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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bail, baile, bale, balle, bayle, beyl, cail, cale, calle, dail, daile, dale, dayle, fail, faile, gael, gail, gaile, gale, galle, gayle, hade, hage, hague, hahl, hahne, haid, haig, haight, haik, hailed, hailes, hailey, hails, hain, hait, haith, hake, hal, hale's, hales, haley, hall, halle, halo, hane, hase, hate, haul, hayer, hayes, hayles, hayley, hayn, hayne, hays, hayse, haze, he'll, heal, hearl, heel, hehl, heil, hell, helle, herl, heyd, heyde, heyer, heyn, heyne, heys, heyse, hile, hill, hille, hoel, hoell, hoelle, hohl, hole, holl, holle, hoole, houle, howl, hoyle, hull, hurl, hyle, jail, kael, kail, kale, lail, mail, maile, maille, male, mayle, nail, naill, nale, pail, paille, pale, rael, rail, raile, rayl, rayle, reil, sail, sale, salle, sayle, shale, tail, tale, they'll, vail, vaile, vale, valle, veil, wail, wale, weyl, whale, who'll, whole, yale, zale, hail, hale, heyl, haare, hail, hair, haire, hairr, hale, hare, hayle, hearl, hehl, hehr, hell, helle, herl, herr, herre, heyl, hurl

highley, highly, hi li

See haile used in context: several books and articles.

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