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pointless, unpointed

Often used in the same context:
noted, opined, emphasized, explained, remarked, stressed, lamented, cited, alluded, suggested, contended, argued, asserted, lashed, stated, said, acknowledged, posited, mentioned, spelled, surmised, singling, concurred, intimated, elaborated, observes, highlighted, referring, indicated, zeroed, chided, insinuated, bemoaned, concluded, insisted, cautioned, wrote, reminded, hinted, blurted, carried, ruled, sketched, harped, averred, questioned, retorted, speculated, clarified, praised, fleshes, theorized, told, disagreed, extolled, eked, quipped, chalked, gestured, blasted, lauded, warned, concedes, underlined, expounded, trotted, panned, attributed, decried, enumerated, figured, downplayed, interjected, dished, reiterated, rapped, admonished, citied, believes, described, recounted, ferreted, attested, waved, lambasted, spoke, faulted, adduces, mused, commented, turned, likened, testified, complimented, claimed, wondered, pulled, criticizes, scoffed, termed, glaring, complained, pound, storey, passenger, tenths, digit, gallon, old, ounce, pounder, carbon, cents, dimensional, dof, five, footer, hundred, inch, seater, toothed, 2s, blunt, sharppointed, tipped, hooked, spatulate, curved, sharpened, blunted, stubby, blunter, obtuse, peaked, rounded, truncate, barbed, forked, round, edged, pointing, squarish

Appears in the definition of:
., abies bracteata, abies venusta, acerate, acerose, acicular, aculeus, aegilops triuncalis, alisma plantago-aquatica, anhinga, apiculate, argyroxiphium sandwicense, arrowhead, artfully, athrotaxis selaginoides, awl, barb, bead tree, begonia heracleifolia, bit, black bead, bodkin, bore, bow, bristlecone fir, butcher's broom, california white oak, canine, canine tooth, canoe, cat's-claw, catclaw, cavalla, cero, chinese checkers, chinese chequers, church key, collinsonia canadensis, comb, couchantip, cuckoo, cuspid, dagger, dart, darter, denticle, dibber, dibble, dogtooth, drawback, drill, drop arch, electronic stylus, eyetooth, eye tooth, falcon, faun, four-centered arch, fox, fraise, fringe-toed lizard, glareole, goad, goateed, goat grass, gothic, gothic arch, gothic architecture, green arrow arum, gull, hakea leucoptera, hastate, hastate leaf, heavenward, horseshoe crab, horseweed, horse balm, jacks, jackstones, jack oak, japanese tree lilac, jumby bean, jumby tree, keel arch, kelpie, king crab, king mackerel, king william pine, kite, knife, knife thrust, knitting needle, lamna nasus, lance, lancelike, lanceolate, lancet, lancet arch, laniary, larix occidentalis, light pen, limulus polyphemus, lobata, magen david, marlinespike, marlingspike, marlinspike, martin, matricaria matricarioides, meat hook, mihrab, mogen david, mouse, nail, needle, needle-shaped, needle-wood, needlewood, needle wood, nematode, nematode worm, northern pin oak, ogee arch, order lobata, oregon larch, ormosia monosperma, pair of tongs, paraphysis, peltandra virginica, pembroke, pembroke welsh corgi, pencil, pick, pickax, pickaxe, pin, pinched, pinch bar, pineapple weed, pithecellodium unguis-cati, plover, point, pointed-toe, pointed arch, pointy-toed, porbeagle, pratincole, pricker, prickle, prod, prong, puncture, quercus ellipsoidalis, quercus lobata, rasp, rayless chamomile, razorback, reassuringly, richweed, rigger, rigger brush, roble, rorqual, roundworm, ruscus aculeatus, sandgrouse, sand grouse, santa lucia fir, scomberomorus cavalla, scratch awl, scribe, scriber, seagull, sea gull, shaft, shield of david, silversword, snakebird, solomon's seal, spanish bayonet, spear, spearhead-shaped, spearnose bat, spicule, spiculum, spike, spiked, spine, spiny lizard, spitz, spur, stab, stabbed, star-leaf begonia, star begonia, star of david, stick, sticker, stone-root, stoneroot, stone root, straightforward, straight pin, style, stylus, syringa amurensis japonica, syringa reticulata, talipes calcaneus, talipes equinus, thorn, thornbill, thrust, tip, tongs, tooth shell, trefoil arch, tuckahoe, tudor arch, tusk, tusk shell, uma notata, valley oak, valley white oak, vandyke, vandyke beard, water plantain, western larch, western tamarack, wood file, xiphosurus polyphemus, yucca baccata

acanthoid, acanthous, acerate, acerose, acicular, acuate, acuminate, acute, apiculate, arrow-shaped, barreled, barrelled, bladelike, cigar-shaped, direct, ensiform, fusiform, hastate, lancelike, lanceolate, needle-shaped, nibbed, peaked, pyramidal, sagittate, sagittiform, sharp, sharpened, spearhead-shaped, spiked, spindle-shaped, spinous, sword-shaped, swordlike, tapered, tapering, tiptoe

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— Nouns for pointed: arches, arch, star, end, beard, nose, ends, ears, stick, teeth, chin, more...

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