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saccade, instinct, peristalsis, startle reflex, twitching, knee jerk, parasympathetic nervous system, pavlovian, nystagmus, conditioned reflex, semicircular canal, gag reflex, pupillary, eustachian tube, sensory neuron, stimuli, vagus, palpitation, impulse, salivation, valsalva maneuver, somatosensory, autonomic nervous system, countertransference, preconscious, tympanic membrane, habituation, trigeminal, ganglion, expectoration, paresthesia, palpation, fibrillating, triggers, vagal, clumsiness, masseter, palatal, satiation, laryngospasm, stridor, autoregulation, verbalization, kickdown, impulsion, extensor, hyperalgesia, copulatory, ouabain, sweat gland, potentiation, catecholamine, valsalva, hypoxemia, limbic, pineal, baroreceptor, distracter, oculomotor, instinctive reflex, gesticulation, tachypnea, reinforcer, tumescence, vasoconstriction, auricular, recoil, adrenal, auditory, locomotor, supination, excitability, masticatory, respirations, expiratory, epiphenomenon, limbic brain, anterograde, solar plexus, plasmatic, sphincter, stereotypy, cyanosis, bursal, traumatism, repulsion, olfactory nerve, casuistry, elavil, ciliary, exhalation, echolalia, radula, crystalline lens, raphe, hemolytic, nematocysts, reticular formation, asystole, medulla oblongata, palsied, broncho, reflexes, function, pulsation, tonus, excitatory, flexor, stimulus, b., fig, response, stimulator, visceral, blink, mechanism, responses, stimulant, volition, activator, afferent, blinking, vasomotor, convulsive, phasic, expulsive, synergistic, tonic, evoked, arousal, myogenic, neurohumoral, spasmodic, allosteric, anticipatory, autoregulatory, cholinergic, compensatory, homeostatic, hormonal, involuntary

More specific:
accommodation reflex, babinski, babinski reflex, babinski sign, belch, belching, blink, breaking wind, burp, burping, electrical shock, electric shock, eructation, eye blink, fart, farting, flatus, gulp, gulping, hiccough, hiccup, jump, knee-jerk reflex, knee jerk, patellar reflex, plantar reflex, shake, shiver, shock, singultus, start, startle, suckling reflex, tremble, wind

Appears in the definition of:
accommodation reflex, apgar score, areflexia, automatically, belch, belching, blink, blinking, breaking wind, burp, burping, classical conditioning, control, disgorgement, electrical shock, electric shock, emesis, eructation, eye blink, fart, farting, flaccid bladder, flatus, flinch, gag reflex, gooseflesh, goose bump, goose pimple, goose skin, gulp, gulping, hiccough, hiccup, horripilation, knee-jerk reflex, knee jerk, light reflex, miosis, moro reflex, motion, musicogenic epilepsy, mydriasis, myosis, myotactic reflex, nictation, nictitation, nociceptive, patellar reflex, pharyngeal reflex, photogenic epilepsy, physical, pilomotor reflex, plantar reflex, puking, pupillary reflex, reflexly, reflex arc, regurgitation, rooting reflex, shake, sherrington, shiver, shock, singultus, sir charles scott sherrington, startle reflex, stretch reflex, suckling reflex, tactile, tonic, tremble, unconditioned, vomit, vomiting, wince, wind, wink, winking

More general:
reaction, response

automatic, involuntary, physiological reaction, reflexive

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— Nouns for reflex: action, actions, activity, irritation, movements, response, irritability, manner, stimulation, arc, changes, more...

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