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Words and phrases whose definition contains president:   (444 results)

., aaron burr, abbott lawrence lowell, aberrate, abraham lincoln, account, achmad sukarno, adams, administration, advice and consent, airwave, alben barkley, alben william barkley, al gore, amenable, andrew d. white, andrew dickson white, andrew jackson, andrew johnson, anwar el-sadat, anwar sadat, approach, arrange, arthur, arthur schlesinger, assume, assurance, attorney general, baby doc, barkley, barricade, begin, benjamin harrison, benjamin west, bill clinton, booth, brezhnev, brief, buchanan, budget, burr, bush, bush administration, calvin coolidge, camp david, caretaker, caricature, carter, carter administration, central intelligence agency, ceo, ceremonially, chaim azriel weizmann, chaim weizmann, chester a. arthur, chester alan arthur, chiang chung-cheng, chiang kai-shek, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chokehold, cia, clerihew, cleveland, clinton, clinton administration, colin luther powell, colin powell, commander in chief, conceive of, confirm, confirmation hearing, connect, consequence, coolidge, council of economic advisors, council on environmental policy, counterdemonstration, cover, crane, davis, debs, declare, defenestrate, defense information systems agency, de valera, direct, disa, disassociate, dissolve, domestically, dubya, dubyuh, duvalier, dwight d. eisenhower, dwight david eisenhower, dwight eisenhower, eamon de valera, eas, eisenhower, electoral college, emergency alert system, eminence grise, envision, eugene v. debs, eugene victor debs, ex-president, execute, executive clemency, executive vice president, ex officio, f. d. roosevelt, face-to-face, fdr, february 12, fillmore, finnbogadottir, first strike, fish bowl, fond, ford, francois maurice marie mitterand, francois mitterand, franklin delano roosevelt, franklin pierce, franklin roosevelt, game plan, garfield, george bush, george h.w. bush, george herbert walker bush, george meany, george w. bush, george walker bush, george washington, gerald ford, gerald r. ford, gerald rudolph ford, get away, goldfish bowl, gompers, gore, grant, green, greet, grover cleveland, hancock, harding, harrison, harry s truman, harry truman, havel, hayes, head, helm, henry alfred kissinger, henry kissinger, henry laurens, herbert clark hoover, herbert hoover, hindenburg, hiram ulysses grant, hoffa, hold, homeland security, home run, hoover, hosni mubarak, huntington, hutchins, ike, inaugural, inaugural address, inauguration, inauguration day, induct, install, invested, invested with, jackson, jack kennedy, james a. garfield, james abraham garfield, james buchanan, james earl carter, james garfield, james k. polk, james knox polk, james madison, james monroe, james polk, james riddle hoffa, january 20, jean-claude duvalier, jefferson, jefferson davis, jfk, jimmy carter, jimmy hoffa, johnson, john adams, john fitzgerald kennedy, john hancock, john l. lewis, john llewelly lewis, john mitchell, john quincy adams, john tyler, john wilkes booth, john witherspoon, joint chiefs, joint chiefs of staff, jomo kenyata, juan domingo peron, kaunda, kennedy, kenneth david kaunda, kenneth kaunda, kenyata, khama, kill, kissinger, know, kurt waldheim, labor secretary, laurens, lbj, leaker, lee harvey oswald, leonid brezhnev, leonid ilyich brezhnev, lewis, like, lincoln, lincoln's birthday, loop, lowell, lyndon baines johnson, lyndon johnson, madison, make way, mandela, martin van buren, mckinley, meany, memorialize, menachem begin, millard fillmore, mimic, mitchell, mitterand, model, monroe, mubarak, national academy of sciences, national security council, nelson mandela, nelson rolihlahla mandela, new deal, next, nixon, nominate, norman mattoon thomas, norman thomas, now, nsc, occasion, offensively, office of homeland security, office of management and budget, old hickory, omb, orderly, oswald, oval office, paul ludwig von beneckendorff und von hindenburg, paul von hindenburg, permanent, peron, philippine, pierce, pleasure, point man, polk, powell, predicate, preside, presidency, presidential, presidential directive, presidential term, presidentship, president abraham lincoln, president adams, president andrew johnson, president arthur, president benjamin harrison, president buchanan, president bush, president carter, president cleveland, president clinton, president coolidge, president eisenhower, president fillmore, president ford, president franklin roosevelt, president garfield, president george w. bush, president grant, president harding, president harrison, president hayes, president hoover, president jefferson, president johnson, president john adams, president john f. kennedy, president john quincy adams, president kennedy, president lincoln, president lyndon johnson, president madison, president mckinley, president monroe, president nixon, president pierce, president polk, president reagan, president roosevelt, president taft, president taylor, president theodore roosevelt, president truman, president tyler, president van buren, president washington, president william henry harrison, president wilson, property, protest, pro tem, putin, raise, rate, reagan, reagan administration, reproach, republic, repudiation, residence, revolutionary united front, reynolds, richard m. nixon, richard milhous nixon, richard nixon, road map, robert maynard hutchins, roll, ronald reagan, ronald wilson reagan, roosevelt, ruf, rumor, rutherford b. hayes, rutherford birchard hayes, saclant, sadat, salvation, samuel gompers, samuel huntington, savage, schlesinger, secretary of the interior, senior vice president, sir joshua reynolds, sir seretse khama, slate, snap, soft-pedal, spin, staffer, staff member, standee, state, stephen grover cleveland, stillborn, stonewall, suborn, substantiate, successor, sukarno, support, supreme allied commander atlantic, taft, take office, taylor, teflon, theodore roosevelt, theodore roosevelt memorial national park, thomas, thomas jefferson, thomas woodrow wilson, track record, truman, truman doctrine, tyler, ulysses grant, ulysses s. grant, ulysses simpson grant, unconstitutionally, uncover, unearth, uniformed, united states cabinet, united states trade representative, us cabinet, us trade representative, vaclav havel, van buren, veto, vice-presidential, vice president, vigdis finnbogadottir, vladimir putin, vladimir vladimirovich putin, waldheim, warren gamaliel harding, warren harding, washington, weizmann, west, whisk, white, white house, william green, william henry harrison, william howard taft, william jefferson clinton, william mckinley, wilson, witherspoon, woodrow wilson, zachary taylor

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