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Often used in the same context:
assault, bombing, suicide bombing, counterattack, ambush, raid, blasts, onslaught, attackers, bomb blast, incursion, counterstrike, massacre, rampage, airstrike, incident, bombardment, atrocity, offensive, explosion, hijacking, strikes, killing, threat, mauling, scare, assassination, uss cole, firefight, firebomb, carnage, retaliation, melee, shootings, siege, gunfight, suicide, counteroffensive, bombers, invasion, stabbing, blitzkrieg, slaying, provocation, offense, bloodbath, antiaircraft fire, barrage, clashes, outburst, psyop, aggression, defense, crash, skirmish, suicide bomber, confrontation, defeat, seige, assaulter, sucker punch, repulse, firing, mortaring, collision, against, highjacking, assailants, knifing, terror, crackdown, brazen, accident, detonation, fusillade, uprising, exocet, explosive device, grenade, claymore mine, molotov cocktail, slur, blitz, abduction, altercation, brawl, reprisals, kamikaze, osmium tetroxide, blow, fracas, clampdown, accusation, cyberwar, stroke, operation, torching, aggressors, revenge, slipup, casualties, murder, attacks, assaults, onslaughts, offensives, sortie, counterattacks, clash, demarche, aggressions, outbreak, breakout, determined, augmentative, etch, unprecedentedly, ascent, astoundingly, brigade, catalyzed, count, counting, cowardly, decreasing, deployment, diffusional, disease, droplet, effective, enhanced, evolutionary

More specific:
abuse, anxiety attack, avenue, bait, banzai attack, banzai charge, barrage, beleaguer, beset, besiege, blackguard, blister, blitz, bomb, bombard, bombardment, bombing, bulldog, bust, cannonade, charge, circumvent, clapperclaw, claw, counterattack, countermove, counterstrike, coup de main, desecrate, dishonor, dishonour, diversion, diversionary attack, fire, firing, fit, fork, gas, ground attack, heart attack, hem in, hit, hold up, hysterics, ictus, incursion, invade, jump, molest, occlusion, occupy, outrage, paroxysm, penetration, pin, profane, raid, rape, ravish, reassail, rubbish, rush, seizure, set, set upon, shout, sic, spot, stick up, storm, strike, surprise, surprise attack, surround, tackle, torpedo, touch, violate, whang, whip

Appears in the definition of:
., acquired immunity, aggravated assault, aggression, aggressiveness, air alert, air attack, air cover, air raid, al-tawhid, al tawhid, ambuscade, ambush, ambusher, ammunition, antiaircraft, asperse, aspersion, assail, assailability, assassin, assassinated, assassination, assassinator, assault, assaultive, atrophic arthritis, attackinga, attack dog, attack submarine, aura, autotomy, bait, banging, banzai attack, banzai charge, barrage, base, battering, battle of soissons-reims, battle of the aisne, battle of the chemin-des-dames, bear down, belabor, belabour, beleaguering, beset, besieging, besmirch, blackwash, blindside, blitz, block, bomb, bombard, bombardment, bombing, bombshell, bowie, bravo, break down, break up, broadside, brunt, bulldog, bursting explosive, bushwhack, bust, cadra figulilella, calumniate, calumny, cannonade, carcharodon carcharias, caribe, carping, castle, character assassination, charge, check, checkmate, claw, clobber, collapse, combined, consternate, convulsion, cortical epilepsy, counterattack, countermove, counterplay, counterpreparation fire, coup de main, dastardly, decapitation, defamation, defame, defence, defencelessness, defence force, defend, defender, defense, defenselessness, defense force, defensive, deliver, denigrate, denigration, designer, diatribe, discovered check, disorganization, disrupting explosive, diversion, diversionary attack, diversionary landing, divine unity, documented, encainide, enkaid, erwinia, expected, fair game, feint, firebomb, firewall, first strike, fit, flecainide, focal epilepsy, foray, fork, fragging, francis scott key, free hand, frenzied, frontal, fulmination, fuqra, fusillade, gas, generalized epilepsy, grand mal epilepsy, great white shark, ground attack, guard, hardheaded, hatchet job, heroic, hit-and-run, hold, horse, hydrogen-bomb, hysterics, iconoclastic, impregnability, impregnable, impugn, incursion, incursive, infestation, inroad, insecure, insensitively, invading, invasive, inviolable, invulnerability, invulnerable, isoroku yamamoto, itch mite, jacksonian epilepsy, jamaat ul-fuqra, james bowie, jim bowie, jugular, jump, key, lace into, lam into, large-scale, lash out, lay into, leo i, leo the great, lie in wait, line of battle, line of defence, line of defense, lurk, lying in wait, man-eater, man-eating shark, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, maraud, marupa, mate, military blockade, mirror, mulish, mutilated, nerves, neurotropic, nonfatal, obloquy, offensive, operate, panic attack, paroxysm, pelt, penetration, pepper, pick, picket, pirana, piranha, pitch into, plague, plan, plan of attack, pounce, pre-emptive strike, prey, prodroma, prodromal, prodrome, prodromic, quarry, raid, raisin moth, rebuff, red alert, refutation, repulsion, resistible, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, round, rubbish, rush, safehold, sarcoptid, savage, scaling ladder, scare, scenario, scupper, secure, sensitively, set, set on, set upon, sforzando, sic, side, siege, simarouba amara, sipah-e-sahaba, sitting, skip-bomb, slander, slating, smear, smirch, snipe, soissons, spar, sparring, spearhead, spot, st. leo i, standoff, stand up, status asthmaticus, stick up, storm, strafe, strike, strong, submarine, sully, surgical strike, surprise, surprise attack, swoop, tambocor, tanzimul fuqra, target, teargas, tear into, terminate, terrain, terrorist attack, tip-and-run, tojo, tojo eiki, tojo hideki, tooth, torpedo, touch, traducement, trap, twin towers, unassailable, unattackable, under attackp, under firep, unprotectedness, unprovoked, unsafe, untouchable, uss cole, violent, vulnerability, vulnerable, warning of attack, waylay, whang, white shark, withstander, world trade center, wtc, yamamoto

More general:
act, affect, affliction, assault, assault and battery, attending, attention, battery, begin, beginning, commence, commencement, conceptualisation, conceptualization, criticise, criticism, criticize, formularising, formularizing, formulation, get, move, operation, pick apart, play, set about, set out, start, start out, turn, unfavorable judgment

aggress, approach, assail, assault, attempt, blast, fire, flak, lash out, offensive, onrush, onset, onslaught, plan of attack, round, set on, snipe, tone-beginning

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