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., accent, accentuate, ace, adam-and-eve, affine transformation, agglutinative, aguacate, alligator pear, allionia incarnata, andreaeales, ane, anti-torque rotor, aplectrum hyemale, areca catechu, astigmatism, astigmia, autarchy, autocracy, autoecious, autosome, avocado, avocado pear, b-complex vitamin, bacca, bacteria, bacterium, bag, bait casting, banksia rose, barrel vault, bartle frere, beat, bed, betel palm, bibliography, bladed, blastodermic vesicle, blastula, blazer, bleep, block, body politic, bolo, bolo knife, bourdon, bowie knife, brougham, bucket seat, buggy, building block, bull tongue, bungalow, byte, b complex, b vitamin, cabbage tree, california single-leaf pinyon, caravan, cat, catamaran, catboat, cdna, central vein of suprarenal gland, cf, chaise, chant, character-at-a-time printer, character printer, chemical group, cherry, cherry tree, chicane, china rose, chinese, chinese hibiscus, chromolithography, clarinet, class liliopsida, class monocotyledonae, class monocotyledones, clip, clon, clone, cnidosporidia, co-defendant, codefendant, colony, command, commonwealth, company union, compilation, compiling, complementary dna, composite, composite plant, computed axial tomography, computed tomography, computerized axial tomography, computerized tomography, concentrated fire, concurrent execution, condensation, conga, conga line, conglomerate, conjugate, conjugated, conjugation, consolidate, consolidative, construction, converge, convergent thinking, cordyline australis, cottage, country, crop, ct, cutter, cycle, cyclops, cystic fibrosis, daily double, daisy, date, dianthus deltoides, digest, digraph, diptera, dipteran, dipteron, dipterous insect, double salt, drink, drone, drone pipe, drupe, eclecticism, eclectic method, elide, emphasise, emphasize, empire, endomycetales, epiphytotic, episodic, epizootic, erasable, euglena, event, expression, fabrication, family business, family sciadopityaceae, family sclerodermataceae, fastigiate, federal emergency management agency, fema, fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, flatware, floor, flowering cherry, flower head, forlornly, french telephone, fusion, gabled, galley, game, gamete, generation, genus bartle-frere, genus euglena, genus lemna, genus listera, genus maxillaria, genus melampsora, genus saccharomyces, genus tyrannosaurus, ginkgoales, gnawer, gnawing animal, grab sample, grammatical construction, grass-of-parnassus, grass tree, green dinosaur, group, guinea flower, guinea gold vine, gulp, gyration, habenaria orbiculata, half cross stitch, handball, handset, hand glass, haploid, haploidic, harvest, head, hepatitis c, heterotrichales, hibiscus rosa-sinensis, homoecious, homophonic, homospory, horizontal combination, horizontal integration, hornpipe, hospital bed, housing development, hybrid petunia, hydra, hypozeugma, identical, imparipinnate, incident, individual, integrated circuit, iteration, jigger, job, jointure, kernel, knife pleat, land, landscape, layer, leechee, leg, lemna, leptosporangiate, leptosporangium, level, lichee, lichi, liliopsida, liliopsid family, liliopsid genus, line, line-drive single, linear, line of poetry, line of verse, line single, linotype, linotype machine, listera, litchee, litchi, litchi nut, litmus test, logogram, logograph, lonea, lonesomea, loop, lump sugar, lump sum, lychee, macro, macro instruction, magnetic monopole, magnifying glass, maiden pink, main rotor, man jack, mare clausum, massed fire, mass murderer, maxim gun, melampsora, microcircuit, military pace, mixer, mixing faucet, monatomic, monism, mono, monoatomic, monochrome, monoclonal, monocotyledonae, monocotyledones, monocotyledonous, monocot family, monocot genus, monocycle, monodic, monodical, monody, monogenic, monogenic disease, monogenic disorder, monohybrid, monohybrid cross, monolatry, monolith, monologue, monomaniacal, mononeuropathy, mononychus olecranus, monophonic, monophonic music, monophony, monophysitism, monoplane, monoplegia, monoploid, monorail, monosemy, monostotic fibrous dysplasia, monotheism, monotone, monotype, monovular, monozygotic, motor pool, mucoviscidosis, multiculturalism, multiprogramming, narrow-body, narrow-body aircraft, narrowbody aircraft, nation, negative identification, nelumbonaceae, nickel-and-dime, norfolk jacket, ocellus, odd-pinnate, odd-pinnate leaf, omnibus, one, one-celled, one-dimensional, one-eared, one-mana, one-night stand, one-party, one-persona, one-piece, one-womana, onea, one after another, one at a time, one by one, one shot, onlya, operation, opinion, optical fusion, order andreaeales, order diptera, order endomycetales, order ginkgoales, order heterotrichales, order pectinibranchia, order stereospondyli, oscillation, paeony, pancreatic fibrosis, paraboloid, parazoa, paring, parnassia, paroicous, partial, partial derivative, partition, pass, pectinibranchia, pedestal table, pedicel, pedicle, peony, personal income, petunia hybrida, philadelphus, pibgorn, picornavirus, picture window, pinus californiarum, plane-polarized, plant virus, plum, plum tree, pluralist, pocket borough, polysynthetic, pony, positive identification, private line, promiscuous, proprietary, proprietorship, puff, pulse generator, punctuate, puttyroot, racing skiff, radical, reduce, red fox, respiration, res publica, retrovirus, revolution, roadster, rodent, rolled into onep, roller blade, roman arch, rosa banksia, rose of china, rotation, round, round-leaved rein orchid, sabot, saccharomyces, sacred, sailboat, sailing boat, sax, saxophone, schizocarp, sciadopityaceae, sclerodermataceae, sculling, secateurs, self-colored, self-coloured, semicircular arch, separate, separative, serial printer, serration, severable contract, shay, shed, sheet web, shoeblack plant, shoe black, shot glass, shrimp, simple eye, simple fruit, simple microscope, single-barreled, single-bedded, single-breasted, single-breasted suit, single-celled, single-channel, single-foot, single-handed, single-handedly, single-lane, single-minded, single-mindedly, single-propeller plane, single-reed instrument, single-reed woodwind, single-rotor helicopter, single-spaced, single-stranded, singlea, singleton, single crochet, single prop, single quote, single shell, single stitch, single tax, singular, sloop, snake dance, snap, snuff, solea, solid, solitarya, solo, somatic chromosome, sortie, spinning wheel, splat, spore, sports coat, sports jacket, sport coat, sport jacket, spot jam, spray, squamous cell, stall, stanhopea, state, stemma, step, stereospondyli, stigmatism, still, stockhorn, stone fruit, storey, story, stress, string, stroke, subclass cnidosporidia, subfamily nelumbonaceae, subkingdom parazoa, suprasegmental, synapsid, synapsid reptile, synthetic, tail rotor, tambourine, tangency, tatting, throw, thunderclap, time, trailing four o'clock, trailing windmills, train, tree, tree diagram, tremolo, triglyceride, trillium, trip, tule tree, tulip, twinkle, two-winged insects, umbrella tent, unambiguous, unanimous, unary, unicellular, unicuspid, unicycle, unidimensional, unification, unifoliate, uniform, unifying, unimodal, union, uniovular, uniovulate, unipolar, unique, unit, united, uniting, unit character, unit of ammunition, unvarying, vena centralis glandulae suprarenalis, vertical combination, vertical integration, vitamin b, vitamin b complex, vulpes vulpes, wagon train, wake-robin, whole, whole thing, widowed, winkle, wooden shoe, wood lily, yataghan, yeast

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