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Words and phrases that rhyme with again:   (699 results)

1 syllable:
aine, ane, ayn, baigne, bain, baine, bane, bayne, behn, behne, ben, benn, benne, blain, blaine, blane, blayne, brain, brane, bren, brenn, cain, caine, cane, cayne, chain, chen, cheyne, chien, crain, craine, crane, crayne, dain, dane, dayne, dehn, dehne, deign, den, denn, denne, drain, draine, drane, duan, duane, dwayne, eigne, en, fain, fane, fayne, fehn, feign, fein, fen, fenn, feyne, flain, frain, fraine, frane, frayn, frayne, frein, freyne, gain, 'gain, gayne, gen, glen, glenn, grain, grane, grein, gren, gwen, hahne, hain, hane, hayn, hayne, hehn, hen, henn, henne, heyn, heyne, hren, jain, jane, jayne, jen, jenn, jenne, kain, kaine, kane, kayne, kehn, kehne, ken, kenn, krain, krane, krein, kren, krenn, lain, laine, lane, layne, lehn, lehne, len, ln, main, maine, mane, mayne, men, menn, menne, meyn, n, n., paign, pain, paine, pane, payne, pen, penh, penn, penne, phane, phen, phen-, phren, phren-, plain, plane, plzen, prehn, prenn, quain, rain, raine, rayne, rehn, reign, rein, reine, ren, renn, renne, röntgen, sain, saine, sane, schwenn, sdeign, sen, senn, senne, shain, shaine, shane, shayne, shen, skain, skein, slain, slaine, slane, spain, spane, sphen, splain, splaine, splen, splen-, sprain, stain, stane, sten, strain, sven, swain, swaine, swayne, taine, ten, tenn, tenne, thain, thaine, thane, thanedom, thayne, thegn, then, tien, train, trane, twain, vain, vane, vein, venn, venne, veyne, vrain, wain, wane, wayne, wen, when, wren, wrenn, yen, yuen, zane, zen

2 syllables:
abstain, ahlen, air lane, alain, alaine, alane, alayne, allain, amen, and then, antenne, arcane, arraign, attain, aven, bahrain, beaubien, beauchaine, beauchene, beauchesne, big ben, biscayne, block plane, boat train, brain drain, branched chain, brattain, brood hen, buntain, butane, but then, calf's brain, campaign, car train, catain, cayenne, champagne, champaign, champlain, charlayne, charmain, charmaine, chastain, chest pain, cheyenne, chow mein, chretien, closed chain, cocaine, complain, constrain, contain, costain, courchaine, courchesne, cow pen, dahrain, decrane, defrain, delaine, demain, derouen, deschaine, despain, detain, devane, dewayne, disdain, domain, domaine, draw rein, duchaine, duchenne, dufrane, dufresne, dumaine, dumb cane, duquesne, dushane, duwayne, elaine, elane, elayne, explain, fast lane, fat hen, feed grain, fontaine, food chain, food grain, fore plane, fort wayne, fountaine, free rein, freight train, galane, gas main, germain, germaine, germane, gray hen, great dane, heath hen, helane, horse grain, hossain, house wren, humane, hussain, hussein, iain, inane, insane, in vain, jack plane, jermaine, jet plane, jiawen, john glenn, jyishane, laraine, lawmen, left brain, lehane, lennane, light pen, long plane, lorain, loraine, lorraine, maclaine, maclean, magten, mail train, maintain, marsh hen, marsh wren, match plane, mcbain, mcbane, mccain, mccane, mcclain, mcclaine, mcclane, mcgrain, mcgrane, mcguane, mckain, mckane, mclain, mclane, mclean, mcquain, mcshane, mcswain, mcwain, ming-jen, morain, moraine, mud hen, mud stain, mundane, mustain, nguyen, obtain, oilmen, oil stain, okane, o'kane, ordain, (paren, )paren, partain, pertain, petain, phenfen, phnom penh, pitchmen, po-jen, profane, pull chain, quill pen, refrain, regain, remain, restrain, retain, retrain, right brain, rock wren, rogaine, romain, romaine, rowaine, ruane, sage hen, salmen, sartain, scrub plane, sea lane, sea pen, sedge wren, seed grain, serbaine, sheep pen, sheng-fen, slow lane, small cane, smooth plane, spokane, straight chain, sustain, switch cane, sword cane, sylvain, take ten, teng-wen, terrain, tirane, torain, tremaine, tulane, ukraine, u. n., uptain, urbain, urbane, uren, watch chain, wave train, wind vane, wise men, wolf's bane, wood hen, yeargain, yene

3 syllables:
acid rain, ad campaign, adrienne, anchor chain, anchormen, aquitaine, ascertain, asean, ball and chain, ballpoint pen, basal vein, bearing rein, broody hen, cactus wren, candy cane, cattle pen, charles's wain, )close-paren, cnn, c. n. n., coastal plain, compass plane, cotton strain, councilmen, coup de main, cystic vein, dado plane, daisy chain, discount chain, dovetail plane, )end-paren, entertain, express train, facet plane, facial vein, flower chain, fountain pen, gastric vein, georgienne, giant cane, golden chain, golden rain, gravy train, guinea hen, handymen, inclined plane, inhumane, in the main, jenny wren, jungle hen, kahane, lafountain, lafountaine, lamontagne, lawyer cane, leading rein, (left-paren, liner train, london plane, lpn, lumbar vein, madeleine, maori hen, mark of cain, mary jane, mental strain, metric grain, m. f. n., mountain chain, nervous strain, noble cane, now and then, only when, open chain, overtrain, patrolmen, picture plane, pontoon plane, portal vein, power train, preordain, quiche lorraine, railroad train, rattan cane, rectal vein, renal vein, retail chain, )right-paren, sales campaign, sdn, setting hen, sewer main, smoothing plane, spinal vein, splenic vein, st germain, st germaine, subway train, sugar cane, take in vain, tangent plane, thyroid vein, tienanmen, traffic lane, vannguyen, vortex vein, wagon train, water hen, water main, weather vane, whooping crane, winter wren

4 syllables:
angular vein, apparel chain, bronchial vein, capital gain, cardinal vein, carpenter's plane, castle in spain, cerebral vein, cervical vein, chemical chain, circular plane, comedienne, commuter train, cross of lorraine, digital vein, electric main, )end-the-paren, engineer's chain, e. s. p. n., femoral vein, financial gain, gambling den, hepatic vein, hospital train, jugular vein, knin, knowledge domain, left gastric vein, legerdemain, malacca cane, mineral vein, nautical chain, naval campaign, new zealand wren, ophthalmic vein, opium den, orbital plane, palatine vein, passenger train, pectoral vein, propeller plane, public domain, radial vein, restaurant chain, right gastric vein, rock cornish hen, sebastiane, senate campaign, temporal vein, thoracic vein, tracheal vein, tympanic vein, uterine vein, vertebral vein, visceral brain, woodworking plane

5 syllables:
alpine golden chain, american plane, capillary vein, capital of maine, capital of spain, carolina wren, cnnfn, combination plane, common facial vein, deep cervical vein, deep temporal vein, eminent domain, emissary vein, frankfurt on the main, great cerebral vein, innominate vein, labyrinthine vein, laryngeal vein, mesenteric vein, metacarpal vein, middle thyroid vein, mother carey's hen, occipital vein, oriental plane, ovarian vein, pancreatic vein, petersburg campaign, poinsettia strain, pulmonary vein, testicular vein, umbilical vein, whispering campaign, wilderness campaign

6 syllables:
accompanying vein, advertising campaign, capital of bahrain, common cardinal vein, every now and then, external nasal vein, hepatic portal vein, middle cerebral vein, middle temporal vein, military campaign, okinawa campaign, political campaign

7 syllables:
anterior facial vein, capital of the ukraine, deep middle cerebral vein, external jugular vein, inferior thyroid vein, internal cerebral vein, internal jugular vein, posterior facial vein, superior thyroid vein

8 syllables:
accessory vertebral vein, anterior cardinal vein, anterior cerebral vein, anterior jugular vein, anterior vertebral vein, inferior cerebral vein, inferior ophthalmic vein, internal auditory vein, posterior cardinal vein, superficial temporal vein, superior cerebral vein, superior ophthalmic vein

9 syllables:
inferior pulmonary vein, superior pulmonary vein

10 syllables:
superficial middle cerebral vein

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (80 results)

2 syllables:
abstain, against, ahead, airplane, akin, alone, amend, amends, ascend, attain, attend, began, begin, begun, berlin, between, burden, certain, champagne, cocaine, complain, concern, condemn, defend, depend, descend, design, despair, divine, domain, explain, farewell, forget, given, happen, heaven, himself, insane, instead, itself, japan, jolene, lesson, lion, listen, machine, many, myself, nation, offend, passion, perfect, person, pretend, prison, regret, remain, return, revenge, seven, sixteen, taken, undone, upset, within, woman, yourself

3 syllables:
afternoon, attention, comprehend, direction, forgiven, overthrown, possession, reflection, salvation, seventeen, violin

4 syllables:
destination, situation

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