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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to negative:   (368 results)

affirmative, affirmatory, confirming, electroneutral, electropositive, neutral, positive

Often used in the same context:
positive, unfavorable, bearish, adverse, favorable, pessimistic, bullish, detrimental, bad, deleterious, downbeat, harmful, undesirable, weaker, undesired, unpleasant, negligible, gloomy, prejudicial, depressing, unfavourable, tuberculin test, unhelpful, cyclical, deflationary, hurtful, downward, worrisome, nasty, abnormal, rheumatoid factor, discouraging, volatile, hypersensitive, benign, neutral, biased, upbeat, hostile, unflattering, skew, disappointing, disparaging, stereotypic, injurious, unwelcome, inflammatory, unsupportive, sanguine, damaging, baneful, inflationary, sublethal, untoward, misrepresentative, dismal, cautious, stigmatizing, harsh, unfriendly, nephrotoxic, constructive, disastrous, troubling, disproportional, self fulfilling prophecy, demoralizing, slanderous, unsettling, destabilizing, inaccurate, distortive, multiplicative, muted, alarmist, oversold, uncomplimentary, unconstructive, recessionary, sero, lackluster, ugly, unhealthy, laudatory, distorted, optimistic, devastating, risker, gram stain, unsatisfactory, pernicious, overbought, mixed, corrosive, divisive, marginal, unvalued, discomforting, destructive, disheartening, derogatory, unkind, negatives, affirmative, positives, hologram, i.e., image, non, super, chip, double, fio, line, multiple, outer, \u00ab, assertion, con, italics, lead, emotive, disintegrative, disturbing, affective, counterproductive, dehumanizing, postive, observable, subjective

More specific:
defeat, double negative, kill, nay, no, vote down, vote out

Appears in the definition of:
., acid dye, aerobacter aerogenes, afterimage, aftersensation, alpha privative, anya, anymore, any longer, apophatism, assertiveness training, as yet, aversive stimulus, bacteroides, bad, barring, begin, belittle, biometric identification, blackball, bring oneself, brucella, care a hang, cataphoresis, ch'i, characteristic, charge, charged, chi, chlamydiaceae, clear the air, closet queen, coefficient of correlation, commit, con, contact print, contradict, contrast, correlation, correlation coefficient, deterrence, dielectrolysis, difficulty, dihydrostreptomycin, disincentive, disparage, dissuade, double negative, downside, dry cell, e-mycin, either, electric charge, electron, electronegative, electrophoresis, electrostatic bond, electrovalent bond, enterics, enteric bacteria, enterobacteria, enterobacteriaceae, erythroblastosis fetalis, erythrocin, erythromycin, ethril, export, family chlamydiaceae, family enterobacteriaceae, family mycoplasmataceae, family pseudomonodaceae, fluorescein, fluoresceine, fluorescent dye, francisella, full-wave rectifier, genus bacteroides, genus francisella, genus serratia, give a damn, give a hang, give a hoot, gram's method, gram's procedure, gram's stain, gram method, gram stain, halogen, help, help oneself, heretofore, hitherto, hot, ilosone, integer, intensify, in opposition, ion, ionic bond, ionophoresis, ki, klebsiella, knock, legionella, legionella pneumophilia, lightning rod, macrodantin, maximum, metallized dye, minimum, minus, mu-meson, muon, mycoplasmataceae, nay, naysayer, nebcin, negate, negation, negatively, negatively charged, negative identification, negative muon, negative pole, negatron, neither, nitrofurantoin, no, order pseudomonadales, order rickettsiales, pan, paternity test, pediamycin, perpetrate, photographic print, photostat, photostat machine, pick at, polarity, pour cold water on, print, proof, proton, pseudomonadales, pseudomonodaceae, pull, purple bacteria, qi, quite, quite a, quite an, rail, rather, redevelop, reducer, reducing agent, reductant, resorcinolphthalein, respecter, revile, rh, rhesus factor, rh factor, rh incompatibility, rickettsiales, roast, salmonella, serratia, servo, servomechanism, servosystem, shigella, sign, slouch, solarise, solarize, so far, spinmeister, spin doctor, streptobacillus, take the cake, tear apart, throw cold water on, thus far, til now, tobramycin, tone, trash, tropism, uncertain, universal donor, until now, up to now, vacuum gage, vacuum gauge, value, vilify, vituperate, whole number, yet, yin

More general:
denial, film, photographic film, vote

antagonistic, backward, bad, blackball, counter, damaging, destructive, disadvantageous, disconfirming, dismissive, dissentient, dissenting, dissident, electronegative, harmful, minus, non, perverse, veto

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— Nouns for negative: effects, effect, consequences, impact, results, charge, feelings, feedback, side, value, values, more...

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