Words and phrases that rhyme with combat ship:   (652 results)

1 syllable:
-ship, bip, blip, chip, chipp, clip, crip, dip, drip, flip, flipe, flipp, fripp, gipp, grip, gripp, grippe, gyp, hip, hipp, hippe, ip, jfmip, kip, kipp, klipp, klippe, knipp, lip, lipp, lippe, nip, nipp, nsfip, pip, pipp, pkzip, quip, quipp, rip, ripp, rippe, schip, scrip, scripp, shipp, shqip, sip, sipp, sippe, skip, skipp, slip, slipp, snip, stipp, strip, thrip, tip, tipp, trip, tripp, trippe, v-chip, vchip, whip, whipp, yip, zip, zipp

2 syllables:
-manship, 7-zip, adrip, agrip, air-ship, airship, airstrip, alzip, backflip, beauship, beclip, blacktip, blue-chip, bluechip, bull-whip, bullwhip, bunyip, cerdip, chargeship, chiefship, chumship, churchship, circlip, clanship, clerkship, coachwhip, countship, courtship, curship, daytrip, dogship, donship, doveship, dragstrip, drillship, drop-ship, dropship, drunkship, dukeship, e-qip, earthship, equip, equipe, feadship, felt-tip, fieldstrip, filmstrip, fireship, flagship, flip-chip, fly-tip, foreship, foxship, genip, guilt-trip, gunship, gunzip, hagship, hairgrip, handgrip, hare-lip, headship, heirship, horsewhip, inclip, inship, judgeship, judgship, kickflip, kinship, knaveship, layship, ldrship, light-ship, lightship, lode-ship, log-chip, log-ship, manip, manship, mateship, midship, milstrip, modchip, newsclip, ngrip, nik-l-nip, no-ship, outstrip, parsnip, peazip, pimpship, pip-pip, pkunzip, polip, powertrip, princeship, prinzip, q-ship, q-tip, queenship, quiktrip, requip, reship, rockchip, rogueship, round-trip, roundtrip, saintship, sandwip, sat-ip, sawndip, schoolship, schoonschip, sheepdip, sibship, skinship, soleship, sonship, spaceship, squireship, starship, stayship, steamship, stockwhip, stopship, storeship, swainship, tailwhip, tankship, technip, thaneship, tranship, transship, tray-trip, tri-tip, troopship, twinship, uncleship, unclip, unhip, unrip, unship, unzip, warship, whitetip, wingtip, winship, winzip, woodchip, workship, xanthippe, yarwhip

3 syllables:
abbotship, about-ship, adminship, aedileship, aeroquip, aftership, aganippe, agentship, airmanship, allyship, archership, archonship, arhatship, athwartship, augurship, authorship, babyship, bailiffship, batsmanship, battleship, beadleship, biochip, bioship, blankenship, boatmanship, brinkmanship, brinksmanship, brothership, buggywhip, burgess-ship, burghership, bursarship, butlership, cadetship, calmaquip, canonship, captainship, cattleship, censorship, chairmanship, chaplainship, chelaship, chieftainship, churchmanship, clientship, coachmanship, coheirship, colleagueship, colonelship, comic-strip, comradeship, consortship, constableship, consulship, cousinship, cowardship, craftmanship, craftsmanship, creatureship, curateship, deaconship, dealership, deanship, demonship, devilship, discourtship, doctorship, draftsmanship, draughtsmanship, edileship, ego-trip, egotrip, eldership, emirship, ensignship, envoyship, eurotrip, externship, factorship, farmership, fathership, fellowship, fingertip, footmanship, foremanship, freshmanship, gamesmanship, gardenship, gauger-ship, gentleship, giantship, goodyship, grandeeship, grantsmanship, hangmanship, helmsmanship, high-priestship, hostess-ship, huntsmanship, infobip, internship, jockeyship, justiceship, kazantip, keepership, kinsmanship, ladyship, lasership, leadership, lectureship, legateship, lesseeship, lifemanship, lionship, listenership, maidenship, majorship, marquisship, marshalship, martyrship, mastership, matronship, mayorship, mccalip, membership, mentorship, mercership, microchip, miniclip, minionship, mistressship, mothership, motorship, neighborship, niggardship, noviceship, oarsmanship, orange-tip, overhip, overtip, overtrip, ownership, paintership, paper-clip, paperclip, partnership, pastorship, patroonship, penmanship, pistol-whip, plantership, poetship, powership, praetorship, preachership, prefectship, prelateship, premiership, prenticeship, pretorship, primateship, priorship, proctorship, provostship, proxyship, pursership, quaestorship, questorship, rajahship, rangership, re-equip, readership, rectorship, reequip, regentship, ridership, rivalship, rocketship, rulership, sachemship, salesmanship, schaumburg-lippe, scholarship, seamanship, seership, serendip, sergeantship, sextonship, sheriffship, showmanship, silver-tip, silvertip, sistership, sizarship, soldiership, speakership, sponsership, sponsorship, sportsmanship, statesmanship, stewardship, studentship, sultanship, superflip, sutlership, swordsmanship, teachership, tellership, traineeship, tribuneship, truantship, trusteeship, tulalip, tutorship, unmogip, upmanship, ushership, vanderlip, vergership, verichip, vicarship, viceroyship, viewership, viscountship, viziership, vogelgrippe, voivodeship, wardenship, wardership, waywodeship, weather-strip, weatherstrip, wingmanship, workmanship, wranglership, writership, wysiwyp, yachtsmanship

4 syllables:
accompliceship, accountantship, admiralship, advisership, advocateship, aldermanship, almonership, amateurship, apostleship, apprenticeship, archdeaconship, artisanship, assessorship, assistantship, attorneyship, auditorship, autocratship, bachelorship, candidateship, cardinalship, chamberlainship, championship, chancellorship, chief-justiceship, churchwardenship, citizenship, co-ownership, collectorship, commandership, commissionship, committeeship, companionship, comptrollership, conductorship, confessorship, consultantship, consumership, containership, controllership, copartnership, corivalship, corporalship, cosponsorship, councillorship, councilorship, counsellorship, counselorship, courtesanship, creatorship, cross-ownership, curatorship, denizenship, deputyship, dictatorship, directorship, discipleship, disfellowship, disworkmanship, editorship, electorship, emperorship, ethernet/ip, followership, generalship, gentlemanship, good-fellowship, governorship, graduateship, headmastership, headmistressship, high-churchman-ship, homeownership, impostorship, indentureship, inspectorship, instructorship, lab-on-a-chip, landownership, laureateship, lieutenantship, low-churchmanship, managership, marinership, mediumship, messiahship, ministryship, monitorship, mothergunship, nazariteship, nonmembership, observership, ombudsmanship, one-up-manship, one-upmanship, one-upsmanship, oneupmanship, partisanship, patriarchship, postmastership, precentorship, preceptorship, precursorship, prelatureship, presbytership, presidentship, pretendership, principalship, probationship, proconsulship, professorship, protectorship, provisorship, receivership, recordership, registership, registrarship, relationship, residentship, retainership, self-authorship, self-censorship, self-ownership, senatorship, seneschalship, servitorship, signiorship, spectatorship, stadtholdership, stereotyp, sub-internship, subdeaconship, suffraganship, suretiship, suretyship, surrogateship, surveyorship, survivorship, tcp/ip, translatorship, treasurership, umpireship, videoclip, violet-tip, watermanship

5 syllables:
ambassadorship, associateship, bipartisanship, coadjutorship, commentatorship, commissaryship, commissionership, conservatorship, distributorship, emissaryship, equestrianship, examinership, executorship, gladiatorship, imitatorship, legislatorship, librarianship, licentiateship, mediatorship, moderatorship, nonpartisanship, ordinaryship, organ-on-a-chip, overseership, prebendaryship, probationership, procuratorship, progenitorship, prolocutorship, proocutorship, propreitership, proprietorship, secretaryship, solicitorship, steprelationship, supervisorship, virtuosoship

6 syllables:
academicianship, administratorship, intercitizenship, internuncioship, penitentiaryship, primogenitureship, prothonotaryship, undergraduateship

7 syllables:
historiographership, residentiaryship

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (17 results)

1 syllable:
bib, bibb, crib, gib, glib, ib, jib, lib, mib, nib, rib, sib, squib

2 syllables:
ad-lib, sahib

3 syllables:

4 syllables:

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