Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

avail, bail, baile, bale, balle, bayle, beyl, cail, cale, calle, dail, daile, dale, dayle, fail, faile, gael, gail, gaile, gale, galle, gayle, hail, haile, hale, heyl, jail, kael, kail, kale, lail, mail, maile, maille, male, mayle, nail, naill, nale, pail, paille, pale, rael, rail, raile, rayl, rayle, reil, sail, sale, salle, sayle, shale, tail, tale, they'll, vaal, vague, vahl, vain, val, vales, vallely, valles, vane, vase, veal, veale, veiled, veils, vein, veyne, viel, viele, vile, ville, voell, voll, volle, wail, wale, weyl, whale, yale, zale, vail, vaile, valle, veil, a-share, caere, cel, cell, celle, ceorl, cher, faial, fail, faile, faille, fair, faire, fare, fayre, fehl, fehr, fel, fell, felle, ferr-, ferre, feyre, fhrer, firle, hf ale, phail, phair, phare, sail, saile, sale, salle, sare, sayle, sayre, schale, schehr, schelle, scherr, searl, searle, sehr, sel, sell, selle, serr, serre, shail, shair, shale, share, shell, sherr, shirl, szell, their, thele, thell, there, they'll, they're, theyll, thirl, thurl, vail, vaile, valle, veil, verre, zale, zayre, zehr, zel, zell, zelle

See vale used in context: 72 rhymes, 8 Shakespeare works, 1 Mother Goose rhyme, several books and articles.

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