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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to man:   (1231 results)

adult female, civilian, woman

adult male body, arm, earlobe, foot, hand, head of hair, hook, human foot, human head, loin, loins, man's body, mane, manus, mauler, mitt, paw

Often used in the same context:
woman, boy, teenager, girl, guy, robber, person, gentleman, motorcyclist, suspect, policeman, victim, thief, assailant, someone, hitchhiker, fella, chap, motorist, burglar, passerby, lad, dude, drifter, youngster, cabbie, mugger, bicyclist, rapist, girlfriend, soldier, bandit, good samaritan, kidnapper, jogger, bloke, businessman, acquaintance, policewoman, him, feller, gunman, lady, great grandmother, schoolboy, shoplifter, solider, stabbing, clergyman, gent, cabdriver, panhandler, boyfriend, workman, handyman, son, kid, grandmother, accomplice, cop, escaper, toddler, partygoer, bystander, father, thug, uncle, vagrant, escapee, taximan, deliveryman, stepson, codger, nephew, attacker, stepfather, prowler, sailor, postman, schoolgirl, preacher, caller, hitman, youngman, fireman, robbery, newborn baby, peeper, loiterer, intruder, devil worshiper, servant, strangler, sergeant, canoeist, friend, somebody, cat burglar, murderer, mother, kayaker, serviceman, men, englishman, folks, englishwoman, frenchman, cossack, negro, turk, chinaman, picked, member, wellorganized, advisory, agency, centralized, roving, undermanned, allwhite, created, haganah, handpicked, organized, supervisory, whole, bipartisan, collegial

More specific:
abel, adam, adonis, air force officer, artilleryman, baboo, babu, bachelor, beau, bey, black, black man, bloke, bluejacket, boy, boyfriend, bull, cain, cannoneer, castrate, cat, chessman, chess piece, clotheshorse, commander, commando, conscript, crew, dandy, devil dog, divorced man, don, draftee, dude, enlisted person, esq, esquire, eunuch, ex, ex-husband, ex-serviceman, exboyfriend, fashion plate, fellow, fop, gallant, galoot, geezer, gentleman, golden boy, grass widower, gunner, guy, he-man, herr, hombre, homo erectus, homo habilis, homo rhodesiensis, homo sapiens, homo sapiens neanderthalensis, homo soloensis, housefather, hunk, ironside, junior, leatherneck, machine gunner, macho-man, marine, military officer, military volunteer, mister, monsieur, mr, navy man, neanderthal, neanderthal man, noncombatant, officer, old boy, old man, peter pan, posseman, ranger, rhodesian man, sailor, sailor boy, senhor, senor, sheik, shipboard soldier, signior, signor, signore, sir, soldier, stiff, strapper, stud, swain, swell, unmarried man, vet, veteran, veteran soldier, voluntary, volunteer, white, white man, widower, widowman, wonder boy, yellow man, young man

Appears in the definition of:
., abduction, abel, able-bodied, accessible, accordant, action, actuated, adam, adapa, adonis, adult female, adult male body, advanced, affinity, after-shave, after-shave lotion, ahead, anal intercourse, anal sex, anomalously, antediluvian, antique, apartp, aperture, apollo program, armorer, armourer, armstrong, artefact, artifact, artificer, artificial satellite, aspergillus fumigatus, atlas, attaint, attractive, augustine, augustine of hippo, bachelor, bachelorhood, backwoodsman, bacteroides, ballet master, barbarize, beaklike, beard, beau, beaver, beefcake, beef man, beehive, beggarman, believe, benedick, benedict, better, betting, bey, bird-scarer, black, black man, blade, blamelessly, bless, blighter, bloat, bloke, blood, bloodless, blush, book, book of genesis, boskopoid, bow tie, boy, boyfriend, boy scout, bozo, brave, breast pocket, bridegroom, broken, bruiser, brutish, buck private, buggery, bull, burnside, bushnell, buster, cabin boy, cain, canis familiaris, carcharodon, career man, carnal knowledge, carrier, cary grant, casanova, castrate, cat, cattleman, caution, centaur, chaldaean, chaldean, chaldee, changed, chaotically, chap, chaplin, character, charge of quarters, charlie chaplin, chauffeur, child molester, chipper, choke, clean-cut, clever, climacteric, climb, clipped, clobber, closet queen, clotheshorse, clubbable, clutch, coachman, cobblers, cocky, codger, coiffeur, coition, coitus, comfort, commitment, committeeman, common, common soldier, concubine, condemned, confront, confuse, congress, constant, constricted, convict, copulation, corinthian, corner man, cornishman, councilman, countryman, courteous, courtesan, courting, courtship, cow man, cozen, crawl, create, crew, crichton, criminal, croesus, crude, cuckold, cuckoo, cumulatively, curandero, cursing, cuss, cutaway, cyclops, dairyman, dandy, dapper, david bushnell, dean, debauchee, decisiveness, defense, deflower, deliberation, dermacentor, desire, devil, devilize, dickey, dickie, dicky, dirty old man, discernment, distrustful, divorced man, dog, domestic dog, doublet, doxy, doyen, drag, dress hat, dress shirt, drift, droll, dry-shod, dude, due care, dwarf, easygoing, eavesdrop, ed, eden, effectual, effeminacy, effeminateness, eiffel tower, ejaculator, elevator boy, elevator man, ellison, elongated, embarrassingly, end man, englishman, engulfed, equestrian, erectile dysfunction, erectly, eunuch, evade, evening shirt, evolve, ex, ex-husband, exactitude, exboyfriend, expensively, experience, expose, exwife, face fungus, fag, fairy, fakeer, fakir, fallible, family hominidae, family man, fancy woman, fandango, faqir, faquir, far, farthest, fashionably, fashion plate, fathead, father-figure, fatherliness, father figure, father of the submarine, father surrogate, featured, fella, feller, fellow, feminize, ferryman, feudal lord, fez, fiance, fix, flabbily, fly, fob, folie a deux, footman, fop, forcefulness, foreman, foster-father, fractious, frail, frame, free, freeload, frock coat, frontiersman, gael, gaffer, gallant, galoot, garden of eden, garuda, gay man, geezer, genesis, gent, gentleman, gentlemanlike, gentlemanly, genus bacteroides, genus carcharodon, genus dermacentor, genus javanthropus, genus physalia, genus sinanthropus, get-go, getatable, gigolo, ginger, gingery, girl, girlfriend, give, glare, gleefully, gluttonously, gnarl, gnome, gob, god, godfather, godiva, godlike, godly, golden boy, gold digger, good-looking, good looks, goof, goofball, goose, granite, grant, grass widower, grave, graybeard, greybeard, grim, grim reaper, grip, groom, groom-to-be, groomed, guy, hairy, hakham, handsomeness, handyman, harass, harmless, he-man, heidelberg man, heller, hellhound, hellion, hereby, hero, herr, hessian, hessian boot, highjacker, highwayman, high hat, hijacker, hive, hombre, hominidae, homologous, homo erectus, homo heidelbergensis, homo rhodesiensis, homo sapiens, honest, honest woman, honkey, honkie, honky, honor, honorable, hooray henry, horseback rider, horseman, hose, hospitable, housefather, hubby, hulking, humanist, humanistic, hunk, hurrying, husband, idealize, ignorant, ill-natured, imam, imaum, immaculately, immeasurably, imperfect, improper, inamorato, incarnation, incline, indrawn, infertility, infinite, inflexible, inoffensive, inquisitive, insofar, insular, intercourse, invisible, irishman, ironman, ironside, iron man, jabot, jack, jack-tar, jackass, jackboot, jack of all trades, james crichton, javanthropus, java man, jean-jacques rousseau, joe bloggs, joe blow, john bull, john doe, john henry, join, joyless, kept woman, kick around, kill, knight templar, krishna, lad, ladies' man, lady friend, lady godiva, lady killer, lance corporal, lanky, large, laver, lazarus, lean, lech, lecher, legal separation, legless, letch, letters, letter carrier, levirate, lewd, liberalistic, libertine, liftman, likable, likeness, limey, lizard, loathe, look out, loose, lounge lizard, lounging jacket, luging, lumber, macho-man, mad, made, mailman, mail carrier, make, male, male aristocrat, male chauvinist, male chest, male erecticle dysfunction, male internal reproductive organ, male reproductive gland, man's body, man-about-town, man-made, man-portable, man-sized, man-to-man, manful, manfully, manhood, manlike, manly, manner, mannish, manpad, manservant, mantichora, manticora, manticore, mantiger, manx, manx cat, man in the street, man jack, man of letters, man of means, mariner, marked, marriage licence, marriage license, married, married man, married woman, masher, masturbate, match, means, meanspirited, mercury program, merman, methuselah, middle-aged man, middle paleolithic, milksop, milquetoast, ministerially, minotaur, missionary position, mister, mistress, modest, mollycoddle, moodily, morning coat, motionlessly, mountain man, mournfully, mourning band, moustache cup, mr, multiform, mumble, mumbling, mundanely, mustache cup, mutton chop, nabob, nance, narcissus, national leader, natural object, natural shape, neandertal, neanderthal, neanderthalian, neil armstrong, nestorianism, niqaabi, nob, nod, noodge, nose, no man's land, obscenely, odalisque, odd-job man, office boy, of all time, old, old-timer, oldtimer, old boy, old codger, old geezer, old man, old salt, olfactory organ, one of the boys, opening, opera hat, orbiter, orderly, ordinary, ordinary care, outlined, overwhelmingly, paederast, paederastic, paederasty, pan, pansy, pantaloon, pantywaist, paramour, parenthood, parks, parthenogenesis, parthenogeny, paternity test, patient of, patriarch, paw, peary, pederast, pederastic, pederasty, peking man, penetration, penny-pinching, perception, perfectability, per diem, peter pan, philanderer, phlegmatic, physalia, pickup, picul, piltdown hoax, piltdown man, pitsaw, plastron, playboy, ploughman, plower, plowman, point man, polygynist, poof, poove, pop, porcine, porkpie, porkpie hat, portray, posseman, postman, pouf, prince albert, principle, private, produce, professional, profligate, promising, propose, protestingly, puff, purpose, quality, quarrier, quarryman, quaveringly, queen, queer, rainmaker, rake, ralph ellison, ralph waldo ellison, rational, reaper, reason, reasonable care, refinement, regard, rejuvenate, relation, religious, rem, resource, resourcefulness, resurface, revelation, revive, rhodesian man, rich man, right, right-hand, righteous, rip, road agent, robert e. peary, robert edwin peary, robert peary, rodney george laver, rod laver, rosa parks, roue, rounder, rousseau, rude, run, sack coat, saddhu, sadhu, saint augustine, salacious, salesman, same, samson, satellite, satyr, satyric, scarecrow, scarer, scraggly, scruple, seafarer, seaman, sea dog, seducer, see, seigneur, seignior, seminal duct, senor, sensible, separate, separated, separation, sermonize, sexist, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relation, sex act, shabbily, sheepman, shegetz, sheik, shirtfront, shirtlifter, shrunken, side-whiskers, sideburn, sidle, signore, silk hat, silver, sinanthropus, sincere, sir, sire, sirrah, sir charles spencer chaplin, sissiness, sissy, skirt chaser, skulk, slur, smoking jacket, snooker, sod, sodomy, soldier, solitary, solon, solo man, soul brother, sound, sphinx, spring chicken, sputnik, squaw man, squire, st. augustine, stagger, stagnate, stamp, star, statesman, statesmanlike, station, stature, steady-going, steam, sterility, stiff, stoop, stovepipe, strapper, strawman, straw man, strongman, stud, stumble, suer, sugar daddy, suit, suitor, superiority, superlative, surtout, swain, swallow-tailed coat, swallowtail, swell, switchman, tackle, tapping, tar, tarboosh, tarzan, tarzan of the apes, tattered, tearfully, tease, telamon, tell, terrain intelligence, thane, the admirable crichton, the goat god, thick, thickset, think, tie clip, tight, tights, toby, toby fillpot jug, toby jug, toff, tom, tongue-tie, topography, topper, top hat, totter, tottery, to a man, tragicomic, traveled, trinil man, trophy wife, turbinal, turbinate, turbinate bone, turn, twat, unbendable, unceasing, uncle tom, undesirous, unexpansive, unindebted, unmanful, unmanfully, unmanlike, unmanliness, unmanly, unmarried man, unmediated, unreasonable, unrefined, unrighteous, unstuck, unsure, unswervingly, upright, upstanding, utopian, vest, vestryman, vest pocket, victimize, vigorous, vindictive, virgin birth, virile, virulence, vitalize, voluntary, waistcoat, warn, watch chain, watch guard, water flea, weak, wealthy man, wedding licence, wedding license, weeds, weighty, well-read, wellington, wellington boot, wheeler, whiskers, whitey, white man, white tie, widower, widowman, wife, withered, wizen, wizened, wolf, woman, womaniser, womanishness, womanizer, woman chaser, wonder boy, wooer, wooing, worthful, yellow man, young man, young person, younker, youth, zany

More general:
do work, game equipment, group, grouping, hominid, human, individual, island, male, male person, manservant, mortal, person, skilled worker, somebody, someone, soul, staff, subordinate, subsidiary, trained worker, underling, work

adult male, gentleman, gentleman's gentleman, homo, human, human being, human beings, human race, humanity, humankind, humans, isle of man, mankind, military man, military personnel, piece, serviceman, valet, valet de chambre, world

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