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incision, section, suturing

Often used in the same context:
operating, raid, procedure, investigation, effort, ops, endeavor, unit, incursion, coal shovel, decortication, venture, mission, initiative, facility, surgical procedure, project, operatives, manhunt, crackdown, expansion, activities, undertaking, surgery, arthroscope, pipelaying, deployment, airlift, extraction, resection, functioning, incident, incision, thoracoscope, attack, craniotomy, installation, operator, pancreatectomy, inspections, gendarmery, intervention, coordination, cooperation, excavation, mobilization, program, maintenance, skin grafting, patrols, servicing, coronary bypass, microsurgery, refurbishment, refuelling, process, scale, scarless, regenerator, gastroscope, business, plant, collocating, heist, experiment, ordeal, feasibility study, establishment, offensives, plexus, standdown, refit, generator, refueling, dragnet, probe, transferral, agreement, sting operation, recuperation, laparotomy, resupply, search, skin graft, airmobile, eradication, adrenalectomy, pacification, joint, arrests, transaction, tramming, seizure, handover, scheme, sanitisation, area, closedown, pilot, existence, corf, laminectomy, operations, application, consignment, mailing, upgrade, changeover, con, assignment, i.e., organization, cleanup, computation, exhibition, implementation, asia, australia, china, japan, architecture, curriculum, schedule, taiwan, asean, behavior, function, law, 1918, california, cause, context, culture, cycle, discipline, document

More specific:
ablation, access, amphibious operation, amputation, anaplasty, angioplasty, argonne, argonne forest, arithmetic operation, arthroplasty, arthroscopy, asynchronous operation, asynchronous working, attack, autoplasty, auxiliary operation, basic cognitive process, binary arithmetic operation, binary operation, boolean operation, campaign, castration, chemosurgery, colostomy, combination, commission, computer operation, concurrent operation, consecutive operation, construction, control function, control operation, corneal gaft, cosmetic surgery, covert operation, craniotomy, cryosurgery, curettage, curettement, cutting out, differentiation, dilatation and curettage, dilation and curettage, dyadic operation, d and c, excision, exponentiation, extirpation, face lift, face lifting, fixed-cycle operation, heart surgery, higher cognitive process, information gathering, integration, involution, jejunostomy, job, keratoplasty, laparotomy, lobotomy, logical operation, logic operation, lookup, machine operation, major surgery, maneuver, manoeuvre, memory access, meuse, meuse-argonne, meuse-argonne operation, meuse river, military campaign, military mission, minor surgery, mission, monadic operation, multiplex operation, naval campaign, neurosurgery, nose job, off-line operation, offence, offense, offensive, onrush, onset, onslaught, operation desert storm, parallel operation, permutation, plastic surgery, prefrontal leucotomy, prefrontal lobotomy, printing operation, purse-string operation, reenforcement, reinforcement, rhinoplasty, rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, running, sclerotomy, search, sequential operation, serial operation, shirodkar's operation, simulated military operation, simultaneous operation, sort, sorting, strabotomy, support, synchronous operation, threshold operation, tracheostomy, tracheotomy, transplant, transplantation, trephination, unary operation, vivisection

Appears in the definition of:
., access, account, action, action officer, active, addition, aeon, air alert, alivep, amphibious assault, amphibious demonstration, amphibious operation, analogy, anesthetize, angioplasty, antisepticize, appurtenances, argonne, argonne forest, arithmetic operation, arthroscopy, automation, auxiliary operation, aviation, bank charter, battle of st mihiel, beachhead, bimanual, binary arithmetic operation, binary operation, black operation, body count, boolean operation, breakdown, briefing, bring to bear, buy-and-bust operation, cacogenics, carriage return, chemical engineering, clandestine operation, closed, cognitive operation, cognitive process, colostomy, combined operation, commission, commutative, computer operation, conscious, contempt of congress, control, controller, control function, control operation, control system, cooperation, coordination, cost analysis, covert operation, dangerous, dead, design, division, documentation, drive, dyadic operation, dysgenics, eldritch, enterostomy, enterotomy, eon, equipment failure, executive routine, exfiltration operation, explanation, exploratory, export credit, fixed-cycle operation, flight engineer, flip, floating-point operation, flop, fly-by-night, flywheel, fractious, freudian slip, gear, general anaesthesia, general anesthesia, goinga, head, implied trust, impossibly, inauguration, incision, incisive, indicator lamp, integrated logistic support, integration, intelligence, intelligence activity, intelligence operation, intestinal bypass, invariant, invasion of iwo, in operationp, iwo, iwo jima, keen, lay, lens implant, line feed, liquidation, logical operation, logic element, logic operation, logistics, logistic assessment, long division, lookup, machine operation, majority operation, manufactured, marine engineer, marshals, mathematical symbol, matrix operation, mechanical engineering, memory access, mental process, meuse, meuse-argonne, meuse-argonne operation, meuse river, military mission, mining engineer, minus, minus sign, mission, monadic operation, monitor, multiplex operation, multiplication, naval campaign, naval engineer, naval engineering, neutralisation, neutralization, new line, nickel-and-dime, nuclear engineering, off, off-line operation, off-site, on, operable, operand, operating, operatinga, operating table, operational, operationally, operation code, operative, orchiopexy, order code, organ transplant, outage, override, oversight, package, paralyze, paraphernalia, pattern, pilot lamp, pilot light, plant closing, plus, plus sign, postoperative, postoperatively, practice, preoperative, printing operation, process, reconnaissance in force, recursion, reenforcement, rehabilitate, reinforcement, rescue operation, retrieval, rocketry, run, running, saint-mihiel, scrub, search, search and destroy mission, section, sedate, settlement, sharp, short division, software, software documentation, software package, software system, sort, sortie, sorting, staging area, startup, steamship company, steamship line, sting operation, strabotomy, st mihiel, subtraction, summation, superintendence, supervising, supervision, supervisory routine, support, surgical incision, switch, systems analysis, systems program, systems software, system program, ternary, threshold element, threshold gate, threshold operation, throw, times, tracheostomy, tracheotomy, transexual, transplant, transplantation, transsexual, trephination, two-way, unary, unary operation, uncanny, undercover operation, underground, unearthly, united states marshals service, us marshals service, war game, weird, wildcat, wrong-site surgery, zero hour

More general:
action, activeness, activity, business activity, calculation, cognition, commercial activity, computation, data processing, knowledge, military action, therapy, work

act, cognitive operation, cognitive process, functioning, mathematical operation, mathematical process, performance, procedure, process, surgery, surgical operation, surgical procedure

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— Adjectives for operation: successful, normal, whole, full, efficient, continuous, actual, surgical, military, entire, international, more...

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