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cartoon strip, column, comic strip, editorial, feature, feature article, headline, newspaper article, newspaper column, newspaper headline, news article, news item, news story, rotogravure, sports section, strip

Often used in the same context:
newspaper, foolscap, print, newsprint, cardboard, linotype, journal, ink, photocopies, sheet, document, mimeograph, pencil, ream, broadsheet, hardcopy, freesheet, linotype machine, banknotes, colophon, notepaper, kraft, boxboard, onionskin, rotogravure, fanfold, toilet paper, printouts, jotter, scotch tape, binder, printer, cardstock, manilla, envelopes, greaseproof, kraft paper, vellum, typesetters, paperboard, papermaking, corrugated cardboard, microfilm, serigraphy, quilling, pen, mimeograph machine, copperplate, wastepaper, linerboard, clothbound, typeset, typescript, pulping, looseleaf, inkpad, typewriter, wastepaper basket, groundwood, ballpoint, copier, notepads, rebind, toner, intaglio printing, editorial, microfiche, wood pulp, beermat, octavo, plastic, xerox copy, rag, sellotape, booklet, napkins, blotting paper, book, grease pencil, ballpoint pen, sheaf, paperbound, chipboard, typewriter ribbon, brads, collator, crayon, velum, yearbooks, pasteboard, obit, recycling bin, xeroxing, masking tape, pamphlet, doily, literature, publication, transparencies, dot matrix printer, calendering, saddle stitch, article, cloth, parchment, lecture, album, cotton, film, memoir, monograph, notebook, papers, blankets, cartoon, essay, flannel, cellophane, box, block, lithograph, bead, freehand, perforated, punched, tool, card, glass, letterpress, standard, standardised, standardized, stitched, strip, barrel, celluloid, curd

More specific:
art paper, blotter, blotting paper, blueprint paper, carbon, carbon paper, card, cardboard, cartridge paper, composition board, computer paper, confetti, construction paper, crepe, crepe paper, daily, drawing paper, filter paper, flypaper, gazette, graph paper, india paper, linen, linen paper, litmus paper, manila, manila paper, manilla, manilla paper, music paper, newspaper, newsprint, oilpaper, pad, pad of paper, paper toweling, papier-mache, papyrus, parchment, piece of paper, rag, rice paper, roofing paper, score paper, sheet, sheet of paper, tablet, tabloid, tar paper, ticker tape, tissue, tissue paper, tracing paper, transfer paper, wallpaper, wax paper, wrapping paper, writing paper

Appears in the definition of:
., 4to, 8vo, abaca, acaroid resin, accaroid resin, accroides, accroides gum, accroides resin, acknowledge, add, aminoplast, amino plastic, amino resin, amylum, argonauta, art paper, attack, avidly, ballpen, ballpoint, ballpoint pen, banger, banker's bill, banknote, bank bill, bank note, barograph, bathroom tissue, benton, betula fontinalis, bill, billfold, biro, bit, blank endorsement, bleach liquor, blot, blotter, blotting paper, blueprint paper, bond, bond paper, booklet, bookmark, bookmarker, book jacket, book matches, boric acid, brochure, broussonetia, buck, bumf, bumph, burdened, butcher paper, butt, calender, calendered, carbon, carbon copy, carbon paper, carbon process, card, cardboard, carrier bag, carrier electrophoresis, cartouch, cartouche, cartridge paper, caustic soda, cellophane, cereal box, chad, chartaceous, china clay, china stone, chinese lantern, chlorine dioxide, chromatogram, cigaret, cigarette, cigarette paper, cigarillo, cigar band, circular file, clam, co-author, coated, coffee filter, coffin nail, collage, colored, comment, compliment, composition board, comprise, computer paper, confetti, construction paper, contact, corypha umbraculifera, coverage, cracker, cracker bonbon, crepe, crepe paper, crisscross, criticize, crumpled, currency, cursive, cursive script, cut, cut out, cylinder press, cymograph, daisy print wheel, daisy wheel, darkened, decal, decalcomania, deckle, deckle-edged, deckled, deckle edge, defame, discredit, disposable, dixie cup, dollar, dollar bill, done up, doubled, drafting board, draw, drawing board, drawing paper, drinking cup, drinking straw, dunce's cap, dunce cap, dust cover, dust jacket, dust wrapper, editorially, eightvo, electrostatic printer, emery, emery paper, emulsion, endorsement in blank, envelope, even up, facial tissue, fag, featheredged, federal reserve note, fiber, fibre, filter paper, firecracker, flatbed press, flick, flimsy, flow, flypaper, folder, folding money, folio, fool's cap, foolscap, forever, formal, formic acid, fortune cookie, fractional currency, full-page, gem clip, genus argonauta, genus broussonetia, gift wrap, glance, glossy, government note, graph paper, greaseproof, greaseproof paper, greenback, greenback party, guar gum, gum accroides, gypsum board, handcraft, hard copy, hare and hounds, hatch, hoheria populnea, hornet, houhere, hypertext, ignited, incinerate, india paper, insolate, irredeemable, jog, jointly, kakemono, kaolin, kaoline, kite, kleenex, kraft, kraft paper, kymograph, lacebark, laid paper, laser printer, leaflet, leak, ledger paper, lengthwise, letter paper, library paste, linen, linen paper, litmus paper, longhand, mail, manifold, manifold paper, manila, manila hemp, manila paper, manilla, manilla paper, marble, matchbook, mechanical piano, meet, message pad, montage, morsel, mountain birch, musa textilis, music paper, needlepoint, newspaper, newsprint, note, notecase, notepad, notepaper, octavo, octopoda, offset, offset printing, oilpaper, ola, old bullion, olla, one dollar bill, onionskin, on paper, order octopoda, origami, orthoboric acid, overprint, pad, pad of paper, pamphlet, paper-back book, paperback, paperback book, paperclip, paperhanger, paperlike, papermaking, papery, paper bag, paper chain, paper chase, paper chromatography, paper clip, paper cup, paper currency, paper cutter, paper doll, paper electrophoresis, paper fastener, paper feed, paper mill, paper money, paper tape, paper thin, paper tiger, paper towel, paper toweling, paper trail, paper wasp, papier-mache, papyrus, paragraph, parchment, paste, pasteboard, pasted, payslip, pep up, perforate, photographic emulsion, photographic material, photographic paper, photostat, photostat machine, pianola, pitch, plasterboard, plate, platen, player piano, ply, pocketbook, point lace, poke, polistes annularis, porcelain clay, printing, printing process, print over, prosciuto, pulp, pulpwood, pulp magazine, punchboard, punch pliers, pyramid, quality, quarto, queerly, quire, rag, rag paper, ream, redeemer, refine, reliance, reline, ribbon, ribbonwood, rice, rice paper, roll, rolling paper, roll out, roofing paper, rouleau, rubbing, rumpled, running hand, sack, safety match, sail, sal soda, sandpaper, score paper, scrap, scurrilously, shinplaster, shoji, shopping bag, shred, silverpoint, sketchbook, sketch block, sketch pad, skew, slick, slick magazine, slip, slip of paper, snapper, soda, soda ash, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium sulphate, soft-cover, soft-cover book, softback, softback book, specify, spew out, spitball, splice, splicer, splicing, sprocket, square, squarely, square up, staple, stapler, stapling machine, starch, stationery, stink, straight pin, straw, suchlike, sum, summarize, swamp birch, tablet, tag, tag end, talipot, talipot palm, tapa, tape, tappa, tar paper, tatter, tear, tea bag, tendentiously, terra alba, test paper, thermal printer, thomas hart benton, thoughtful, ticker tape, tissue, tissue paper, toilet paper, toilet roll, toilet tissue, torpedo, towel, tracing paper, transfer paper, type, typewriter carriage, typewriter paper, typewriter ribbon, typing paper, uncoated, underlay, unglazed, unsized, unstaple, uptake, vellum, vulcanized fiber, wad, wallet, wallpaper, washing soda, waste, waste-paper basket, wastebasket, wastepaper basket, waste basket, waste paper, watermark, water birch, wax paper, western birch, western paper birch, white pages, wood pulp, worksheet, wove paper, wrap, wrapped, wrapper, wrapping, wrapping paper, writing, writing pad, writing paper, wrong, yellow pages

More general:
article, cover, essay, material, medium, press, product, production, public press, publisher, publishing company, publishing firm, publishing house, stuff

composition, newspaper, newspaper publisher, report, theme, wallpaper

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— Nouns for paper: basket, making, money, office, parcel, mills, tests, edition, test, mill, bag, more...

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