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., accent, adult tooth, advent, afters, age of mammals, age of man, alcoholic dementia, alcohol amnestic disorder, alpha, alpha and omega, antepenultimate, apocalypse, apostle of the gentiles, apostle paul, appear, appeaser, attack, at home, at long last, back, balkan wars, bar, battle of wake, battle of wake island, bear on, bed, big spender, bind off, booby prize, book of revelation, bottom, bottom line, but, cabin car, caboose, camp meeting, carjack, carnassial tooth, carry on, cast off, catalexis, cenozoic, cenozoic era, ch'ing, ch'ing dynasty, close, closer, closing, closing price, compliment, complin, compline, conclusion, constitution, continue, convene, corinthian order, corpus geniculatum mediale, cotacachi, crack of doom, crash, crescent, crest, croesus, cut, days, day of judgement, day of judgment, day of reckoning, deathbed, dec, december, december 31, decoration day, despair, desperate, dessert, dies irae, doomsday, drag on, drag out, drain the cup, draw out, dream, drink up, eight ball, emperor francis ii, end, end-to-end, ending, endure, end of the world, estates general, etna, eucharist, eucharistic liturgy, exception, exocentric, expire, extend, fag end, fight, finalise, finalize, final period, finisher, first and last, first trimester, flat, flecainide, forlorn, fortnight, francis ii, frenziedly, front, frumpish, fugue, fuji, fuji-san, fujinoyama, fujiyama, funeral-residence, funeral chapel, funeral church, funeral home, funeral parlor, funeral parlour, go, gospel according to john, grail, guallatiri, hale, half-moon, harold ii, heliac, heliacal, henry iii, heroic, hold out, hold up, holocene, holocene epoch, holy eucharist, holy grail, holy sacrament, holy saturday, holy thursday, host, howard hughes, howard robard hughes, huainaputina, hughes, hurdle, information age, in the nick of time, iron age, james ii, john, judgement day, judgment day, just in time, kalki, kandy, key, khalsa, king harold ii, klyuchevskaya, korsakoff's psychosis, korsakoff's syndrome, korsakov's psychosis, korsakov's syndrome, last-ditch, last-minute, last day, last gasp, last judgement, last judgment, last laugh, last mentioned, last mile, last minute, last not least, last quarter, last respects, last word, lattera, lead, leftovers, letter-perfect, like, lingeringly, little bighorn, little bighorn river, little horn, liturgy, live, live on, lord's supper, loss, louis le faineant, louis v, lowest, lucius tarquinius superbus, manchu, manchu dynasty, mardi gras, maundy, maundy thursday, medial geniculate body, memorial day, modification, montezuma ii, month, monthlong, mood, moribund, mount etna, mount fuji, mount vesuvius, mt. vesuvius, mt etna, mug, naegele's rule, nail down, nathan hale, naturalize, new year's eve, next-to-last, nicholas ii, nim, nth, omega, ordain, orphan, out, outwear, oxytone, palaeolithic, paleolithic, paleolithic age, pancake day, paragraph, parousia, paroxytone, paul, paul the apostle, penult, penultima, penultimate, periodic sentence, permanent tooth, peter stuyvesant, petrus stuyvesant, plaintively, play, plow, polyneuritic psychosis, preserve, priam, program, prolong, protract, pull, purace, push-down queue, put, qing, qing dynasty, quantum leap, quarter, quaternary, quaternary period, raise, rbi, rear, receding, recent epoch, red, red-eye, regurgitate, reheat, relaxin, remove, resort, retrace, revelation, revelation of saint john the divine, rhyme, rigor mortis, rime, riss glaciation, rondeau, rondo, saale glaciation, sabbatum, sacrament of the eucharist, sadly, saint paul, sangay, sangraal, sat, saturday, saul, saul of tarsus, scene, score, second advent, second coming, second coming of christ, semi, semifinal, settle, sexual immorality, shelf life, shrove tuesday, sigeh, sleep, special, st. paul, stem, stop press, strip, stumble, stuyvesant, supreme, surrender, survive, swallow, sweet, tail, tail end, tambocor, tarquin, tarquinius, tarquinius superbus, tarquin the proud, taste, teliospore, terminate, think, thrice, throughout, tie up, top, tour de france, trace, transpire, truth, tupungatito, twofold, ultimate, umpteenth, umptieth, umteenth, unattractively, unblock, underperform, undeservedly, unforgivingly, unheralded, unindebted, upbeat, uphold, vesuvius, wear, wisdom tooth, wish, wolstonian glaciation, word-perfect

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