downsize, edgewise, emprise, endwise, franchise, full-size, grecize, implies, incise, lengthwise, levis, likewise, misprize, outsize, pint-size, previse, rabbis, relies, reprise, resize, revise, sidewise, streetwise, sunrise, supplies, surmise, surprise, undies, unwise

3 syllables:
advertise, aggrandize, agonize, alkalies, amortize, analyze, anglicize, authorize, balkanize, brutalize, burglarize, butterflies, canonize, carbonize, catalyze, centralize, christianize, circumcise, civilize, colonize, colorize, communize, compromise, criticize, crystallize, customize, demonize, deputize, digitize, dramatize, empathize, emphasize, energize, enfranchise, enterprise, equalize, eulogize, euthanize, exercise, f. b. i.'s, fantasize, federalize, fertilize, finalize, formalize, fossilize, fraternize, galvanize, ghettoize, glamorize, globalize, harmonize, hellenize, humanize, hybridize, hydrolyze, hypnotize, idealize, idolize, immunize, improvise, ionize, itemize, jeopardize, justifies, legalize, liberalize, lionize, localize, maximize, mechanize, memorize, merchandise, mesmerize, minimize, mobilize, modernize, moralize, motorize, nationalize, naturalize, neutralize, normalize, optimize, organize, ostracise, ostracize, otherwise, oversize, oxidize, paralyze, pasteurize, patronize, penalize, plagiarize, polarize, pressurize, privatize, publicize, pulverize, qualifies, randomize, realise, realize, recognise, recognize, rhapsodize, rubberize, sanitize, satirize, scandalize, scrutinize, sensitize, socialize, specialize, stabilize, standardize, sterilize, stigmatize, stylize, subsidize, summarize, supervise, symbolize, sympathize, synchronize, synthesize, tantalize, televise, temporize, terrorize, testifies, theorize, tranquilize, traumatize, trivialize, unionize, urbanize, utilize, vandalize, vaporize, verbalize, visualize, vocalize, westernize, winterize, womanize

4 syllables:
accessorize, actualize, africanize, alphabetize, aluminize, annualize, antagonize, apologise, apologize, cannibalize, capitalize, caramelize, categorize, characterize, circularize, collectivize, commercialize, computerize, containerize, criminalize, decentralize, deemphasize, demobilize, democratize, demoralize, depersonalize, depressurize, desensitize, destabilize, disenfranchise, disorganize, economize, epitomize, evangelize, familiarize, fictionalize, generalize, homogenize, hospitalize, hypothesize, identifies, immobilize, initialize, internalize, legitimize, marginalize, metabolize, metastasize, militarize, mineralize, miniaturize, monopolize, personalize, politicize, polymerize, popularize, prioritize, propagandize, proselytize, radicalize, rationalize, reorganize, revitalize, romanticize, sensibilize, serialize, soliloquize, suburbanize

5 syllables:
americanize, collateralize, compartmentalize, decriminalize, demilitarize, denationalize, industrialize, internationalize, materialize, memorialize, overemphasize, professionalize, revolutionize

6 syllables:

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