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they, him, themselves, their, those, ourselves, yourselves, others, somebody, anybody, people, these, ones, all, anyone, kids, theirs, someone, everybody, whatever, everyone, guys, things, our, emotionalize, whoever, kinds, way, whomever, iif, nobody, malinger, husbands, some, strangers, oneself, need, everything, each, ourself, your, dehorn, can, backbite, righto, wecan, out, fellahs, themself, anything, the, something, children, ought, families, vice versa, thier, stuff, bunch, what, without, willy nilly, chance, youngsters, individuals, beforehand, whom, electioneer, wives, crap, parents, grandkids, outsiders, fathers, hope, rest, but, her, en masse, mothers, lot, pets, samaritans, back, criminals, bairns, unbelievers, perfectness, selves, handfuls, rootbound, scarper, damn, locals, wish, human beings, maddog, thos, folks, idiots, burdon, should, this, yourself, now, that, it, me, there, 3sg, from, lost, another, away, go, ibid, joe, let, wild, amongst, dese, dirty, dozen, handsomest, plenty, wilde, yer, yore, finest, footed, halfdozen, legged, looking, old, picked, potted, raggedy, shriveled

Appears in the definition of:
., 3rd october organization, 9-11, 9/11, abandonment, abstruse, abuse, accompaniment, adapid, adapid group, aeolian harp, aeolian lyre, affinity, airdrop, akhenaten, akhenaton, alchemy, alcoholize, alien absconder, allies, along, alps, amenhotep iv, anise, anise plant, antibiosis, anticipation, apocrypha, approval, araujia sericofera, archerfish, armchair liberal, armenian secret army for the liberation of armenia, asala, ashore, astatic coils, astereognosis, atrioventricular bundle, atrioventricular node, atrioventricular trunk, augean stables, avail, babel, badge, bang, batfowl, bearing, best, bifurcation, biofeedback, biopiracy, blackmailer, blind date, blind man, blind person, body snatcher, bond, bookend, book of exodus, bordeaux, bordeaux wine, bowling, bow and arrow, bread, brewing, brooding, bruise, budget, bugaboo, bullying, bundle of his, bunt, candid, candle, cane, card, caster, castor, cat, cavity wall, central powers, ceramicist, ceramist, cheap shot, check, chemical attraction, chicane, chicanery, chintzily, chloroform, civil, clearance, cli, cloche, closing, cloud chamber, co-opt, code, collateral fraud, command line interface, commonwealth, common touch, computed axial tomography, computed tomography, computerized axial tomography, computerized tomography, concentrated, confinement, congratulation, connective tissue, consciously, corresponding, coulomb's law, covenant, cowage, crate, crenation, crenature, crenel, crenelle, cronyism, cruel plant, ct, cutting, cutworm, cut in, dalton's law, damon and pythias, dampener, de-escalate, dehumanize, deliberation, democracy, despitefully, development, dictionary, digger wasp, dimorphism, direct, direction, disadvantageously, discharge, dish, dish rack, dismissal, dismission, disqualification, disservice, dogfight, double glazing, dowel, dowel pin, dravidian, early warning system, ebb, economic strangulation, edward jenner, endlessly, engraving, epiplexis, epistle of jeremiah, escort, eskimo, esquimau, etching, etruscan, evil, excretory organ, exhaust manifold, exodus, exploitation, extortioner, extortionist, extrinsic fraud, faller, fall of man, fascinated, fat, fatalism, fatigue, fatty tissue, fearless, film editing, financial institution, financial organisation, financial organization, firing, flash butt welding, flash welding, flexion, flexure, flooding, force, forklift, freelance, friction clutch, fusillade, gag, get, ghoul, glottis, gram, graverobber, gravitation, gravitational theory, guile, guise, haber-bosch process, haber process, haemorrhoidectomy, haman, hans c. j. gram, hardly, hare and hounds, header, hearing, heat exchanger, hemorrhoidectomy, hide-and-seek, hide and go seek, high finance, hoarder, hold, home-school, homogenised, homogenized, hormone-replacement therapy, hormone replacement therapy, host, hrt, html, hunt, hyades, hypertext mark-up language, hypertext markup language, ikhanaton, image, impartially, implosion therapy, importune, incline, incubation, incurious, incurring, independent, indifferent, inferior vocal cord, inferior vocal fold, initialisation, initialization, intimidation, inuit, invite, io, ion pump, iseult, isolate, jaeger, jean de la fontaine, jenner, joggle, keyboard buffer, kidnapping, kidney, kindergarten, knacker, laboriously, lachrymator, lacrimator, laocoon, lapidarist, lapidary, lap joint, law of gravitation, law of multiple proportions, la fontaine, lead off, lethe, letter of jeremiah, lexicon, liberation, liquidate, liquidator, loan participation, lost-and-found, lottery, loud pedal, love, low-level formatting, magi, malpractice, match, menage a trois, metric, metric function, mineralogy, moluccas, monitor, monitoring device, monstrous, mujahidin, murderously, muzzle, mystification, nail enamel, nail polish, nail varnish, namedrop, needful, nepotism, newton's law of gravitation, newton's theory of gravitation, niger-kordofanian, niger-kordofanian language, nim, nonproprietary, nonrestrictive, nude mouse, number, obfuscation, occultism, ohm, omomyid, omomyid group, opsonin, organization, organophosphate nerve agent, orly group, ouster, ousting, overfamiliar, overmuch, oversew, own goal, paintball, paleography, paparazzo, paper chase, parboil, participation financing, participation loan, pattern, pavement artist, penelope, pension, pertinently, philanderer, phintias, pimpinella anisum, pioneer, placidly, plasticiser, plasticizer, pleiades, pole, pollard, possibly, post, postpose, potter, presumptuousness, prisoner's base, probation, processor, procrustes, propositional calculus, propositional logic, psychologically, purkinje's system, purkinje's tissue, purkinje network, pyramid scheme, pythias, radical chic, raftered, railroad flat, reaction formation, readiness, realist, reality, receiver, redeployment, redisposition, release, rendezvous, repression, republic, republican, resuscitation, return, ricer, ride herd, rights issue, rights offering, right of search, ring containment, riot act, river lethe, romulus, sack, sacking, sameness, samson, sandman, sandwich, santiago, santiago de cuba, scallop, sclerometer, scramble, scratch test, scrum, scrummage, search and destroy mission, search and rescue mission, search warrant, seizer, self-employed person, selloff, sendero luminoso, sept. 11, september 11, sep 11, service, set, shake hands, shanghaier, shenanigan, shining path, ship-breaker, short division, short sale, short selling, shredder, shrewd, skidpan, sl, slather, snare, snatch, sound, spacing, spandrel, spandril, spark gap, spatial arrangement, speech, spice islands, spitefully, splice, spurious correlation, stapler, stapling machine, steam turbine, step, stratification, strip search, superfund site, surface lift, suspend, sustaining pedal, sweetener, sweetening, swing, sword dance, sword dancing, sympathy, t-network, tacker, tactile agnosia, tan, teargas, tear gas, tease, tell, test pilot, that much, theory of gravitation, theory of gravity, thereness, thermal pollution, the alps, thrower, ticket-of-leave, ticket tout, tiddlywinks, tie up, tilletia caries, tinning, titration, tone, touch, touching, tout, tower of babel, toxic site, toxic waste area, toxotes jaculatrix, to a t, train set, transitivize, transmigrante, trickery, tristan, tristram, true, true vocal cord, true vocal fold, truncus atrioventricularis, type, unafraidp, unawares, unchanged, undrained, urbanize, urinary organ, using, valkyrie, victimisation, victimization, vile, vivarium, vulcanisation, vulcanization, wallop, webcam, wedge, welder, well, wile, wilson cloud chamber, window, wind bells, wind chimes, wind harp, wise men, womaniser, womanizer, workbook, wrangle, x-linked scid, x-scid, yalu river

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