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Words and phrases whose definition contains derived:   (381 results)

., achromycin, adenomatous polyp, adenosine triphosphate, adrenocortical, adscititious, affix, aggregate fruit, algolagnia, alkaline, alkyl, alkyl group, alkyl radical, allium porrum, allyl, allyl group, allyl radical, allyl resin, alternative energy, amine, aminic, amino, aminoalkane, ammonium, ammonium ion, animal, animal fiber, animal fibre, animal material, anime, antimonic, antimonious, arabic alphabet, aramaic, aramaic script, arsenic group, asynchronous, atp, atrazine, augustinian order, auric, aurous, autologous, axiomatic, axiomatical, azido group, azido radical, a posteriori, a priori, bacca, banana oil, barbituric acid, based, basics, basic principle, bechtel crab, bedrock, beefsteak geranium, begonia rex, benford's law, benzoic, benzoyl group, benzoyl radical, benzyl, benzyl group, benzyl radical, biomedical cloning, biovular, boracic, boric, branchial, butanol, butyl alcohol, b cell, b lymphocyte, cacodyl, cacodyl group, cacodyl radical, calcic, california personality inventory, camphoric, canticle, capsaicin, carcinoma, chlorpromazine, chrysanthemum maximum maximum, church mode, classicism, clon, clone, colchine, comint, commercial law, communications intelligence, completeness, concept, conception, construct, copied, corpus, cpi, cresol, cutch, cytosine, dad, dada, daddy, data point, datum, derivable, derivative, deverbal noun, dibasic salt, dichromic acid, dizygotic, dizygous, documental, documentary, doo-wop, doxycycline, dragon's blood, eastern church, eastern orthodox, eastern orthodox church, ecclesiastical mode, economic rent, egyptian cotton, electronics intelligence, elint, embryonic stem-cell research, empiric, empirical, endogenic, endogenous, eponym, ergonovine, ergotamine, ergotrate maleate, ethyl, ethyl group, ethyl radical, etymon, existential, exogenic, exogenous, experiential, exponential series, fatty acid, fechner, florest's cineraria, flowering crab, formic, fraternal, fruition, fundamentals, fundamental principle, garamycin, gas, gasolene, gasoline, gentamicin, geothermal energy, gingerol, glacial, glucoside, glyceryl, glycoside, goose grease, granadilla wood, grayback, gregorian mode, gustav theodor fechner, gutta-percha, heartsease, hemlock, heterologous, hexane, hispanic, holy, homologous, humic, hydrazo group, hydrazo radical, identical, index, index number, indicant, indicator, inexperience, inferential, intuitive, islamic law, isothiocyanate, johnny, johnny-jump-up, johnny reb, john locke, king begonia, kutch, laetrile, latin, latinate, latinian language, latino, law merchant, leek, leucanthemum superbum, locke, logicism, love-in-idleness, luminism, macumba, malonylurea, material, maternal, matronymic, medieval mode, mercantile law, mesoblastic, mesodermal, methyl, methylene, methylene group, methylene radical, methyl group, methyl phenol, methyl radical, metronymic, mineral, monoclonal, mononuclear phagocyte system, monovular, monozygotic, mps, multiple fruit, mycostatin, nad, naphthol, natural fiber, natural fibre, natural virtue, neuroma, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, noble, nonsynthetic, number, nystan, nystatin, oaten, organic, organic fertiliser, organic fertilizer, original, originality, orthodox catholic church, orthodox church, pa, pahlavi, painted-leaf begonia, pali, pansy, papa, paper, pappa, pater, patronymic, pectic, pericallis hybrida, petrol, phototrophic bacteria, phototropic bacteria, pink of my john, piperin, piperine, plant fiber, plant fibre, plant material, pneumococcal, polyanthus, polyvinyl resin, pop, postulational, primary, primitive, primula polyantha, principal, principal sum, progymnosperm, psammoma, pyridine, pyrimidine, quaternary ammonium compound, reb, rebel, red wine, rent, rex begonia, rhabdomyosarcoma, rhabdosarcoma, romance, romance language, root, rosa odorata, sand tumor, scallion, secondhand, second law of thermodynamics, sensorial, sensory, sexual pleasure, sharia, shariah, shariah law, sharia law, shasta daisy, silicate, simple fruit, solar, star, steroid alcohol, sterol, streptolysin, streptothricin, strophanthin, sulfapyridine, sulfonic acid, sulphonic acid, summum bonum, superior, syllogism, syncarp, synthetically, system of macrophages, tall oil, tannic, tartaric, tea rose, telemetry intelligence, telint, tetanus immune globulin, tetanus immunoglobulin, tetracycline, theory of inheritance, therapeutic cloning, thirdhand, thorazine, thymine, titular, toluic acid, traced, traditional, traditionalism, trophoblastic cancer, tyramine, tyrocidin, tyrocidine, uighur, uigur, underived, uracil, uygur, vegetable, verbal noun, viatical settlement, vibramycin, vinyl, vinyl group, vinyl polymer, vinyl radical, vinyl resin, viola tricolor, viola tricolor hortensis, vitreous, wheaten, whole-wheat, wholemeal, wild pansy, wind generation, wind power, witch, zanzibar copal

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