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., alcoholic dementia, alcohol amnestic disorder, alternator, anorak, antisocial personality disorder, anxiety disorder, arithmetic progression, arson, asian, assurance, baas, baby, batting average, bayou, bedlamite, begetter, biscuit, bitter, blate, blighty, boarder, bobby, boot, bordered, bosky, bother, bourn, bourne, bovinae, bovini, boy, bozo, britches, broad, brother, brush, bug, buirdly, bulb, burg, burst, bushwhacker, busted, busy, caff, caffer, caffre, caller, cannabidaceae, capital expenditure, case, casimir funk, cat, categorem, categorematic, categoreme, causa, cause, censured, chapman, charter, chicken hawk, chlamys, clash, cloning, closet queen, cobber, colored, colored person, commercial paper, compere, comrade, comte donatien alphonse francois de sade, conceptualism, conk, contextual definition, cookie, cooky, corporate, cow, creature, critter, cub, currency, dad, dada, daddy, darkey, darkie, darky, dazedly, deep, degree, degree of a polynomial, degree of a term, denotative, deposit account, depression, de sade, direct, disclosed, discovered, disturbance, division schizophyta, dog, doghouse, domestic partner, dump, dysphemistic, economic crisis, eczema, effendi, encounter, engage, engaged, estrogen, euphemistic, exaugural, explicit, explicit definition, family cannabidaceae, fanny adams, father, fed, female parent, final, final exam, final examination, fingerprint, fire-raising, first cranial nerve, floral envelope, flustered, folie, freelance, full-term, full term, fund, funk, gal, ganef, ganof, gen, genus hypopitys, geometric progression, germ, glistering, gonif, goniff, gringo, guy, half-term, hangover, hard time, harry s truman, harry truman, hat, hemp family, hen hawk, high-rise, hillbilly, hire, holdover, hold over, hombre, home loan bank, hooke, hoosegow, hoosgow, horseless carriage, hot and botheredp, houseman, hyperalimentation, hypopitys, incompetent cervix, incumbency, indenture, independent, inhalator, intern, interne, inverse, inversion, invertebrate, in usep, iron horse, jirga, junior, kaffir, kafir, key, korsakoff's psychosis, korsakoff's syndrome, korsakov's psychosis, korsakov's syndrome, lad, laddie, lager, lager beer, lawsuit, lease, let, libido, life, lifer, life sentence, limicolae, linin, long-term, macushla, mahatma, major premise, major premiss, major term, male parent, mammy, marquis de sade, master plan, mate, mearstone, medical intern, medulla, medulla oblongata, meerestone, mental disorder, mental disturbance, mental measurement, merestone, microbe, middle term, midterm, midterm exam, midterm examination, milord, minge, minor premise, minor premiss, minor term, missis, missus, money market, mongrel, moo-cow, mothball, mother, mountie, muhammadanism, mull, multivariate analysis, myriapod, nerve entrapment, nervii olfactorii, neurotic depression, nominalism, nuclease, oestrogen, old boy, old man, olfactory nerve, onomatopoetic, operating capital, order picariae, order raptores, orthoepy, ostensive definition, oxbridge, pa, padre, paleface, papa, pappa, parka, parky, pater, peeper, perianth, perigone, perigonium, perturbed, phobia, phobic disorder, picariae, pit, placeman, placeseeker, poet, pokey, polyneuritic psychosis, pom, pommy, pony, poor white, poor white trash, pop, popery, predicate, president truman, preterit, preterite, prime interest rate, prison term, psychological disorder, psychopathic personality, ptomaine, ptomaine poisoning, quarry, raptores, rattled, reciprocal, recursion, reduce, referent, rehearsal, relatum, relinquish, rent, respirator, revealed, robert hooke, rock, rock'n'roll, ruptured, sade, sahib, sassenach, sausage dog, sausage hound, schizophyta, school term, scottish, scribbling block, self-employed person, sensitize, sexual inversion, shaheed, shegetz, shiksa, shikse, short-term, shuteye, signally, significant other, sir, sirrah, sister, skint, skirmish, slump, sociopathic personality, sod, sonny, sonny boy, spousal equivalent, spouse equivalent, spring break, steam bath, steam room, sticks and stone, stink, stone pit, strand, street name, style, subfamily bovinae, subject, suborder limicolae, subsumption, suit, sunroof, sunshine-roof, superclass myriapoda, supermom, surrogate mother, swimming bath, switch-hitter, syncategorem, syncategorematic, syncategoreme, synecdoche, t-bill, take, tenure, termer, terminal, terminated, term insurance, term of office, term paper, tetanus antitoxin, tetanus immune globulin, tetanus immunoglobulin, tiddler, time deposit account, tin can, title, total parenteral nutrition, tower block, tpn, transcortical aphasia, traveled, treasury bill, tree hugger, tribe bovini, truman, tup, undefined, unexpired, unjust, vac, vapor bath, vapour bath, vernacular, walled, wash-hand stand, washstand, white trash, wight, windbreaker, windcheater, wog, yellow man, yellow woman, youngster

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