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conserve, economise, economize, husband

Often used in the same context:
hazardous waste, garbage, landfills, recycling, trash, rubbish, composting, toxic waste, radioactive waste, recyclables, waster, incineration, sludge, manure, wastage, potato peelings, wastewater, effluent, incinerators, leachate, litter, disposal, sewage, recycler, sanitary landfill, byproducts, deadstock, garbage disposal, digestor, augean, dump, pollutants, fly ash, compost pile, chicken manure, effluence, tailings, garbage dump, biogas, recycling bin, cow manure, reuse, pollution, slag, dumpsite, excrement, compost heap, floc, biomass, poop, bins, digester, stillage, compacter, cupric sulfate, excreta, raffinate, offal, filth, phosphorous, leftovers, residues, flocculant, reprocessing, poo, augean stables, diversion, phosphorus, fissionable, detritus, windrow, debris, environmentally sound, cashmere goat, cullet, desalinization, garbage pickup, solids, wastepaper, rubbish dump, drains, gasification, radioactive, inefficiency, hydrated lime, eunomia, mulching, contaminants, rubbish heap, struvite, chlorides, sewerage, wastefulness, sullage, groundwater, sediment, radioactive material, carcasses, garbage heap, rainwater, bonemeal, pyrolysis, wastes, devastation, bloodshed, bulk, havoc, emptiness, desolation, destructiveness, misunderstanding, privation, carnage, expenditure, expense, extravagance, frustration, hardship, improbability, reclaimed, condensate, unusable, fuel, scrap, uncontaminated, cheaper, condensed, contaminated, evaporated, exhaust, liquefied, quality, recycled, cheap, dry, enough, flammable

More specific:
body waste, burn, dissipate, dross, effluent, excrement, excreta, excretion, excretory product, extravagance, food waste, fool, fool away, fritter, fritter away, frivol away, gangrene, garbage, heath, heathland, impurity, lavishness, luxuriate, mortify, necrose, pollutant, prodigality, refuse, rubbish, ruin, scraps, sewage, sewerage, sewer water, shoot, sphacelate, squandering, toxic industrial waste, toxic waste, trash, wanton, wastewater, waste of effort, waste of energy, waste of material, waste of money, waste of time

Appears in the definition of:
., artificial kidney, azotaemia, azotemia, azotemic, barley grass, beneficiation, biomass, bioremediation, blood, body waste, cesspit, cesspool, cloaca, corn speedwell, criminal, cuban spinach, dally, dawdle, defecation, derail, destroyer, dilatory, diplotaxis muralis, diplotaxis tenuifolia, drip pan, dump, dumpsite, dumpster, economical, economise, economiser, economize, economizer, effluent, effluvium, elimination, emaciate, evacuation, excrement, excreta, excreting, excretion, excretory organ, excretory product, exhaust, exhaust fumes, faecal, fecal, feculent, finger grass, flushless toilet, flush toilet, frugal, frugality, frugalness, fumes, garbage dump, gliding bacteria, great white hope, hemodialyzer, high-level radioactive waste, hordeum murinum, hypericum perforatum, illegally, kitty litter, klammath weed, laggard, lavatory, laxation, lay waste to, liquor, low-level radioactive waste, microgliacyte, miner's lettuce, mineral dressing, mineral extraction, mineral processing, montia perfoliata, myxobacter, myxobacteria, myxobacterium, off-site, ore dressing, ore processing, orphan site, painstakingly, piddle, piddle away, pigswill, pigwash, pollutant, reclaim, reclamation, recover, rigmarole, rot, rubbish dump, ruiner, run off, sanitary landfill, save, save-all, scotch, secretion, sewage, sewer, sewerage, sewer water, sink, slagheap, slime bacteria, slop, slops, slop jar, slop pail, soil pipe, sparing, stinting, sump, superfund, superfund program, swill, thermal pollution, thriftlessness, toxic industrial waste, toxic waste, trash dump, trifle, undoer, uprooter, uraemia, uremia, uremic, urinary organ, veronica arvensis, voiding, wall barley, wall rocket, wanton, wanton away, war-torn, war-worn, wastage, waste-yard, wasteful, waster, wastewater, wasteyard, waste material, waste of money, waste of time, watchdog, white hope, willful, winnow, winter purslane

More general:
act, activity, apply, cast aside, cast away, cast out, chuck out, course, degenerate, destroy, deteriorate, discard, dispose, drop, employ, expend, fling, flow, human action, human activity, improvidence, kill, material, put away, ruin, run, shortsightedness, spend, stuff, throw away, throw out, toss, toss away, toss out, use, utilise, utilize, weaken, wild, wilderness

barren, blow, cast-off, consume, desert, desolate, devastate, discarded, dissipation, do in, emaciate, godforsaken, inhospitable, junked, knock off, languish, lay waste to, liquidate, macerate, permissive waste, pine away, ravage, rot, run off, scrap, squander, thriftlessness, useless, ware, waste material, waste matter, waste product, wastefulness, wasteland, wild

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