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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to glossy:   (355 results)

Often used in the same context:
sleek, textured, lustrous, shiny, smudgy, lacquered, snazzy, pearlescent, monochrome, contrasty, burnt umber, luscious, monochromatic, tasteful, pearlized, satiny, sheeny, browny, faux, airbrushed, bevelled, varnished, semigloss, chunky, garish, stylish, smeary, paintable, tufty, squarish, grainier, chrome, shagreen, handprinted, nailhead, gorgeous, antiqued, unwrinkled, printed, orangy, tannish, glitzy, unprinted, marbleized, yellower, trifold, translucent, lucite, gaudily, veneered, polished, trashy, metallic, sunray, overdecorated, nubuck, laminated, pouchy, rotogravure, velvety, uncolored, blocky, chintzy, stipple, jaggy, mauve, flowery, inky, tacky, dolman sleeve, bleached, accordion pleats, eau de nil, bronzy, letterboxed, troweled, gunmetal, upswept, saccharine, yellowy, glamorous, curvaceous, splashy, pearly, chantilly lace, blockish, greige, luxe, imitation leather, sepia, chromo, papery, rubberised, luxuriant, paperlike, crinkly, lush, slabby, rouged, unadorned, uncoloured, creaseless, matt, gloss, silky, mottled, grainy, greyish, brushed, burnished, iridescent, lustreless, speckled, tinted, flecked, grayish

Appears in the definition of:
., adam's apple, agathis lanceolata, allamanda cathartica, alpaca, ambystoma maculatum, american barberry, american laurel, andromeda, arbutus menziesii, arizona, asparagus asparagoides, aubergine, bay, bay laurel, bay tree, beaumontia grandiflora, beetleweed, begonia, berberis canadensis, bird's-eye bush, black stork, blue fig, bow wood, bracelet wood, brinjal, brisbane quandong, buckwheat tree, bull bay, calendered, calico bush, calisaya, camellia japonica, cape jasmine, cape jessamine, caragana sinica, carpenteria, carpenteria californica, castanea chrysophylla, castanopsis chrysophylla, cherry laurel, chilean jasmine, chinese pea tree, chinese yam, chough, chrysolepis chrysophylla, ciconia nigra, cinchona calisaya, cinchona ledgeriana, cinchona officinalis, cinchona pubescens, cinchona tree, cinnamon vine, cliftonia monophylla, coffee rose, colocasia esculenta, coltsfoot, common allamanda, crape jasmine, crepe gardenia, crepe jasmine, cyrtomium aculeatum, dalo, daphne laureola, dasheen, dioscorea batata, dipladenia boliviensis, doberman, doberman pinscher, dwarf willow, easter lily vine, east indian rosebay, eggplant, eggplant bush, elaeocarpus grandis, enamel, enameled, evergreen huckleberry, evergreen magnolia, firewheel tree, flat, forest goat, foxhound, fraxinus pennsylvanica subintegerrima, galax, galaxy, galax urceolata, gardenia augusta, gardenia jasminoides, garden egg, gentiana acaulis, gentianella, genus arizona, giant chinkapin, glaze, glossily, gnetum, gnetum gnemon, golden chinkapin, golden cup, golden trumpet, grackle, gracula religiosa, green ash, hill myna, holly fern, hovea, hunnemania fumariifolia, incense cedar, indian beech, indian grackle, jacquinia armillaris, japan, japanese andromeda, japonica, kalmia latifolia, lacquer, large-flowering magnolia, laurel cherry, laurus nobilis, leiophyllum buxifolium, leucothoe, lily-of-the-valley tree, little black ant, maclura pomifera, madrona, madrono, mad apple, magnolia grandiflora, mandevilla boliviensis, mandevilla laxa, manzanita, mat, matt, matte, matted, mexican tulip poppy, mock orange, monomorium minimum, moth orchid, moth plant, mountain laurel, muskrat, musquash, nageia nagi, nagi, nepal trumpet flower, nero's crown, ochna serrulata, oconee bells, ondatra zibethica, osage orange, pastor roseus, pastor sturnus, patent leather, pellaea atropurpurea, pieris japonica, pine mouse, pine vole, pinwheel flower, pitymys pinetorum, plastered, podocarpus amara, podocarpus latifolius, polystichum aculeatum, pongamia glabra, prumnopitys amara, prunus laurocerasus, pseudoryx nghetinhensis, ptilonorhynchus violaceus, purple pea, purple rock brake, quandong, quandong tree, quartz, red kauri, rose-colored pastor, rose-colored starling, salix herbacea, sand myrtle, satin, satin bird, satin bowerbird, semigloss, shortia galacifolia, silver quandong tree, sleekly, sleek down, slick, slicked, slick down, smilax, solanum melongena, south-african yellowwood, southern magnolia, spindle horn, spotted salamander, spurge laurel, stenocarpus sinuatus, stinking cedar, stinking yew, sundacarpus amara, tabernaemontana divaricate, taffy, taro, taro plant, thevetia neriifolia, thevetia peruviana, titi, torreya taxifolia, torrey tree, true laurel, trumpeter, turreae, unpermed, vaccinium ovatum, varnish, wandflower, wheel tree, white dipladenia, wood laurel, yellow oleander, yorkshire terrier

bright, calendered, glazed, glistening, lustrous, satin, satiny, sheeny, shining, shiny, silken, silklike, silky, sleek, slick, smooth

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