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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to century:   (654 results)

decade, decennary, decennium, half-century, quarter-century

Often used in the same context:
decade, fifty, millennia, centry, millenium, years, centurion, babylonian captivity, pleistocene epoch, history, industrial revolution, persian empire, triassic period, centaury, yuan dynasty, millenia, almanack, generations, shang dynasty, byzantine empire, paleolithic age, minoan civilization, tang dynasty, palaeolithic, nineties, han dynasty, protestant reformation, pharaohs, twenty, epoch, norman conquest, wicket, eons, neolithic age, annus mirabilis, civilization, sumerians, abbasid, seljuk, ming dynasty, middle ages, nabataean, count rumford, punic war, pliocene epoch, antiochus iv, parthia, umayyad, ottoman empire, eighty, devonian period, mamluk, thirty, bronze age, carolingian, caliphs, medieval, ptolemaic, royalism, era, seleucids, antoninus pius, carboniferous period, upper paleolithic, lifetimes, punic wars, gallian, john jacob astor, runless, historic, bayeux tapestry, liao dynasty, ancient, cretaceous period, bce, dynasties, sennacherib, mycenaean, hellenistic, thomas malthus, landmark, vestige, sixties, hundred, modern, seventies, gelasius, babylonian, fatimid, jurassic period, paleozoic era, permian period, marcus tullius cicero, carthaginians, napoleonic wars, cambrian period, sassanian, visigoth, punic, sung dynasty, artaxerxes, industrialism, centurv, cen, centuries, inning, arrondissement, a.d., inst, b.c., bc, canto, inclusive, yeare, tury, week, earl, onwards, amendment, cent, ult, seventeenthcentury, nineteenthcentury, eighteenthcentury, twentiethcentury, nineteenth, sixteenthcentury, twelfthcentury, contemporary, eighteenth, fifteenthcentury, fourteenthcentury, siecle, twentieth, mediaeval, modem, greek, modernist, postmodernist

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Appears in the definition of:
., abecedarian, abolish, aelius donatus, age of reason, ahab, akhbari, al-hasan ibn al-haytham, al-haytham, algeria, algerie, alhazen, american federalist party, amidship, amidships, amish sect, anaximenes, arabian nights, arabian nights' entertainment, aramaean, aramaic, aramaic script, aramean, argos, arminianism, arouet, arthur, asanga, ashcan school, ash can, aspersion, assassin, assassinated, athens, athos, augustus welby northmore pugin, austria, babylonia, balloon seat, balzac, baroque, baroqueness, basil, basil of caesarea, basil the great, bellarmine, bell seat, belshazzar, benedictine order, benjamin britten, beowulf, biedermeier, bithynia, black hand, bloomsbury group, blues, bodoni, bodoni font, book of ezra, brahmi, british empiricism, britten, byrd, byzantine architecture, cabasset, caladium bicolor, calash, caleche, caliphate, capital of indonesia, capital of libya, capital of peru, carmelite order, caroche, carpetbag, casque, centennially, chaldaea, chaldea, charleston, chartism, chartist, chinese wall, chippendale, christopher, chuang-tzu, church father, church slavic, cither, cithern, citole, cittern, claudius ptolemaeus, clichy, clichy-la-garenne, codpiece, cologne, colonize, conestoga, conestoga wagon, confession, conquistador, constantine, constantinople, constitutionalize, coptic, cotilion, cotillion, coventry, cover, covered wagon, crispin, cynewulf, cynwulf, czech capital, dada, dadaism, damocles, damon, daniel, danzig, democratic-republican party, democratic and popular republic of algeria, depopulated, diophantus, dissertate, djakarta, dogtooth, dominican order, donatism, donatus, draco, duel, east india company, edda, edward benjamin britten, eldorado, elijah, elizabethan age, el cid, el dorado, empedocles, enfranchise, english-gothic, english-gothic architecture, enlightenment, epirus, equus caballus gomelini, equus quagga, erie canal, euclid, existentialism, existentialist philosophy, expressionism, ezechiel, ezekiel, ezra, fag end, falun gong, farmer-labor party, father, father of the church, federalist party, federal party, fin de siecle, fragonard, fraise, franciscan order, francois-marie arouet, frank, frock coat, galatian, gateway to the west, gdansk, gittern, golden horde, gothic, graybeard, great wall, great wall of china, greenwich village, hadrian's wall, hangover, hanseatic league, hebraic alphabet, hebrew alphabet, hebrew script, hero, heron, hero of alexandria, hesiod, hessian, hessian boot, hiawatha, high renaissance, hipparchus, historical school, honore balzac, honore de balzac, hosea, hudson, hudson river, humpty dumpty, hun, ibn al-haytham, ijtihad, illustriously, imagism, immigrate, impressionism, information age, isaiah, islam, islamism, islamize, istanbul, italia, italian republic, italy, jackboot, jack the ripper, jainism, jakarta, jean honore fragonard, jeroboam, jeroboam i, jezebel, june 29, kazak, kazakh, kazakhstan, kazakstan, king arthur, kkk, klan, koln, ku klux klan, lake poets, langobard, lao-tse, lao-tzu, lao-zi, lateran palace, liberal party, lied, lima, linear a, linear b, lombard, long-beard, longbeard, lord britten of aldeburgh, lubavitch, luddite, ludi saeculares, lysippus, macaroni, maffia, mafia, malachi, malachias, manchu, manichaeanism, manichaeism, marco polo, martial, mazdaism, medici, mennonite church, mescal, micah, micheas, middle east, mideast, midships, migrate, mind, minuet, modern, modern font, mohammedanism, mongol tatar, monotonously, moor, morion, motet, motley, mount athos, muhammadanism, munchener, munich beer, muslimism, nahum, naturalism, near east, nefertiti, neoplatonism, nestorius, newmarket, new london, new orleans, nicaea, nicholas, nijinsky, ninja, nome, norman architecture, northwest passage, oeil de boeuf, oesterreich, old bulgarian, old catholic, old catholic church, old church slavic, old church slavonic, old french, old frisian, old italian, old latin, old master, old style, old style font, onward, order of our lady of mount carmel, order of saint benedict, orthoepist, osage, osman i, othman i, ottoman, ottoman dynasty, ottoman empire, outstanding, oxford movement, palace of versailles, pall-mall, parmenides, patrai, patras, patrick, peloponnese, peloponnesian peninsula, peloponnesus, pendulum watch, pepys, perpendicular, perpendicular style, persia, persian empire, philistine, phintias, pietism, plantation, pointilism, pointillism, polo, prag, prague, praha, prairie schooner, prairie wagon, prakrit, preformation, proprietary colony, protestant reformation, prussia, ptolemy, pugin, pythias, quagga, quattrocento, rabato, rainer maria rilke, realism, rebato, red-brick, redbrick, reformation, represent, republic of austria, republic of kazakhstan, rilke, robin hood, rococo, roger huntington sessions, roger sessions, rostock, rune, runic letter, rus, russia, saints peter and paul, saint christopher, saint crispin, saint joseph, saint louis, saint nicholas, saint patrick, salian, salian frank, samarcand, samarkand, samuel pepys, santa fe trail, sappho, sardegna, sardinia, scene, scythia, secular games, seminole, serialism, serial music, sessions, sicilian mafia, sikhism, silk road, simon, simon the canaanite, simon the zealot, simon zelotes, siracusa, social democratic party, solomon, sophist, sophonias, sparta, spiritually, st. basil, st. basil the great, st. christopher, st. crispin, st. joseph, st. louis, st. nicholas, st. patrick, st. simon, stamboul, stambul, stomacher, subtly, suffragette, surrealism, sussex, symbolism, syracuse, tara, tarabulus al-gharb, tarpan, tartar, tatar, tell, temple of jerusalem, temple of solomon, thebes, theory of preformation, thespis, thomism, thought, thousand and one nights, tole, toledo, trainband, treasure ship, tripoli, tucson, tudor, turkish empire, ukraine, ukrayina, usuli, vaslav nijinsky, versailles, victorian age, village, visible speech, voltaire, vouge, vulgate, wahabi, wahhabi, waslaw nijinsky, wellington, wellington boot, wessex, whig, william byrd, william tell, wisdom, wisdom of solomon, young turk, zacharias, zealot, zechariah, zephaniah, zionism, zionist movement, zoroastrianism

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More general:
amount of time, large integer, period, period of time, time period

100, c, centred, hundred, one c

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