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adjective, inessential, nonessential, procedural, unessential

Often used in the same context:
vital, indispensable, important, crucial, necessary, critical, integral, imperative, paramount, key, sine qua non, invaluable, useful, basic, valuable, fundamental, desirable, helpful, foundational, adequate, irreplaceable, beneficial, unessential, advisable, appropriate, anathema, intrinsic, unavoidable, pivotal, preferable, sufficient, difficult, pertinent, impossible, priceless, optimal, problematic, uptodate, proper, dispensable, urgent, problematical, dependent, nonessential, advantageous, ideal, acceptable, optimum, relevant, holy grail, functional, insufficient, tantamount, detrimental, mutually exclusive, easy, viable, axiomatic, negotiable, behavior modification, inextricable, surest, indivisible, nonnegotiable, elemental, conducive, handiest, promotive, worthwhile, antithetical, trickiest, nourishing, must, inalienable, sacrosanct, exportable, affective, effective, interrelating, excellent, unacceptable, reliable, optional, stabilising, interdependent, precious, indisputable, superfluous, comprehensive, undesirable, treasured, exceptional, scarce, expedient, instrumental, germane, differentiable, incompatible, incontrovertible, unadvisable, intangible, timeous, necessities, rea, attributes, commandments, ex, particular, personal, questionnaires, shortcoming, specifics, aids, aspects, chemical, clement, directors, distinguishing, elements, faculty, inessential, indispensible, tial, salient, portant, individuating, tant, allimportant, hasic, immutable

More specific:
desideratum, need, want

Appears in the definition of:
., abbreviate, abridge, accessory, accidental, actual, adermin, adjunct, adjuvant, administrivia, alien, alienation, alpha-linolenic acid, american pennyroyal, analyse, analyze, ancillary, antiophthalmic factor, appurtenant, atar, athar, attar, auxiliary, axerophthol, background, background knowledge, backpacking, be-all and end-all, be all and end all, biogenic, bitter almond oil, blood platelet, boil down, break down, brief, built-in, canvas, canvass, carbohydrate, cardinal, center, central, ch'i, change of state, characterisation, characterization, chi, choline, clotting factor, clove oil, coagulation factor, coenzyme, coenzyme a, cologne, cologne water, come down, composition, conflict, consist, constitutional, contract, cooperation, core, costus oil, cut, deficiency disease, define, degeneration, delimit, delimitate, delineate, department of defense laboratory system, devolution, dissect, dopamine, dopastat, eau de cologne, electrolyte, electrolyte balance, elementary, entire, epitomise, epitomize, equivalence, essence, eucalyptus oil, eviscerate, examine, extraneous, extrinsic, famishment, fitted out, folacin, folate, folic acid, foreign, foreshorten, for good, fundamental, genuine, gist, grass roots, heart, heart and soul, hedeoma pulegioides, histidine, hypostasis, imperative, inbuilt, inderal, indispensable, inessential, inferior colliculus, inherent, inner, intact, integral, internal, intestinal flora, intimate, intrinsic factor, intropin, inwardness, in essence, isoleucine, kernel, key, ki, kill, lablink, law, lecithin, leucine, liberalistic, life-sustaining, lifeblood, lifeline, limonene, linalool, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, linolic acid, lipid, lipide, lipoid, literal, lysine, marrow, meat, methionine, mineral deficiency, molecular biologist, molecular biology, muroidea, must, mysoline, natural law, nature, necessarily, necessary, necessity, needfully, neutralisation, neutralisation reaction, neutralization, neutralization reaction, niacin, nicotinic acid, nitty-gritty, nonessential, nub, oil of cloves, oleoresin, ottar, outfitted, packing, parenchyma, pennyroyal, permanently, phenylalanine, pith, platelet, point, primal, primary, primidone, propanolol, property, protein, pteroylglutamic acid, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, pyridoxine, qi, quality, real, reduce, saccharide, shorten, specify, spike lavender oil, spike oil, starvation, stripped, stripped-down, study, subsidiary, substance, substantial, substantive, sugar, sum, superfamily muroidea, superior colliculus, take apart, texture, threonine, thrombocyte, tocopherol, tryptophan, tryptophane, type species, typify, valine, vital, vitalness, vitals, vital organ, vitamin, vitamin a, vitamin b6, vitamin bc, vitamin e, vitamin m

More general:
breathe, entity, respire, something, take a breath

all-important, all important, basal, basic, biogenic, constituent, constitutional, constitutive, crucial, important, in essence, indispensable, life-sustaining, must, necessary, necessity, of import, of the essence, organic, primary, requirement, requisite, staple, substantial, substantive, unexpendable, virtual, vital

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— Nouns for essential: part, element, elements, features, difference, feature, nature, oils, point, role, hypertension, more...

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