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Often used in the same context:
actual, classic, unfilmed, previous, unaltered, cartes de visite, bare bones, extant, modified, pictographic, mary wollstonecraft shelley, paul dukas, gorier, initial, gene roddenberry, newer, arthurian legend, authentic, expurgated, iconic, sparer, lev ivanov, authorized version, timeless, nathaniel currier, unoriginal, concerto grosso, mansard, minimalist, r. buckminster fuller, kingdom come, aesthetic, unimprovable, current, art deco, eponymous, zoomorphic, filmable, retro, uncredited, performable, ostensible, filippo brunelleschi, undeciphered, renaissant, timeworn, unpatterned, identical, subsequent, constructible, quitclaim, neoclassic, friz freleng, crafted, winsor mccay, monophonic, gable roof, conceiver, quarto, explicit, venerable, orphic, phrasal, carlo goldoni, hipped roof, unfaded, weird sisters, typographic, true, roman numeral, founding, conceptual, unrestored, folk etymology, norse mythology, visual, anthological, intact, ideographic, midrashic, uncut, ludic, excised, jean baptiste lully, thomas malory, contemporise, epigraphic, literal interpretation, typological, definitive, stylized, terza rima, lovecraftian, mansard roof, semiabstract, buddy holly, chordate, giorgio de chirico, katsushika hokusai, axminster carpet, polygonal, unconstructed, originals, masters, coin, translation, prototype, proverb, classics, bibles, contemporary, english, poetry, prototypes, artists, authors, exemplar, manuscripts, philologists, potter, translations, orginal, otiginal, same, inal, present, publishable, foundational, unworkable, coherent, comprehensible, exact, finished, informative, new, printed, ideal, official, typewritten, definite, edited

Appears in the definition of:
., aboriginal, actual sin, afterthought, ancient history, andrea palladio, antigram, apostle, archetypal, archetype, archetypical, articles of confederation, astaire, augmentation, avant-garde, back, backup, bay state, best evidence rule, brassica oleracea, burberry, carbon, carbon paper, catholic church, change, charter member, close, colony, color, conjugate, connecticut, constitution of the united states, constitution state, copy, correctable, corrupt, counterfeit, crookes tube, ct, daring, daringly, de, decomposition, decomposition reaction, delaware, denature, derived, dialog, dialogue, diamond state, diminution, displacement, do-si-do, doctor of philosophy, duplicate, duplication, effect, egtk, elastic, elasticity, elastic device, elastomer, eminently, empire state, faithful, faubourg, first state, forbidden fruit, forcefully, forgery, fred astaire, free state, full-size, garden state, general, give, granite state, half-length, holotype, hop clover, imitation, immaculate conception, in-situ, innovational, intervention, in place, in situ, irradiation, kazak, kazakh, kazakhstan, kazakstan, keystone state, lesser yellow trefoil, life-size, life-sized, lifesize, literal, little rhody, lower criticism, ma, manifold, maryland, massachusetts, master, master copy, md, nc, new hampshire, new jersey, new york, new york state, nh, nj, nonextant, north carolina, novation, nutmeg state, ny, ocean state, old colony, old dominion, old dominion state, old line state, old north state, olympia, order, organization, originality, originally, original sin, outport, pa, palladio, palmetto state, pennsylvania, permanent, perseverate, petrifaction, petrification, pilot, positive, primaeval, primal, primeval, primordial, principal, protoa, prototypal, prototypic, prototypical, reconstruct, recovery, redundant, reestablish, reharmonisation, reharmonization, reinstate, replace, replica, replication, reproduction, reproductive memory, republic of kazakhstan, resile, resilience, resiliency, restitution, restoration, restore, restored, retrofit, retroversion, rhode island, ri, sachsen, saprolite, savings bond, saxe, saxony, sc, secondary, secondhand, second growth, shamrock, slavish, snap, socinian, south carolina, spoil, spring, springiness, tar heel state, thermoset, thermosetting, thirdhand, total depravity, trace, trifolium dubium, tupac katari guerrilla army, type specimen, ukraine, ukrayina, unaltered, unchanged, underneath, united states constitution, unmoved, unoriginal, unprocessed, va, varna, virginia, volume, weber's law, wesleyan methodists, wesleyan methodist church, wild cabbage, word-for-word, ylem

More general:
creation, example, model

archetype, avant-garde, daring, first, free, freehand, freehanded, fresh, germinal, innovational, innovative, master, master copy, new, newfangled, novel, originative, pilot, primary, seminal, simple, underivative, underived

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— Nouns for original: form, sin, work, text, position, plan, version, state, design, meaning, data, more...

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