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spatial, spatiotemporal, calendrical, diachronic, ontological, synchronic, intransitive, christological, perceptual, sacral, transcendental, phenomenological, spacial, neuroanatomical, invariant, kinematic, ventromedial, rostral, spectral, penumbral, electroencephalographic, ostensive, hermeneutical, celestial mechanics, corporeal, effacement, volitional, triune, veridical, atomistic, epistemic, ejaculatory, incorporeal, triadic, ideational, azimuthal, maturational, diurnal, wavelike, coronal, antiferromagnetic, isomorphic, teleological, unitive, neocortical, motional, cosmic, parietal, fleshly, metaphysical, unobservable, cosmological, altitudinal, liminal, euclidean, psychophysical, trigonometric, ontogenetic, particularistic, eschatological, typological, monistic, stereochemical, prosodic, earthly, oscillatory, osseous, noetic, euclidian, operant, quadratic, topological, textual, fronto, limbic, cortical, assimilative, extraocular, cerebellar, commutative, bivariate, churchly, harmonic, interphase, quasiparticle, epistemological, dissipative, latitudinal, synaptic, monotonic, imaginal, numinous, punctate, posteriori, homeostatic, neurophysiological, superposed, perspicuous, anthropic, celestial, trinitarian, terminological, chronological, intrinsic, natural, cultural, frontal, cms, con, mental, pre, intra, arid, auditory, basal, branch, central, directional, evolutionary, facet, im, durational, interactional, sociopolitical, syntagmatic, politicoeconomic, geopolitical, intrapersonal, macrocosmic, macrolevel, processual, sociospatial, syntactical, anatomic, anatomical, biogeographic

Appears in the definition of:
., acute inclusion body encephalitis, amygdala, amygdaloid nucleus, anapsid, anapsid reptile, anglican church, anglican communion, anterior temporal artery, approach, approaching, arcus zygomaticus, arrange, arteria temporalis anterior, arteria temporalis intermedia, arteria temporalis posterior, articulatio temporomandibularis, auditory center, basal vein, begin, bony labyrinth, briefness, campaign, cease, chronological, chronology, church of england, close, co-occurrence, coincidence, coming, conclusion, concurrence, conjunction, coronoid process of the mandible, corpus amygdaloideum, corpus geniculatum mediale, curtailment, deep temporal vein, deictic, deictic word, divinely, end, finale, finis, finish, finite, fissure of sylvius, glenoid fossa, gregory, gregory i, gregory the great, herpes encephalitis, herpes simplex encephalitis, indulgence, intermediate temporal artery, jugale, jugal point, last, lateral cerebral sulcus, long, mandibular fossa, mandibular joint, mastoid, mastoidal, mastoid bone, mastoid process, maxillary vein, medial geniculate body, middle, middle temporal vein, military campaign, minor, musculus temporalis, occipitomastoid suture, order, osseous labyrinth, parietomastoid suture, petrous, pick's disease, posterior facial vein, posterior temporal artery, post hoc, post hoc ergo propter hoc, presenta, put, retromandibular vein, saint gregory i, set up, short, shortness, sigmoid sinus, sinus sigmoideus, spaciotemporal, spatiotemporal, sphenoidal fontanel, sphenoidal fontanelle, sphenoid fontanel, sphenoid fontanelle, spiritual, st. gregory i, start, stonelike, stop, stopping point, styloid process, sulcus lateralis cerebri, superficial temporal vein, sylvian fissure, synapsid, synapsid reptile, temporalis, temporalis muscle, temporally, temporal arteritis, temporal artery, temporal gyrus, temporal muscle, temporal vein, temporomandibular joint, terminate, unworldly, vena basalis, vena maxillaris, vena retromandibularis, vena temporalis, venial, vestry, wernicke's area, wernicke's center, worldly, zygoma, zygomatic arch, zygomatic process

earthly, impermanent, profane, temporary, worldly

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— Nouns for temporal: lobe, bone, power, lobes, order, epilepsy, sequence, region, resolution, artery, cortex, more...

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