Words and phrases whose definition contains reduced:   (184 results)

., air pollution, alleviation, angina, angina pectoris, anguilliformes, aplysia punctata, arginine, assuagement, attenuate, attenuated, attenuation, back burner, basic, blennioid, blennioid fish, blotted out, bookclub, bourguignon, bourguignon sauce, brachyura, brush-footed butterfly, burgundy sauce, canonic, canonical, carbon dioxide acidosis, cataphyll, clement, colobus, colobus monkey, commutation ticket, compensating balance, compressed, concentrate, concentrated, contracted, cremation chamber, crematorium, crematory, crunched, cut, cut-rate sale, cycadales, day return, demand, depopulation, depreciation rate, deterioration, dilute, diluted, dim-sighted, dipteran, dipteron, dipterous insect, dissolved, dutch auction, dynamic balance, earless seal, ecstatic state, eleocharis, ephedra, excursion rate, faded, fog, fogginess, four-footed butterfly, friable, genus eleocharis, government, group insurance, hair seal, half-pay, happy hour, haze, headfish, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, immunodeficiency, impairment, incinerate, irregular, item, joint fir, klinefelter's syndrome, klinefelter syndrome, light beer, liquefied, liquified, maksutov telescope, melt, melt down, meno mosso, microcopy, microdot, microfilm, microscopic, miniature, miniaturisation, miniaturization, minimized, mola, molten, morphallaxis, murk, murkiness, narrowed, near-blind, nephrocalcinosis, net sales, night-sight, night vision, nil, no fault insurance, nymphalid, nymphalid butterfly, obliterate, obliterated, ocean sunfish, order anguilliformes, order apodes, order cycadales, oxidation-reduction indicator, piquet, presbyopia, proportionately, purblind, rate of depreciation, re-afforestation, reduce, reducible, reforestation, relief, religious trance, respiratory acidosis, run, sale, sales event, sand-blind, save, scalelike, scincid, scincid lizard, scotopic vision, season ticket, sea hare, second, second-hand store, sedation, sell off, shock, shriveled, shrivelled, shrunk, shrunken, silenced, simplified, skeleton, skink, slashed, spearfish, special, subjugated, suborder brachyura, sunfish, superoxide, superoxide anion, systematised, systematized, third-class mail, third class, thriftshop, toy, trial-and-error, true seal, tunnel, twilight vision, two-winged insects, unit, unshrinkable, visually challenged, visually impaired, weakened, xxy-syndrome, yosemite, yosemite falls

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