Words and phrases whose definition contains eating:   (214 results)

., abstemiousness, all-devouringa, amblyrhynchus cristatus, anhinga, anorexia, baldwin, banqueting, basal body temperature, basking shark, bee fly, bell magpie, bib, binge, binge-eating syndrome, binge-purge syndrome, binge-vomit syndrome, bluebird, bout, breakfast time, bulimarexia, bulima nervosa, bulimia, bull-snake, bull snake, bunting, bust, cannibalism, caracara, carcharodon, carnivore, caustic, cetorhinus maximus, chinese restaurant syndrome, ciconiiformes, common opossum, conjugal rights, connection, consumption, cook, cooked, cooked-over, coprophagia, coprophagy, corrosive, crapulent, crapulous, crockery, curd, currawong, cutlery, cynopterus sphinx, darter, delicious, dessert apple, devoured, didelphis marsupialis, didelphis virginiana, diner, dining, dip, discina macrospora, dishware, diver, donner pass, dunk, dunker, dusicyon, eat, eaten upp, eating apple, eating disorder, eating utensil, eat up, empire, engorgement, erosive, fairy bluebird, fast, favism, feasting, fib, finish, fish duck, fish knife, fix, flatware, fork, gastritis, gastronomy, gavial, gavialis gangeticus, genus carcharodon, genus dusicyon, geophagia, geophagy, get down, glutton, gluttony, golden delicious, gourmand, grasshopper, green corn, guacharo, gula, honey bear, hopper, hypericism, ingestion, insectivore, intake, june beetle, june bug, keep, kill, kinkajou, leftover, leptoptilus crumeniferus, loon, luncheon meeting, luncher, lunching, lunchtime, lunch meeting, lunch period, make, marabou, marabout, marabou stork, marine iguana, may beetle, may bug, meal, mealybug, mealy bug, merganser, messy, mess kit, milk chocolate, milk sickness, mime, mushroom poisoning, muzzle, myositis trichinosa, oilbird, omophagia, opisthorchiasis, order ciconiiformes, overeating, pelecaniform seabird, percina tanasi, pica, pippin, polish off, potos caudivolvulus, potos flavus, potto, power breakfast, prepare, prima, rat snake, raw, ready, red delicious, reheated, repellent, repletion, rind, salad fork, salad green, salad greens, salmonellosis, sapraemia, sapremia, sawbill, scatophagy, sensual, service area, sheldrake, silver, snack food, snail darter, snakebird, social phobia, soupspoon, soup spoon, spatchcock, spork, stayman winesap, steak knife, steatornis caripensis, sugar corn, sup, surfeit, swallow, sweet corn, sweet corn plant, tablefork, table knife, tapeworm infection, tear, toucan, tradeoff, trembles, trencherman, trichiniasis, trichinosis, uptake, vitriolic, warmed-over, whey, yellow delicious, zea mays rugosa, zea saccharata

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