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3 syllables:
abacist, abdicate, abetment, ablegate, abnegate, abrogate, abstinent, acaudate, accident, acclimate, accumbent, acetate, activate, activist, adamant, adequate, adjutant, adulate, advocate, affricate, aggravate, aggregates, agitate, agonist, aguacate, akvavit, albescent, alchemist, algebraist, alginate, aliment, allocate, ambulant, amputate, amulet, analyst, anapaest, anapest, animate, animist, annalist, annotate, annulate, annulment, antedate, antiquate, appetent, applicate, approbate, aquatint, aqueduct, assonant, assonate, astrogate, atavist, atomist, bafflement, bandelet, baphomet, basifixed, bassinet, battlefront, battlement, blastocyst, cabinet, calamint, calculate, calibrate, caliphate, calvinist, cancellate, candescent, candidate, candlenut, canescent, canonist, cantillate, cantonment, capitate, capsulate, casemate, castigate, catalyst, catapult, catechist, catenate, chalcocite, classicist, crapulent, fabricate, fabulist, fantasist, fascinate, flabellate, flagellant, flagellate, flatulent, flavescent, fractionate, graduate, granulate, gratulate, habitant, halibut, harrogate, jansenist, lactescent, lamellate, laminate, lancinate, lapidate, latinate, latinist, machinate, maculate, magistrate, maledict, malfeasant, mammillate, management, manganate, manumit, manuscript, masochist, masticate, nationalist, naturalist, navigate, paginate, palmitate, palpitant, palpitate, panelist, papillate, passionate, passionist, patinate, pragmatist, rabbinate, rhapsodist, sacculate, sacrament, salivate, shamanist, spathulate, sphacelate, staminate, statocyst, strangulate, tabescent, tabulate, talmudist, translocate, transudate, vaccinate, vacillant, vacillate, vacuolate, vaginate, validate, vanadate, wagon-lit

4 syllables:
abacinate, abandonment, abstractionist, amalgamate, anatomist, antagonist, assassinate, biflagellate, campanulate, capacitate, coagulant, coagulate, companionate, compassionate, concatenate, confabulate, congratulate, contaminant, contaminate, decapitate, delaminate, desalinate, devastavit, diaconate, dilapidate, dispassionate, emancipate, encapsulate, entanglement, eradicate, evacuant, evaginate, evangelist, exanimate, expansionist, extrapolate, extravagant, funambulist, inadequate, inanimate, incalescent, inhabitant, intransigent, invaginate, italianate, judge advocate, lead acetate, line management, miscalculate, nematocyst, palatinate, perambulate, permanganate, philanthropist, philatelist, postgraduate, procrastinate, protagonist, reactionist, reactivate, reanimate, reattachment, recalculate, somnambulate, somnambulist, syllabicate, tobacconist, transhipment, triacetate, triangulate, zooflagellate

5 syllables:
anticatalyst, biocatalyst, decontaminate, devil's advocate, dinoflagellate, ethyl acetate, filing cabinet, mineralogist, psychoanalyst, televangelist, undergraduate

6 syllables:
cellulose acetate, cerebral aqueduct, oxaloacetate

7 syllables:
polyvinyl acetate

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