Words and phrases that rhyme with light:   (2349 results)

1 syllable:
-cyte, -lite, -lyte, -phyte, beit, bight, bite, blight, blite, breite, bright, brite, byte, chite, cite, clite, clyte, crite, dight, dwight, feit, fight, fite, flight, flite, fluyt, flyte, fright, glite, greit, height, heit, hiett, hight, hite, kbyte, kight, kite, knight, kyte, leyte, lite, mbyte, might, mite, night, nite, pf-98, phyt-, phyte, pight, pklite, plight, quite, reit, right, rite, scheidt, scite, shite, shright, sight, site, skite, skrite, skyte, sleight, slight, smight, smite, snite, spight, spite, spright, sprite, sqlite, streit, streite, strite, sv-98, thwite, tight, trite, twight, twighte, twite, white, whyte, wight, wright, write, x-height, zeit, zweite

2 syllables:
abite, accite, aceite, acmite, acrite, adight, affright, aheight, air-tight, airlight, airtight, albite, albright, alight, alite, all-night, all-right, allbright, allnight, allright, all right, alright, alt-lite, alt-right, alvite, ambrite, anight, aplite, archite, arclight, arcsight, aright, arkite, arkwright, arthrite, artrite, astrite, atwite, awright, backbite, backlight, backsight, bainite, basnight, bat-mite, bauknight, bean blight, bedight, bedright, bedsite, beet blight, behight, belight, benight, birchite, birthnight, birthright, bismite, blacklight, black kite, blaire white, blindheit, blindsight, bloedite, bloodwite, boatright, boatwright, bobwhite, boehmite, boleite, bombsight, bombsite, bomb site, bonite, boresight, bornite, bourke-white, box kite, braunite, breastheight, bromlite, bronchite, bronzite, brookite, brucite, brushite, bullfight, bun-fight, bunfight, bursite, buy-write, cainite, calcite, calite, campsite, camptight, candite, cane blight, cartwright, catfight, catholyte, cerite, chalk-white, charite, checkbite, cheddite, chloanthite, chondrite, chromite, clevite, co-write, cock-fight, cockfight, coesite, colite, comite, concite, condite, confite, conite, conkright, contrite, cool-white, cordite, corsite, courtright, courtwright, cowrite, cream-white, crinite, cronkhite, cronkite, cronkright, crossbite, crosslight, curtright, cushite, cutright, dacite, dahllite, danaite, daylight, deadlight, decwrite, deee-lite, delight, desight, despite, detrite, dickite, dogfight, dog bite, domite, downlight, downright, drill site, droplight, drumright, drumwright, dulcite, dull-white, dumpsite, dunite, earthlight, ebright, egg white, egnyte, ehlite, einheit, eiszeit, embright, endite, enlight, enright, enwright, enzyte, ephrathite, euchite, eucrite, evite, excite, exite, eyebright, eyesight, faillite, fanlight, far-right, far-sight, felsite, femrite, fightwite, finite, firefight, firelight, firzite, fist-fight, fistfight, flashlight, flea-bite, fleabite, flea bite, fleshlight, floodlight, fluorite, foglight, fomite, footfight, footlight, forcite, fore-night, foreright, foresight, forsyte, forthright, fortnight, fortnite, franckeite, freiheit, freizeit, frost-blite, frostbite, fuchsite, fulbright, fullbright, gadite, gang fight, ganzheit, gas-tight, gastight, gastrite, gathright, genlyte, ghost-write, ghostwrite, girlfight, gittite, gnathite, gobshite, goethite, gold-198, goodnight, good night, gothite, grafite, graphite, gravesite, green-light, greenlight, gryphite, guest night, guisewite, gun-sight, gunfight, gunite, gunsight, gymnite, gypsite, hakluyt, half-light, hambright, hand-tight, handwrite, hanksite, haplite, hardlight, headlight, headright, head blight, hell-kite, hellkite, hellnight, helvite, hicksite, highlight, hignight, hignite, hindsight, hittite, hivite, hochzeit, hold tight, homelight, homesite, hopeite, hoplite, housewright, hug-me-tight, humite, hussite, ichnite, ignite, in-flight, incite, incyte, indict, indite, indrajit, inflight, inite, insight, insite, invite, in flight, in sight, isight, itch mite, jacklight, jack white, jadeite, jahrzeit, janeite, jetlite, jinright, juncite, just right, k-lyte, kainite, karite, kerite, keysight, kindheit, knife fight, konite, krantzite, kumite, kunzite, kyanite, kyannite, kye whyte, lafite, lambright, lamplight, land site, large white, larnite, late-night, late blight, laufzeit, leadlight, leaf blight, lenite, leucite, licite, light-tight, lighttight, lignite, liite, limelight, lintwhite, loctite, long-sight, longsight, looplight, lovebite, lowlight, lucite, luddite, lutite, lyddite, macknight, maglite, mahlzeit, malrite, marlite, marmite, mccright, mcknight, mcright, mcwhite, mcwright, meg white, melchite, melkite, micrite, midflight, midnight, midnite, milk-white, millwright, miscite, misdight, mislight, miswrite, moonlight, moon knight, mothlight, mullite, munite, mussite, nacrite, nerite, neurite, newsnight, night-light, night-night, night-sight, nightlight, ninite, non-white, nonwhite, norite, oakite, oak blight, off-site, off-white, offsite, olight, on-sight, on-site, one-night, onsite, oophyte, ophite, orthite, osmite, otite, outfight, outright, outsight, outwrite, owllight, own right, painite, partite, peach blight, pear blight, peep sight, penlight, perite, perthite, phosphite, phycite, phyllite, picrite, pinite, pirbright, platinite, playwright, pleurite, ploughwright, plowright, plowwright, plumbite, podite, polite, poor white, porite, preflight, preflyte, prehnite, priceite, prizefight, procyte, psephite, put right, pycnite, quartzite, qubyte, queenite, quercite, quirite, rain-tight, ratite, read-write, rebite, recite, red-light, redlight, reinheit, relight, requite, rewrite, rhabdite, richwhite, rim blight, roguelite, romeite, roselite, rubright, rushlight, safelight, sahlite, saivite, salite, samnite, satelight, satelite, scaphite, scheelite, scolecite, screenwrite, scyllite, seabright, searchlight, seawright, shaun white, sheepbite, shemite, shiite, shipwright, shuhite, shungite, sidelight, sienite, sinite, sit tight, skin-tight, skolecite, skylight, skylite, skywrite, slimelight, small white, smectite, snake-bite, snakebite, snow-white, snowwhite, somite, sonnite, sopite, sorbite, soundbite, sound bite, spaceflight, spinrite, sporophyte, spotlight, spur blight, stage-fright, stagefright, stage fright, stage right, starflight, starlight, starlite, starsight, staurolite, steamtight, steatite, stellite, stem blight, stibnite, stichtite, stick-tight, sticktight, stilbite, stoplight, streetlight, strengite, stripe blight, striplight, strombite, struvite, stylite, subsite, suge knight, sulfite, sulphite, sunlight, sunlite, sycite, sylvite, t-byte, taillight, take flight, tanycyte, tealight, tektite, testflight, this night, thomite, thorite, thranite, thread blight, time-flight, tishbite, tonight, tonite, top-flight, top-light, topflight, topsite, torchlight, torqueflite, trachyte, tractite, treckschuyt, trichite, triplite, trochite, troostite, trothplight, tungstite, turfite, twelfth-night, twelfth night, twig blight, twilight, twinight, typewrite, undight, unite, unknight, unplight, unright, unsight, unwrite, up-tight, uplight, upplight, upright, uptight, urite, verite, vorzeit, wainright, wainwright, warlight, wasite, watch night, waybright, wayne knight, webcite, website, weeknight, wegbreit, wheelwright, whitenight, white knight, wilhite, willhite, windtight, with spite, woolbright, worksite, wurtzite, xylite, yahrzeit, ytterbite, zincite, zinc white, zippeite, zoisite, zonite, zoonite, zoophite, zoophyte, zygophyte

3 syllables:
aaronite, abelite, acanthite, achondrite, achroacyte, acolyte, aconite, adamite, adamsite, adelite, adesite, aegirite, aerolite, aerophyte, aeschynite, afrodite, agalite, ahohite, aikinite, aksumite, alalite, alawite, albertite, albolite, alder blight, ale-knight, allactite, allanite, almandite, alstonite, alunite, amanite, amberite, ammodyte, ammolite, ammonite, amorite, amosite, ampelite, amphitrite, ampholyte, analcite, analyte, anchorite, andesite, andosite, andradite, anglesite, anhydrite, ankerite, annamite, anolyte, anomite, anophyte, anorthite, antholite, anthophyte, anthracite, anti-white, antimite, antiwhite, antlerite, antothite, apartheid, apatite, aphanite, appetite, applewhite, apple blight, araldite, arbathite, arbeitszeit, arenite, argabright, argentite, argillite, armalite, arondight, arsenite, artinite, asphaltite, astrocyte, athonite, athrocyte, at first sight, augelite, aulophyte, austenite, austinite, australite, autolite, autophyte, autosite, autunite, auxocyte, axinite, azotite, azurite, azymite, baculite, bakelite, bakerite, balanite, banalite, barnabite, barrow-wight, basanite, bastnaesite, bastnasite, batholite, batrachite, battlesight, bayldonite, bedlamite, belonite, benedight, benjamite, benthamite, bentonite, berechtigt, bertrandite, bethelite, bethlemite, beudantite, bindheimite, biotite, bipartite, bird of night, bischofite, bismuthite, bismutite, bisulfite, bisulphite, bixbyite, black-and-white, black and white, blastocyte, blatherskite, bleacherite, blister blight, bluish-white, boltonite, boracite, bostonite, bournonite, bowenite, breunnerite, brewsterite, brochantite, bromyrite, brontolite, brooklynite, bryophyte, bucholzite, bufonite, building site, bunsenite, byssolite, bytownite, cacciavite, calamite, campbellite, camping site, camptonite, campylite, canaanite, cancerite, cancrinite, candle-light, candlelight, carbonite, carmelite, carnallite, carnotite, carpet knight, carpholite, carpolite, carpophyte, castorite, catamite, catlinite, catolyte, cd-read-write, cellebrite, cellulite, cementite, cenobite, cenosite, centre-right, centrocyte, ceratite, cerolite, cerusite, cervantite, ceylanite, ceylonite, chalcanthite, chalcocite, chalybite, chamosite, charophyte, chasmophyte, chessylite, chesterlite, chestnut blight, chicken-fight, chickenfight, chicken fight, childrenite, chlorophyte, choanocyte, chomophyte, chondrocyte, chondrodite, christianite, chromocyte, chrysolite, chrysophyte, cimolite, cinesite, civil right, claudetite, cleavelandite, clintonite, co-unite, coalite, cobaltite, coccolite, codocyte, coffee blight, coffinite, cohenite, colemanite, collar blight, columbite, commandite, comptonite, conacyt, connellite, consopite, convertite, cooperite, copalite, coprolite, copyright, copywrite, coquimbite, cordierite, cormophyte, cossyrite, cotunnite, covellite, creamy-white, crocolite, cronstedtite, crookesite, crotaphite, cryolite, cryophyte, cryptophyte, crystallite, cubanite, cucurbite, curtiss-wright, cyanite, cyberfight, cyclonite, cylindrite, dallasite, dambonite, danalite, danburite, darbyite, darwinite, datalight, datholite, datolite, daubreelite, dawsonite, day-and-night, de-excite, degmacyte, dendrolite, dermatite, dermophyte, dimorphite, dinamite, diorite, dipartite, directwrite, disinvite, displaywrite, disunite, dolemite, dolerite, dolomite, domeykite, dopplerite, dragonflight, drierite, dufrenite, dynamite, dyscrasite, ebonite, echinite, eclogite, ectophyte, edenite, edomite, egalite, eisenzeit, elamite, elcesaite, elvanite, emmonsite, emplectite, encratite, encrinite, endophyte, enseeiht, enstatite, entophyte, entrochite, eophyte, ephraimite, epicyte, epiphyte, epithite, epsomite, eremite, erinite, erudite, erythrite, eschynite, essonite, ettringite, eucairite, eulytite, euxenite, exabyte, exbibyte, expedite, extradite, ezrahite, fahlunite, fahrenheit, farenheit, fastenzeit, fatimite, fayalite, featherlight, felicite, ferberite, fibrocyte, fibrolite, ficttelite, fight-or-flight, filtabyte, fireblight, fireflight, fire blight, fluocerite, fly-by-night, foralite, forsterite, forumite, fowlerite, francolite, franklinite, fraternite, frozenbyte, fulgurite, galenite, gaylussite, gbadolite, gedanite, gehlenite, gelignite, geophyte, germanite, gersdorffite, gewehr 98, gewohnheit, geyserite, gibeonite, gibibyte, gieseckite, giga-byte, gigabyte, gileadite, gilsonite, girgashite, gismondite, gladys knight, glaserite, glauberite, glauconite, glaucophyte, globulite, glycerite, glycophyte, gmelinite, gomarite, gonocyte, goslarite, gothamite, grahamite, grammatite, granatite, grangerite, granitite, granulite, grapholite, graptolite, greenockite, grenatite, gymnocyte, gyromite, haematite, haemocyte, halophyte, halo blight, hammerfight, handyfight, harlemite, harmonite, harvest mite, hashemite, hashimite, hatchettite, hauerite, hausmannite, hauynite, helenite, helgramite, helictite, hellgamite, hellgramite, helminthite, helophyte, hemacite, hematite, hemocyte, hepatite, heppelwhite, hepplewhite, hercynite, herderite, hessonite, heulandite, hiddenite, hippurite, hireright, hitlerite, hollow knight, horonite, huebnerite, humanlight, human right, hutterite, hyalite, hydrolyte, hydrophyte, hygrophyte, hysterophyte, ichnolite, iddingsite, ijolite, illicite, ilmenite, imamite, impactite, impolite, impsonite, incondite, indomite, inosite, insect bite, insolite, insulite, iolite, irvingite, ishmaelite, islamite, ismaelite, israelite, jacobite, jacobsite, jadarite, jahreszeit, jamesonite, japhethite, japhetite, jaredite, jarosite, jaspillite, jesmonite, jezreelite, joan plowright, jordanite, judahite, kalinite, kamacite, kampylite, karpholite, karstenite, kenizzite, keralite, kermesite, kerolite, kharijite, kibibyte, kieserite, kilobyte, kimarite, kimberlite, kirkcudbright, knebelite, kobellite, koilocyte, kryolite, kryptonite, laborite, labrocyte, laccolite, lacharite, lanarkite, langbeinite, lanthanite, laterite, laumonite, laumontite, launching site, lawsonite, lazarite, lazulite, lazurite, legal right, leninite, leonardite, lepadite, leptocyte, leptynite, leucocyte, leukocyte, levynite, lewisite, lherzolite, lily-white, limonite, linarite, line of flight, line of sight, linnaeite, lipocyte, lithophyte, localite, lomonite, longulite, lonsdaleite, lucullite, ludlamite, lunulite, lychnobite, lycophyte, lymphocyte, macrocyte, macrophyte, maghemite, magnesite, magnetite, malachite, malecite, mammonite, mandalite, manganite, marcasite, marcionite, marmatite, marmolite, maronite, martensite, mascagnite, masonite, masorite, mastocyte, maximite, meadow bright, mebibyte, megabyte, meiocyte, meionite, melanite, melenite, melinite, melonite, menachite, mennonite, mesolite, mesophyte, metaphyte, metrocyte, miascite, microcyte, microlight, microphyte, microsite, migmatite, mil-std-498, miliolite, mimetite, minisite, minorite, misrecite, moabite, moissanite, molybdite, monazite, monocyte, monzonite, mordenite, morganite, mormonite, morphodite, moscovite, mosrite, muscovite, musgravite, musselwhite, mylonite, myocyte, myxocyte, naamathite, naderite, nahcolite, natrolite, naumannite, naxalite, nazarite, necronite, needle blight, nemalite, neophyte, nephelite, neptunite, neurocyte, nevadite, newmanite, niccolite, nidulite, ninevite, niobite, nonstop flight, nontronite, normocyte, nosophyte, nummulite, olivite, omphacite, oocyte, opalite, open sight, orangite, organite, ostracite, ottomite, ottrelite, out-of-sight, outasight, outtasight, out of sight, overbite, overbright, overdight, overflight, overlight, overnight, overnite, oversight, overwrite, ovocyte, ovulite, owenite, oxalite, pagodite, pallasite, palmacite, pandermite, parakite, parasite, pargasite, parisite, parnellite, patent right, pc-98, pearly-white, pebibyte, pectolite, pegmatite, penninite, pentlandite, pentolite, pentremite, pericyte, perofskite, perovskite, petabyte, petalite, phacolite, phagocyte, phalangite, phanerite, phenacite, phenakite, phillipsite, phlebolite, phlogopite, phonolite, phosgenite, phosphorite, phreatophyte, picrolite, piedmontite, piemontite, pigeonite, pikrolite, pillow fight, pimelite, pinocyte, pirssonite, pisolite, place upright, plasmacyte, plasmocyte, plattnerite, plebiscite, plumosite, pluralsight, pneumocyte, podocyte, pollucite, polymnite, polypite, porcelanite, porphyrite, pospolite, powellite, powerlight, preadamite, premunite, preterite, priorite, procerite, propodite, protophyte, proxy fight, psammophyte, psarolite, psilophyte, psychrophyte, pteridophyte, pucherite, pulhamite, pumicite, purple-white, purpurite, puseyite, pyrophyte, pyrrhotite, pyrrophyte, qahtanite, quarterlight, rabbinite, radhanite, ralstonite, rapidwrite, rasorite, razorlight, reaganite, rechabite, recondite, redruthite, reignite, reinvite, retinite, retr0bright, reubenite, reunite, rhaetizite, rhetizite, rhinolite, rhodizite, rhodocyte, rhodolite, rhodonite, rhyncholite, rhyolite, richterite, riebeckite, ringwoodite, riunite, robert scheidt, rolamite, roscoelite, rotalite, rubellite, rubricyte, run hide fight, ruralite, russellite, safflorite, sagenite, samarskite, samsonite, saprolite, saprophyte, satellit, satellite, satillite, sattelite, satterwhite, saussurite, saxonite, scapolite, scatter-site, schistocyte, schizocyte, schizophyte, schreibersite, sciophyte, scorodite, second-sight, second sight, selenite, self-excite, self-ignite, semi-height, semseyite, sennight, sericite, serpulite, sevennight, sexpartite, shafiite, shergottite, shulamite, siberite, siderite, silvanite, silverite, silverlight, sinopite, sinusite, skolezite, skorodite, smaragdite, smithsonite, socialite, sodalite, spatialite, spermophyte, sperrylite, spessartite, sphaerulite, sphalerite, spherocyte, spherulite, spider mite, spinach blight, splenocyte, sporocyte, stagirite, stagyrite, stalactite, stalagmite, statocyte, stephanite, stishovite, stylolite, st john's night, suberite, succinite, sugilite, susannite, sybarite, syenite, sylvanite, sylvinite, syndacite, syndesmophyte, taborite, tachhydrite, tachylyte, taconite, tannerite, tantalite, tanzanite, tebibyte, tellarite, tellurite, temanite, tennantite, tenorite, terabyte, terrabyte, terrain flight, teschenite, tetradite, tetralite, thallophyte, thatcherite, thaumasite, thea white, thelemite, thenardite, theralite, therophyte, the 8th night, the good fight, the green knight, thinolite, thomsonite, thortveitite, thrombocyte, thymocyte, tiemannite, time-of-flight, titanite, tonalite, torbanite, torbernite, tremolite, tridymite, trilobite, trinitite, tripartite, triphylite, triploidite, tripolite, troctolite, troglobite, troglodyte, trophocyte, tropophyte, trotskyite, trunkenheit, turbinite, turnerite, typolite, tyrolite, tysonite, ullmannite, ultralight, ultraright, umangite, unakite, underbite, underwrite, unpolite, uralite, uranite, urbanite, vaginite, vanadite, variscite, vegemite, very-light, vigorite, viltrumite, viridite, vogesite, volborthite, volcanite, voting right, vulcanite, vulpinite, waggonwright, wagnerite, wagonwright, wahhabite, walnut blight, warwickite, water-tight, water-white, watertight, water right, water sprite, wavellite, weathertight, websterite, weddellite, wedding night, wernerite, whewellite, whitlockite, whitneyite, willemite, willys-knight, windows 98, winelight, withamite, witherite, wolframite, writ of right, wulfenite, wycliffite, wyclifite, xerophyte, xylonite, yellow-white, yemenite, yesternight, yobibyte, yottabyte, yperite, yttro-cerite, zappatite, zaratite, zebibyte, zemarite, zeolite, zettabyte, zeunerite, zeylanite, zinckenite, zinkenite, zinkosite, zinnwaldite, zirconite, zonolite, zultanite, zunyite, zylonite, zymophyte, zyophyte

4 syllables:
abietite, acanthocyte, achromacyte, aciculite, actinolite, actualite, adamantite, adamellite, adenocyte, adipocyte, adullamite, aerographite, alabandite, aletophyte, alexandrite, allemontite, allgemeinheit, aluminite, amalekite, amazonite, amblygonite, amebocyte, ameriflight, amoebocyte, amphibolite, amygdalite, anaerophyte, angela white, angewohnheit, annabergite, anorthosite, anthophyllite, anthraconite, anthropolite, anthropophyte, antigorite, antimonite, aphthitalite, apophyllite, apotactite, appendicite, aragonite, archaeocyte, archeocyte, archimandrite, arendalite, arfvedsonite, argyrodite, arragonite, arsenolite, asiderite, astrophyllite, atacamite, aurichalcite, b-lymphocyte, babingtonite, baddeleyite, basicerite, basipodite, bat99-98, battlerite, benedicite, benitoite, beraunite, berthierite, beryllonite, beschaffenheit, bescheidenheit, bismuthinite, black dynamite, botryolite, boulangerite, brazilianite, burial site, b lymphocyte, cacoxenite, calcarenite, calcofluor-white, caledonite, californite, carbonatite, cassiterite, catabolite, catanzarite, celadonite, celery blight, cementocyte, chalcophyllite, chalcopyrite, chalcostibite, chalcotrichite, chamaephyte, chiastolite, chlorapatite, chlorocalcite, chloroleucite, clasmatocyte, clinoclasite, coenobite, coenocyte, colophonite, conichalcite, copiapite, copy-on-write, corallinite, corneocyte, coxopodite, cristobalite, crocidolite, cryoconite, cummingtonite, cyanophyte, cycadophyte, dead by daylight, dermatophyte, dialogite, diatomite, diosmectite, dithionite, domestic flight, drepanocyte, durapatite, ebionite, echinocyte, edingtonite, elaeolite, elaterite, electrocyte, electrolite, electrolyte, eliasite, elliptocyte, embryophyte, endopleurite, endopodite, endosternite, enterocyte, eosphorite, epidosite, epimerite, epipodite, epistilbite, erionite, erubescite, erythrocyte, eudialyte, euglenophyte, evaporite, every night, exclusive right, exinanite, exopodite, exurbanite, faster-than-light, fate/stay night, fergusonite, ferrihydrite, ferrocalcite, fixed phagocyte, free phagocyte, gadolinite, galleryite, gametocyte, gametophyte, gangliocyte, garnierite, geikielite, gemistocyte, geocronite, gnathopodite, goniatite, granulocyte, gravitylight, grossularite, gyrogonite, haematocyte, haidingerite, halotrichite, heliolite, heliophyte, hematocyte, hemiepiphyte, hemimorphite, hepatocyte, herapathite, hermaphodite, hermaphrodite, heterophyte, hexapartite, highasakite, himyarite, hisingerite, histiocyte, hoteltonight, hyalocyte, hydrargillite, hydroboracite, hydrosulfite, hydrosulphite, hydrotalcite, hydrozincite, hypobromite, hypophosphite, hyposulfite, hyposulphite, ichthyolite, idolothyte, idrialite, immunocyte, indicolite, indigolite, inerudite, in her own right, in his own right, in its own right, in one's own right, iodyrite, iridocyte, isodulcite, it comes at night, jeffersonite, josephinite, juniperite, kaolinite, karyocyte, keratocyte, keratophyte, komatiite, krokidolite, lady-of-the-night, laminarite, lepidolite, leucopyrite, libethenite, liroconite, loellingite, lorenzen wright, low level flight, luxullianite, lycopodite, madreporite, malacolite, mandragorite, manhattanite, margarodite, mccarthyite, megalocyte, melaconite, melanocyte, melanterite, menaccanite, meneghinite, meropodite, metabolite, meteorite, metropolite, miargyrite, michael jai white, michiganite, microfortnight, microgliacyte, microtektite, midianite, midsummer night, milleporite, molybdenite, monopolite, montebrasite, monticellite, mosquito bite, moxisylyte, multipartite, myelocyte, myrmecophyte, nancy cartwright, nano-thermite, nanofortnight, nehelamite, nematocyte, neo-luddite, nephelinite, neurodendrite, neurogliacyte, new-hampshirite, newberyite, new hampshirite, nicodemite, nitrocalcite, novaculite, octahedrite, odontolite, okenite, olivenite, opening night, openinsight, ophicalcite, ophiolite, ornithichnite, ornitholite, osteocyte, osteolite, osteophyte, otoconite, ouvarovite, ovalocyte, overexcite, ozocerite, ozokerite, palagonite, palygorskite, paragonite, pedialyte, peristerite, phanerophyte, pharmacolite, phaseomannite, phosphophyllite, picromerite, pinacocyte, pituicyte, plagionite, pluripartite, poikilocyte, polianite, polybasite, porcelainite, porcellanite, potato blight, praseolite, prasiolite, preemptive right, promonocyte, property right, prorubricyte, protomerite, protopodite, pseudobrookite, pseudorhabdite, pyrolignite, pyrolusite, pyromorphite, pyrophyllite, pyrosmalite, pyroxenite, qedarite, quadripartite, queen of the night, quinquepartite, radiolite, red spider mite, religious rite, retinalite, rhodochrosite, rhodocrinite, ripidolite, romanechite, salicylite, scaphocerite, scaphognathite, senarmontite, sepiolite, septempartite, seraphinite, serpentinite, siderocyte, sillimanite, silvery-white, skutterudite, spermatocyte, spermatophyte, spongiocyte, spongiolite, spy satellite, staatssicherheit, stakhanovite, stibiconite, stomatocyte, stromatolite, stromeyerite, strontianite, subsatellite, subscription right, suburbanite, sulpharsenite, sulphophosphite, supparasite, syderolite, t-lymphocyte, tammanyite, telescope sight, tentaculite, tetradymite, tetrahedrite, theodolite, the vast of night, thomsenolite, thorianite, tobermorite, tomato blight, topazolite, toxic waste site, tubiporite, turkish delight, tyuyamunite, t lymphocyte, uintahite, uraninite, uranolite, urosternite, uvarovite, uwarowite, valentinite, vanadinite, vancouverite, variolite, vauquelinite, vermiculite, villiaumite, vivianite, wisconsinite, wollastonite, yellowish-white, yttro-columbite, yttro-tantalite, yttrotantalite, zietrisikite, zooparasite, zufriedenheit

5 syllables:
2 days & 1 night, adiaphorite, aew dynamite, agalmatolite, agranulocyte, akaryocyte, american blight, angela cartwright, anthropomorphite, anthropopathite, anti-apartheid, antiapartheid, antiparasite, antisatellite, arenicolite, asterophyllite, bacteriocyte, baryto-calcite, barytocalcite, biosatellite, blacksummers'night, clinoptilolite, cnidocyte, coloradoite, cyanotrichite, degree fahrenheit, die in a gunfight, digitipartite, dumortierite, ectoparasite, endoparasite, entoparasite, ependymocyte, epidiorite, fluorapatite, gabriella wright, gardener's delight, grandidierite, granodiorite, hemicryptophyte, hemiparasite, heracleonite, holosiderite, hydromagnesite, hyperparasite, ichthyocoprolite, icosahedrite, in the air tonight, ischiocerite, ischiopodite, itacolumite, jerusalemite, keratinocyte, kleptoparasite, lechartelierite, lechatelierite, lepidocrocite, letitia wright, love in the moonlight, macroparasite, marco pierre white, marshall applewhite, megasporocyte, mesosiderite, metarubricyte, meteorolite, microparasite, micropegmatite, microsatellite, microsporocyte, minisatellite, montmorillonite, nanosatellite, nitromagnesite, nonelectrolyte, not by a blame sight, not by a long sight, omphalopsychite, ophiomorphite, ornithoidichnite, orthoceratite, palmatipartite, panoramic sight, pentacrinite, pheochromocyte, phytoparasite, pinealocyte, pinnatipartite, porphyrogenite, promyelocyte, proto-elamite, protozoonite, quasi-satellite, reticulocyte, sauroidichnite, semiepiphyte, semiparasite, semirecondite, sulphantimonite, superparasite, telescopic sight, trachyandesite, ultra-humanite, undivided right, unzufriedenheit, vesuvianite, weather satellite, xanthosiderite, xenoparasite

6 syllables:
antimetabolite, calciovolborthite, cardiomyocyte, columbite-tantalite, cyanoplatinite, hydroxyapatite, hydroxylapatite, international flight, macrogametocyte, megacaryocyte, megagametophyte, megakaryocyte, microgametocyte, microgametophyte, nba g league ignite, oligodendrocyte, oligosiderite, periosteophyte, pharmacosiderite, phototheodolite, polyelectrolyte, pseudohermaphrodite, veronica cartwright

7 syllables:
2021 in spaceflight, artificial satellite, astronomy satellite, chivalry of a failed knight, galilean satellite, malaria parasite, napoleon dynamite, polysporangiophyte

8 syllables:
communications satellite

10 syllables:
meteorological satellite

13 syllables:
naturalization act of 1798

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