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ectomorphic, endomorphic, pyknic

Often used in the same context:
lithe, sinewy, beefy, stocky, brawny, wiry, muscly, rangy, lanky, chiseled, burly, masculine, skinny, muscled, virile, flabby, svelte, musclebound, limbed, slender, willowy, angular, thickset, biceps, scrawny, supple, shapely, lantern jaw, husky, agile, tauter, pudgy, skeletal, gangly, manly, corpulent, rawboned, portly, spindly, diminutive, bowlegged, gluteus medius, bearlike, tall, hulky, sickled, squatty, brutish, limber, ropy, pelvic girdle, bony, cerebral, bulgy, lithesome, chubby, tibialis anterior, cleancut, forceful, lank, gawky, bodied, sculpted, exoskeletal, nimble, proportioned, boned, lean, gluteus, chesty, statured, stouter, rotund, voluptuous, gluteus minimus, curvaceous, lissome, tibialis posterior, dystrophic, coltish, expressive, glandular, calisthenic, rakish, slighter, physical, podgy, boyish, hyperkinetic, petite, hypertrophic, butch, tubby, stalky, toned, femoral biceps, womanly, wheezy, birdlike, statuesque, spiky, ungainly, paralysis, dysfunction, physiol, weakness, abnormalities, ailment, anomalies, deconditioning, distress, dyspnoea, fusion, impairment, innervations, malocclusion, musculature, myopathies, nerves, neural, neuropathy, sarcoidosis, muscle, contractile, cular, masticatory, expulsive, myometrial, ordinating, protoplasmic, tive, uncoordinated, volitional, ligamentous, nerve, ordinated, propulsive, quadriceps, sphincteric, coordinated, coordinating

Appears in the definition of:
., american pit bull terrier, american staffordshire terrier, amyotonia, anastalsis, apractic, apraxic, apyretic tetanus, astasia, athletic type, atonia, atonicity, atony, becker muscular dystrophy, beefcake, beefy, bladder sphincter, brawn, breadbasket, buirdly, burly, buttock, calf, carnify, catatonia, cervical disc syndrome, cervical root syndrome, charley-horse, charley horse, cheek, clapper, conn's syndrome, convulsive, cramp, creatine phosphate, creatine phosphoric acid, diaphragm, distal muscular dystrophy, diverticulum, duchenne's muscular dystrophy, dystrophy, ectomorph, embrocation, encephalitis lethargica, epidemic encephalitis, ergonovine, ergotrate maleate, fasciculation, feeling of movement, fibrillation, friedreich's ataxia, gallbladder, gastric mill, gastropod, gizzard, glossa, graphospasm, heart, herediatry spinal ataxia, husky, hypertonia, hypertonicity, hypertonus, hypotonia, hypotonicity, hypotonus, intermittent cramp, intermittent tetanus, iris, isometric, isometrics, isometric exercise, isotonic, kinaesthesia, kinesthesia, lassa fever, lethargic encephalitis, limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, lingua, liniment, lysinemia, mesomorph, mesomorphic, mesomorphy, midriff, muscle, muscle spasm, muscle system, muscular dystrophy, muscular structure, musculature, musculus sphincter vesicae, myasthenia, myasthenia gravis, myenteric plexus, myocardial inflammation, myocarditis, myocardium, myotonia, myotonia atrophica, myotonic dystrophy, myotonic muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular, oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy, paralysis agitans, parkinson's, parkinson's disease, parkinson's syndrome, parkinsonism, phosphocreatine, pit bull terrier, plexus myentericus, poster child, prostate, prostate gland, pseudohypertrophic dystrophy, pump, relaxant, rigor mortis, scrapie, shaking palsy, sinew, sleeping sickness, sleepy sickness, soft palate, spasm, spasmodic, spastic, staffordshire terrier, steinert's disease, stomach, strapping, sura, tetanilla, tetanus, tetany, ticker, tongue, tum, tummy, univalve, uterus, vaginismus, velum, ventriculus, womb, writer's cramp

athletic, brawny, hefty, mesomorphic, powerful, strong

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— Nouns for muscular: dystrophy, contraction, activity, atrophy, tissue, strength, weakness, system, action, more...

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