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Words and phrases whose definition contains book:   (547 results)

., 1 esdras, 1 maccabees, 2 esdras, 2 maccabees, 4to, 8vo, abdias, acclaim, acknowledgment, acts, acts of the apostles, additions to esther, adopt, aggeus, album, amos, annalistic, annual, answer, apocalypse, appear, appendix, appointment book, appointment calendar, appropriate, arrive, art, artwork, atlas, authority, autograph, autographed, au courant, back, back matter, baldly, barn spider, bartlett, baruch, bastard title, bed, belong, bel and the dragon, ben sira, bestiary, best seller, better-known, bible, binding, block, blurb, bookish, booklet, bookmark, bookmarker, bookplate, bookworm, book agent, book binding, book jacket, book lung, book of amos, book of baruch, book of common prayer, book of daniel, book of deuteronomy, book of ecclesiastes, book of esther, book of exodus, book of ezekiel, book of ezra, book of facts, book of genesis, book of habakkuk, book of haggai, book of hosea, book of isaiah, book of jeremiah, book of job, book of joel, book of jonah, book of joshua, book of judges, book of judith, book of lamentations, book of leviticus, book of malachi, book of maps, book of micah, book of nahum, book of nehemiah, book of numbers, book of obadiah, book of proverbs, book of psalms, book of revelation, book of ruth, book of susanna, book of the prophet daniel, book of tobit, book of zachariah, book of zephaniah, book review, book up, bradford, break, breviary, bring out, brochure, broken-backed, by fits and starts, call mark, call number, canonic, canonical, canticles, canticle of canticles, capital, capital stock, carnegie, carry, cartoon strip, casebook, catalog, catalogue, catechism, caxton, chaffy, chagrined, chance, checkbook, chequebook, chiliasm, clear, co-author, coffee-table book, colophon, coloring book, colossians, comfort woman, comic strip, comment, commentary, commingle, compendious, compilation, compiling, concisely, concordance, condense, contentious, continuation, contributor, cookbook, cookery book, copybook, corrigenda, cover, creationism, creation science, critical review, critique, curtailment, cut, dale carnegie, daniel, das kapital, deal, dedicate, dedication, deprecatory, description, deuteronomy, dictionary, dig, digest, diptych, discursive, discussion, distribute, drawing, dry, dust cover, dust jacket, dust wrapper, easily, ecclesiastes, ecclesiasticus, economic, edit, edition, effort, eightvo, emily post, emily price post, enchiridion, end matter, enthralling, entitled, ephesians, episodic, epistle of james, epistle of jeremiah, epistle of jude, epistle of paul the apostle to philemon, epistle of paul the apostle to the colossians, epistle of paul the apostle to the ephesians, epistle of paul the apostle to the galatians, epistle of paul the apostle to the philippians, epistle of paul the apostle to the romans, epistle of paul the apostle to titus, epistle to philemon, epistle to the colossians, epistle to the ephesians, epistle to the galatians, epistle to the hebrews, epistle to the philippians, epistle to the romans, epistle to titus, epitome, error, esther, evening prayer, evensong, excused, exodus, ex libris, ezechiel, ezekiel, ezra, facing pages, fake book, favorite, fierily, finger, first epistle of paul the apostle to the corinthians, first epistle of paul the apostle to the thessalonians, first epistle of paul the apostle to timothy, first epistle of peter, first epistle to the corinthians, first epistle to the thessalonians, first epistle to timothy, flick, flip, flyleaf, folder, foldout, foliate, folio, foreword, formulary, fowler, fox talbot, frontispiece, front matter, full-page, futurist, galatians, gatefold, genesis, gilt-edged, gradual, graphic, graphics, habacuc, habakkuk, haggai, half binding, half title, handbook, hardback, hardcover, haste, hebrews, henry oscar houghton, henry watson fowler, holograph, hosea, houghton, ii corinthians, ii esdras, ii maccabees, ii peter, ii thessalonians, ii timothy, illumination, illustrate, immodestly, impact, imprint, index, indictment, indifferent, inordinate, inscription, insinuatingly, instruction book, interleaf, interleave, introuvable, in particular, isaiah, i corinthians, i esdra, i maccabees, i peter, i thessalonians, i timothy, james, jeremiah, job, joel, john, john bartlett, john the divine, john the evangelist, jonah, joshua, josue, journal, jude, judges, judith, juiceless, lamentations, leaf, leaflet, lepisma saccharina, letters, letter of jeremiah, levitical, leviticus, lexicon, logbook, lucidly, luridly, malachi, malachias, manuscript, map collection, market, meretricious, micah, micheas, millenarianism, millenniumism, miniature, minute book, missal, missing, mormonism, morocco, mysteriously, nahum, naomi, nb, nehemiah, new edition, noah, noemi, notebook, novel, now and again, numbers, obadiah, octavo, order book, outline, overemphasize, page, paginate, pamphlet, paper-back book, paperback, paperback book, paste-up, pedant, pharmacopeia, philemon, philippians, phrase book, picture book, piratical, piratically, playbook, plot line, pocketbook, pocket book, pocket edition, portray, post, prayerbook, prayer book, prayer of azariah and song of the three children, preface, prelims, presentism, presentist, pressmark, preterist, prolusion, prominent, proverbs, psalm, psalmist, psalms, putdownable, quarto, rambling, rebind, redundant, reference, reference book, reference work, register, registered, reissue, replace, represent, reprint, reprinting, restitution, revelation, revelation of saint john the divine, review, review article, review copy, riff, riffle, robert's rules of order, romans, rubric, rubricate, running head, running headline, running title, ruth, sabaoth, saint john, saint john the apostle, salesmanship, scholastic, schoolbook, school text, second epistle of paul the apostle to the corinthians, second epistle of paul the apostle to the thessalonians, second epistle of paul the apostle to timothy, second epistle of peter, second epistle to the corinthians, second epistle to the thessalonians, second epistle to timothy, sequel, sequester, serious, service book, shocking, shortly, sibylline, signature, silverfish, sirach, sketch, sketchbook, sketch block, sketch pad, slam, slating, soft-cover, soft-cover book, softback, softback book, songbook, song of solomon, song of songs, sophonias, source book, spread, spreadhead, spread head, st. john, st. john the apostle, stimulate, stop, storyline, strip, sui generis, suppression, susanna, synonym finder, talbot, talking book, tenure, tersely, text, textbook, text edition, thesaurus, thought-provoking, through, thumb, thumb index, ticket book, title page, titus, tobit, tome, trade book, trade edition, treasure trove, treat, trend, truly, turn, typeset, unaccountably, unbound, uncharacteristic, uncharacteristic of, uncut, unended, unputdownable, unrevised, uppermost, upset, utopia, vade mecum, wallop, well, wieldy, william bradford, william caxton, william henry fox talbot, wisdom, wisdom of jesus the son of sirach, wisdom of solomon, wordbook, workbook, workmanlike, worthwhile, write-down, write-off, yearbook, yellow, zacharias, zechariah, zephaniah

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