Words and phrases whose definition contains suitable:   (282 results)

., 11-plus, accommodation, accreditation, act, actable, adaptable, adjustment, adoptable, agree, agreeable, all over, alpine coltsfoot, anaclitic depression, appropriate, appropriateness, asynchronous transfer mode, atm, balletic, barbecue pit, bedder, bedding plant, beef roast, belong, beverage, bottom round, brasenia schreberi, bridle path, bridle road, broiler, caracolito, caroche, cascade everlasting, childbearing, closet drama, coated, coating, cochon de lait, cocktail dress, coffee-table book, comestible, computer readable, concert grand, concert piano, congenial, congruence, congruity, congruous, congruousness, construct, construction paper, consumptive, convenience, cook, copy, copy editing, crabapple, crab apple, cutting, danceable, deere, deliverable, delivery truck, delivery van, dove, dramatic, dress, drink, drinkable, drinking water, ducal, due, eatable, edible, eleven-plus, employment interview, exchangeable, exoteric, expendable, exportable, exterior, facial tissue, fair weather, favorable, favourable, feeder, fitness, fitting, fittingness, fix, flag, flagstone, frier, fryer, full-dress, gear up, gift wrap, gigot, glove leather, good, good weather, grazing land, green corn, growing, harmonious, helichrysum secundiflorum, hen, hiding place, homogyne alpina, honey plant, iceboat, ice yacht, improper, inappropriate, inappropriateness, incisive, incompatible, industrial, inedible, inexpedient, inoperable, interior, jeep, job interview, john deere, jumping-off place, knockabout, lamb roast, landrover, lea, leg of lamb, lenten, ley, littleneck, littleneck clam, livable, liveable, long-range, lurking place, lyrical, lyricality, lyricism, machine readable, make, martial music, matchwood, material, mcintosh, milch, military march, military music, moderated, modulated, mollify, motortruck, nesting place, no-go, nomination, opportune, outdoorsy, ozothamnus secundiflorus, palatial, panel truck, paperboard, parlor game, parlour game, pasture, pastureland, pave, pencil cedar, pencil cedar tree, picturesque, piercing, placement center, placement office, playable, pocketcomb, pocketknife, pocket comb, pocket knife, pork roast, possible, posterboard, poster board, potable, pot plant, pot roast, preconditioned, prepare, prepared, probation, professional, publishable, pullet, quail, qualified, quench, quotable, rangeland, raw material, ready, reclamation, regular, rehabilitation, renewal, right, ripe, roaster, roast beef, roast lamb, roast pork, roast veal, rock plant, ruptiliocarpon caracolito, salad green, salad greens, sampling, sandwort, scooter, scrap metal, season, set, set up, sharp, sheath, short list, singable, size, slavelike, smoker, songfulness, specialisation, specialization, squab, stag party, staple, statuary, stayman winesap, steam coal, stocker, street clothes, suckling pig, sugar corn, sunshine, sweet corn, sweet corn plant, tablet, temper, temperateness, time, tool steel, top round, truck, tussilago alpina, typewriter paper, type family, typing paper, uncongenial, uncultivable, uncultivatable, uneatable, unexchangeable, unexpendable, unexportable, unfeminine, unfitness, unpaintable, unplayable, unpublishable, unsatisfactoriness, unwearable, unworkmanlike, veal roast, water-shield, water-target, wearable, well, well-appointed, well-found, wildfowl, zea mays rugosa, zea saccharata

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