Words and phrases that rhyme with greitz:   (398 results)

1 syllable:
bet's, bets, betts, betz, bights, bites, blights, bretts, bretz, bright's, brights, bytes, cites, clites, crites, debt's, debts, dights, dites, eyass, feitz, fettes, fetz, fgets, fights, fites, flight's, flights, frets, fretz, frights, geitz, gets, getts, getz, goetz, gretz, grites, heights, heitz, hetz, hites, i tes, jet's, jets, jets', jett's, jetts, ketz, kites, knight's, knights, kretz, kytes, let's, lets, letts, letz, light's, lights, lites, lletz, lytes, met's, mets, mets', metts, metz, mights, mites, nets, netts, netz, night's, nights, nights', nites, nlets, pccts, pet's, pets, petz, pletz, plights, reits, reitz, retz, right's, rights, rights', rite's, rites, seitz, sets, setts, shites, sights, site's, sites, sleights, slights, smites, spets, spites, sprites, stets, stetz, stites, sweats, swetz, threats, tights, trets, trites, twites, vets, wetz, whets, white's, whites, wights, wright's, wrights, writes

2 syllables:
abets, affrights, aguets, aigrettes, albright's, alights, alytes, anights, ascites, assets, backlights, baguettes, barbettes, barnett's, barrettes, begets, benights, berlet's, besets, bidets, birthrights, blue jets, brevets, briquettes, brochettes, brunets, brunettes, burettes, burnett's, by rights, cadets, campsites, cassettes, chametz, charites, clevite's, comites, conceits, coquettes, cornettes, corvettes, couchettes, crevettes, croquettes, curettes, curvets, cuvettes, daylights, delights, dinettes, diskettes, dogfights, dragnets, dress whites, duets, dunites, duvets, eastmet's, egrets, excites, firefights, flashlights, floodlights, footlights, forgets, fortnights, fourchettes, galettes, gazettes, georgettes, gesetz, gilets, gillette's, goodnights, grisettes, gunfights, handsets, harmetz, headlights, headsets, highlights, hindsight's, hoevet's, ignites, incites, indites, inlets, inrets, insights, invites, jenrette's, jouret's, kenites, kmetz, kuznets, ladettes, last rites, liggett's, lorgnettes, louchettes, luddites, lunettes, malrite's, maquettes, milites, mindsets, mofettes, musettes, noisettes, non-jets, non-whites, nonjets, nonwhites, odets, offsets, omelettes, ophites, outlet's, outlets, ovett's, palettes, palmettes, picquets, pipettes, plaquettes, playwright's, playwrights, polites, pyrites, quartet's, quartets, quartettes, quintettes, ranchettes, ratites, recites, regrets, resets, revets, rewrites, rillettes, rockettes, roomettes, rosettes, roulette's, roulettes, sassnet's, sassnets, searchlights, semites, septettes, shiites, shipwrights, skylights, skylites, snakebites, soubrettes, soundbites, sporophytes, spotlights, sticktights, stoplights, stylites, subnets, subsites, sulfites, sunsets, tonight's, tourette's, tourettes, twinjets, unites, uprights, upsets, vedettes, vignettes, website's, websites

3 syllables:
acolytes, aerojets, aiguillettes, allumettes, alouettes, ammonites, andererseits, apartheid's, apatites, appetites, baronets, bayonets, bill of rights, cabernets, carteret's, cigarette's, cigarettes, civil rights, clintonites, copyrights, coronets, de-excites, dolomite's, dolomites, epaulettes, epithets, etiquettes, extradites, fahrenheit's, falconets, gigabytes, golan heights, hampshirites, internet's, isohyets, israelites, jacobites, kilobytes, larroquette's, laterites, lazarettes, luncheonettes, lymphocytes, majorettes, massenet's, megabytes, mennonites, midinettes, mignonettes, minarets, muscovites, naderites, neophytes, northern lights, novelettes, overflights, overwrites, parasites, phagocytes, phosphorites, pinochet's, pirouettes, reaganites, reunites, satellite's, satellites, semi-heights, silhouettes, socialites, southern lights, soviet's, soviets, soviets', statuettes, suffragettes, terabytes, the shiites, underwrites, urbanites, valujet's, vilayets, vinaigrettes, willamette's

4 syllables:
disabilites, macroparasites, marionettes, massachusettes, new-hampshirites, new hampshirites, overexcites, suburbanites

5 syllables:
audiocassettes, festival of lights, special drawing rights, videocassettes

7 syllables:
commission on human rights

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (156 results)

1 syllable:
-less, bess, bice, bless, ches, chess, cress, deice, dice, dress, es, ess, fess, fesse, fress, gneiss, guess, hess, hesse, ice, jess, les, less, lice, mess, mice, nes, ness, nice, press, price, rice, s, seise, slice, speiss, spice, splice, stress, thrice, tice, tress, trice, twice, vice, vise, wes, yes

2 syllables:
address, advice, aggress, assess, bench press, bid price, bride price, brown rice, caress, complice, compress, concise, confess, cut price, depress, device, devise, digress, distress, drift ice, dry ice, egress, entice, excess, excise, express, finesse, fish slice, fluoresce, full dress, impress, ingress, largesse, list price, ls, noblesse, obsess, oppress, pack ice, possess, precise, profess, progress, punch press, recess, redress, regress, repress, shelf ice, success, suffice, suppress, transgress, ts, undress, unless, white rice, wild rice

3 syllables:
abs, acquiesce, asking price, ccs, closing price, coalesce, convalesce, cps, deliquesce, dispossess, dss, evening dress, fancy dress, garden cress, gps, intumesce, irs, lcs, market price, more or less, morning dress, nonetheless, oas, offer price, overprice, printing press, purchase price, reassess, recrudesce, repossess, selling price, sms, sos, spanish rice, unkindness, upset price, uss, water ice, winter cress

4 syllables:
cmos, hydraulic press, nevertheless, permanent press, pony express, rotary press, storage device, ws

5 syllables:
flotation device, freedom of the press

6 syllables:
peripheral device

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