Words and phrases that rhyme with hors:   (753 results)

1 syllable:
-chore, -phore, -saur, -ware, baur, blore, boar, boars, boer, boers, bohr, bore, bores, borre, bors, borwe, bourre, bsfor, chlor, chlor-, chlore, chore, chores, chors, clore, clore's, coar, coare, cohr, cohrs, cor, core, cores, corps, corps', corr, corre, corrs, cours, crore, crores, cuore, d'or, dawar, doar, doerr, dohr, door, door's, doors, dore, dores, dorr, drawer, drawers, dwars, faure, floor, floors, flor, flor-, flore, for, fore, fore-, fores, forr, forres, four, four's, fourre, fours, frore, gaure, gaurs, glaur, gloar, glor, glore, goar, gore, gore's, gores, gorr, hoar, hoare, hoerr, horr, jaure, jours, knorr, kohr, kohrs, kores, kw-hr, laur, laure, lawer, loar, loehr, lohr, lor, lore, lores, lorre, maure, mhorr, moeurs, mohr, mohrs, moore, moore's, mor, mor's, more, morr, morre, morwe, morze, nohr, nor, oar, oars, ohr, or, ore, ores, orr, phore, phthor, phwoar, plore, poors, por, pore, pores, porr, porre, pour, pours, prore, qq hor, rawer, roar, roars, roehr, roehrs, rohr, rohrs, saur, sawrs, scaur, scaurs, schnorr, schor, schorr, schorr's, scor, score, scores, shnorr, shoar, shor, shore, shore's, shores, shorr, smore, smores, snore, snores, soar, soare, soars, sor, sore, sores, sorwe, spaur, splore, spore, spores, spors, stoehr, stohr, stoor, store, store's, stores, stores', storr, storrs, storz, swore, tawer, thor, thore, thorr, thors, tor, tore, tores, torr, torre, tours, vlore, vore, vores, war, war's, warr, warre, wars, wars', warze, whaur, whore, whores, woehr, wor, wore, xplor, yore, your, yours, z-score, zorz

2 syllables:
aancor, abhor, abhors, abor, accor, acores, adoor, adoors, ador, adore, adores, afore, afore-, air corps, all fours, amcor, amcore, amores, amorwe, ardmore, ashore, ask for, asoar, aurore, aurores, azores, backdoor, backdoors, back door, bancor, bangor, barn door, bator, beardmore, becor, becor's, bedore, before, bellcore, bellcore's, bercor, bezoar, bezoars, bigorre, biltmore, boer war, bogor, bookstore, bookstores, bruncor, c4, called for, call for, calore, cantore, care for, car door, cat-4, cencor, centaur, centaur's, centaurs, clarcor, class war, claymore, cold sore, cold war, comores, cry for, cukor, cursores, damore, dance floor, decor, decore, delcor, delore, delore's, delors, deplore, deplores, deplorre, devor, dior, dolore, done for, downpours, dressed ore, drugstore, drugstores, dutch door, elcor, elnore, emplore, encor, encor's, encore, encores, enstore, errore, explore, explores, eyesore, fall for, feel for, fend for, filmore, first floor, folklore, french door, front door, furores, gabor, galore, gartmore, gencor, gencorp, gilgore, gilour, glenmore, goldcor, got your, go for, great war, grope for, ground floor, half door, hardcore, healthcorp, hot war, humours, hycor, ifor, ignore, ignores, igor, implore, implores, in-store, incor, indoor, indoors, inshore, instaure, jacor, jambor, kenmore, killgore, kishore, labore, lahore, lakeshore, lalor, lamaur, lazor, lead ore, legore, lenore, livor, longcor, longshore, look for, m4, majores, make for, marcor, mazor, mejor, melor, menkaure, mens store, mentor, mentor's, mentors, minore, mordor, nellcor, nemours, newcor, next door, ngor, nicor, non-core, noncore, normcore, no more, nucor, nucor's, nycor, offshore, once more, oncor, onore, onshore, opt for, outdoor, outdoors, outpour, outpours, outscore, outscores, pastore, paviour, pay for, peace corps, phosphor, phosphors, pittore, plump for, plunk for, postwar, press corps, prewar, price war, pricor, put your, quest for, rapport, raptores, re-store, rebore, rescore, restore, restores, ricoeur, rigore, roquemore, rossmore, rumore, run for, samcor, saviours, screen door, seashore, sedor, send for, senor, shoe store, shoot for, shop floor, side door, small stores, sophomore, sophomores, spawar, speak for, squeeze for, stage door, stand for, succours, suncor, swarthmore, sweep oar, swing door, syncor, take for, talmor, tenore, that your, therefore, ticor, timor, timor's, timore, tofore, toystore, toystores, tracor, trap door, try for, tumour, tumours, unswore, upbore, uproar, uynwarh, valour, vapores, vapours, vencor, vigour, what's your, what for, wicor, wild boar, world war, xicor, zocor

3 syllables:
account for, albacore, allow for, amador, amplocore, answer for, antiwar, anymore, apgar score, armentor, ascensore, avenzoar, baikonur, balkan wars, balthazor, baltimore, baltimore's, bangalor, bangalore, bangalore's, barrymore, baseball score, bensenyore, bowling score, budget for, buffer store, cacaoyer, candy store, carnivore, carnivores, centocor, centocor's, chancellour, chest of drawers, civil war, clothing store, come before, come in for, commodore, commodore's, country store, cover for, crimean war, criophore, cry out for, dinosaur, dinosaurs, discount store, double door, dumbledore, ecuador, ecuador's, elsinore, equicor, evermore, fenimore, fennimore, fidelcor, finamore, fire door, first world war, flower store, fluorophores, folding door, football score, furthermore, genencor, god of war, go to war, guarantor, guarantors, hardware store, herbivore, heretofore, herrerasaur, hold still for, humidor, ichthyosaur, ichthyosaurs, iron ore, isidore, know the score, labrador, laramore, liquor store, livermore, looking for, louis d'or, marine corps, matador, megastore, megastores, meritor, mevacor, millipore, montefiore, more and more, nevermore, novacor, ocean floor, open door, oradour, outside door, out of doors, package store, parador, paramore, parquet floor, peacock ore, perispore, petit four, polypore, powder store, prepare for, provide for, providore, punic wars, retail store, saboteurs, saddle sore, salvador, salvador's, salvatore, service door, set ashore, singapore, six day war, sliding door, sloop of war, sofamor, sorry for, spanish war, spatafore, standing for, state of war, stevedore, superstore, superstores, swinging door, sycamore, take the floor, tamanoir, tambocor, theodore, the centaur, tidal bore, trojan war, troubadour, trovatore, twenty-four, uncared-for, underscore, underscores, unprofor, unprofor's, what is more, white lead ore, wicket door

4 syllables:
acetochlor, americorp, americorps, antitumour, basketball score, brace oneself for, cavalli-sfor, come to the fore, computer store, convenience store, department store, el-salvador, el salvador, espectador, esprit de corps, general store, going ashore, green dinosaur, grocery store, horned dinosaur, hundred years' war, hylaeosaur, jewelry store, korean war, limited war, mexican war, mezzanine floor, montemayor, musical score, ommatophores, outparamour, persian gulf war, pisanosaur, rocamadour, san-salvador, san salvador, second world war, seven years' war, sotomayor, specialty store, step to the fore, teliospore, thirty years' war, tropical sore, underinsure, us marine corps, vietnam war, villasenor, warning of war, war to end war, yom kippur war, young carnivore

5 syllables:
accordion door, armored dinosaur, building supply store, diplomatic corps, english civil war, exterior door, implements of war, interior door, on a higher floor, on a lower floor, oriental sore, prisoner of war, privilege of the floor, responsible for, uranium ore

6 syllables:
french and indian war, haberdashery store, napoleonic wars, peloponnesian war, secretary of war

7 syllables:
american civil war, american sycamore, arizona sycamore, california sycamore, capital of ecuador, capital of singapore, veterans of foreign wars

8 syllables:
reserve officers training corps

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (754 results)

1 syllable:
aer, air, airs, ar, are, ares, ayr, bar, bare, barr, barre, bars, bear, bears, beer, beers, bere, bier, birr, blair, blare, blear, blur, boor, bur, burr, car, care, cares, carr, cars, chair, chairs, char, charr, cheer, cheers, cher, chirr, churr, clair, claire, clare, clear, clears, coeur, cruor, cur, cure, cures, czar, dar, dare, dear, deer, der, dire, doer, dour, dower, drear, ear, ears, eir, er, ere, err, ers, eyre, fair, far, fare, fear, fears, fer, fir, fire, fires, flair, flare, fleer, fleur, flour, fur, furze, gar, gare, gear, gears, glair, glare, haar, hair, hairs, har, hare, hear, heir, heirs, here, heres, herr, hers, hire, hires, hour, hours, ire, jar, jars, jeer, jure, khmer, kier, kir, lair, lar, lares, lars, lear, loire, lour, lure, lyre, mar, mare, mares, mars, meir, mer, mere, mir, mire, moire, moor, moors, muir, murre, myrrh, nares, ne'er, near, neer, noir, nur, ours, pair, pairs, par, pare, pares, parr, pars, pear, pears, peer, peers, per, pere, pier, piers, poor, prayer, pur, pure, purr, quaere, queer, quire, rare, rear, ruhr, saar, sar, sars, scar, scare, schmear, scler, scour, sear, seer, sere, share, shares, shear, shears, sheer, sheers, shire, shires, shirr, sir, sires, sirs, skier, skirr, slur, smear, snare, sneer, sour, sours, spar, spare, spars, spear, spears, speer, sphere, spheres, spire, spires, spoor, spur, spurs, square, squares, squire, stair, stairs, star, stare, starr, stars, steer, steers, stere, stir, stour, sur, sure, swear, tar, tear, tears, ter, teres, thar, their, theirs, there, they're, theyre, thur, thurs, tier, tour, tsar, tyre, ur, ure, veer, ver, ware, wares, we're, wear, weir, were, where, whirr, wier, wire, wires, year, years, yer, you're, youre

2 syllables:
adar, adhere, adjure, admire, afar, affair, affaire, affairs, afire, ajar, algiers, all-star, allure, all clear, altair, ameer, amir, amour, ant bear, appear, arrear, arrears, aspire, assur, assure, austere, au pair, aware, babar, bath chair, bazaar, bazar, bell jar, beware, big sur, bizarre, black bear, blue star, bock beer, boyar, brochure, bronx cheer, bronze star, brown bear, brumaire, by far, career, cashier, cash bar, chasseur, chauffeur, child care, chimere, cigar, coal tar, coheir, cohere, compare, compeer, compere, concur, confer, couture, dakar, danseur, day care, deck chair, declare, defer, defier, demur, demure, despair, deter, detour, de jure, dinar, disbar, dog star, douceur, downstairs, due care, emir, endear, endure, ensnare, ensure, enure, expire, farceur, fervour, film star, first gear, fixed star, flare star, flavour, forswear, for sure, foursquare, freight car, frimaire, frontier, frotteur, grandeur, grand tour, great bear, great year, grimoire, guard hair, guitar, health care, high gear, hot air, immure, impair, impure, incur, infer, inquire, insphere, inspire, insure, inter, inure, job's tears, joint fir, lanier, lawn chair, leap year, least squares, lekvar, life peer, light air, light year, liqueur, lord's prayer, low gear, make sure, manure, masseur, mature, messieurs, midair, milk bar, mishear, monsieur, mouse deer, mouse ear, mule deer, musk deer, myanmar, navarre, near beer, nightjar, north star, obscure, occur, ophir, pace car, pap smear, pasteur, perspire, pierre, pinch bar, pine tar, pissoir, poseur, prefer, premier, premiere, prepare, procure, qatar, qintar, rainier, rasure, recur, red deer, refer, rehear, repair, repairs, require, respire, retire, revere, rock star, roe deer, root beer, root hair, saceur, safar, sand bar, saviour, savour, school year, sea hare, sea star, secure, seigneur, set square, severe, side chair, sightseer, sincere, sinclair, sitar, skin care, small beer, snack bar, so far, space bar, sports car, spruce beer, spur gear, squad car, stock car, succour, take care, tank car, tartare, times square, transfer, transire, try square, ulnar, unbar, unclear, unfair, unmoor, unsure, uprear, upstairs, vapour, velour, veneer, verdure, voltaire, voyeur, wet bar, white squire, wing chair, wood tar, word square, worm gear, zaire

3 syllables:
arctic char, auctioneer, au revoir, baggage car, balladeer, balsam fir, balsam pear, bandolier, barking deer, basket star, belgian hare, belvedere, bevel gear, bevel square, billionaire, bill of fare, blazing star, bombardier, brigadier, brittle star, buccaneer, buffet car, bumper car, cable car, camel's hair, candy bar, cavalier, chandelier, charge d'affaires, chevalier, civil year, color bar, commandeer, common shares, common year, compressed air, connoisseur, cookie jar, croix de guerre, crystal clear, debonair, dental care, de rigueur, diapir, dining car, disappear, disrepair, doctrinaire, domineer, double bar, double star, douglas fir, easy chair, edward lear, engineer, escritoire, estate car, evening prayer, evening star, fallow deer, feather star, financier, fiscal year, flying mare, force majeure, giant star, ginger beer, gondolier, green manure, grizzly bear, haute couture, heavy spar, holy year, honey bear, iceland spar, immature, inner ear, insincere, interfere, intra vires, in arrears, in the air, kick upstairs, laissez faire, landing gear, latin square, leyden jar, liquid air, little bear, love affair, lunar year, magic square, mal de mer, mason jar, messeigneurs, middle ear, millionaire, morning prayer, morning star, morris chair, movie star, musketeer, mutineer, neutron star, nom de guerre, npr, open air, outer ear, overhear, pamphleteer, parlor car, patrol car, peer-to-peer, persevere, pinot noir, pioneer, polar bear, polar star, police car, potty chair, preferred shares, premature, prickly pear, profiteer, pruning shears, pubic hair, puppeteer, quadrature, questionnaire, rabbit ears, racing car, racketeer, raconteur, rapporteur, reappear, reassure, reinsure, restaurateur, rocking chair, rouge et noir, saboteur, salad bar, sedan chair, shooting star, silver fir, silver star, sleeping car, snowshoe hare, solar flare, solar year, solitaire, soup du jour, souvenir, stars and bars, steel guitar, steering gear, superstar, swivel chair, teddy bear, touring car, trolley car, ultra vires, unaware, unawares, volunteer, volunteers, wear and tear, windsor chair, woolly bear, wrecking bar

4 syllables:
adipocere, anchovy pear, authorized shares, binary star, black marketeer, calendar year, celestial sphere, cervical smear, charioteer, cinnamon bear, concessionaire, conventioneer, electioneer, electric chair, elephant ear, entrepreneur, external ear, financial year, flight engineer, gondola car, interlinear, internal ear, intrapreneur, isallobar, koala bear, kodiak bear, kuala lumpur, litterateur, louis pasteur, multiple star, musical chairs, parallel bars, passenger car, preference shares, provocateur, rectilinear, state of affairs, treasury shares, tropical year, up in the air, vanity fair, variolar, virginia deer, walking on air

5 syllables:
academic year, acoustic guitar, alligator pear, avocado pear, book of common prayer, castle in the air, cauliflower ear, civil engineer, differential gear, electric guitar, hawaiian guitar, horizontal bar, multimillionaire, music of the spheres, ordinary shares, planetary gear, reasonable care, sabbatical year, variable star

6 syllables:
astronomical year, delusions of grandeur

7 syllables:
electrical engineer, mechanical engineer

9 syllables:
department of veterans affairs

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