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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to authority:   (577 results)

Often used in the same context:
jurisdiction, powers, oversight, discretion, carte blanche, mandate, prerogatives, authorization, superintendence, commission, legitimacy, tacit consent, councils, leeway, dominion, overseer, justification, primacy, purview, permission, latitude, jurisconsult, imprimatur, consent, trusteeship, governing, agency, clout, responsibilities, legality, superintending, executer, usufructuary, decree, autonomy, sanction, answerability, sovereign immunity, supervision, administrator, sui juris, supervisory, bully pulpit, arbiter, remit, autocephalous, adjudicatory, appointee, directorate, commision, item veto, inspectorate, fiefdom, government, permit, directives, arrogation, redevelopment authority, custodianship, approval, firman, veto, administration, committee, eminent domain, appropriation, suzerainty, lordship, ex officio, governing body, duties, control, constitutional, recourse, enforcement, validity, commissioners, propriety, jurisprudent, subagency, objection, sovereignty, regulator, fiat, assent, designee, immunity, intermeddling, inspector general, censorial, administrative, statutes, omnipotence, countersignature, privileges, cartway, entity, waqf, overlordship, reverter, usufruct, municipal, anthority, power, prerogative, protection, tribunal, cognizance, responsibility, precedence, warrant, guardianship, guarantees

More specific:
adviser, advisor, aec, atomic energy commission, benefit of clergy, bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms, bureau of customs, bureau of engraving and printing, bureau of the census, carte blanche, census bureau, center for disease control, central bank, central intelligence agency, child welfare agency, child welfare service, church father, cia, civil authority, cognoscenti, command, comptroller of the currency, connoisseur, consultant, environmental protection agency, epa, evaluator, executive agency, father, fbi, federal bureau of investigation, federal housing administration, fha, internal revenue service, irs, judge, liturgist, lordship, manhattan project, master, name, nasa, national aeronautics and space administration, national park service, nihil obstat, organ, pacha, pasha, patent office, power of appointment, professional, redevelopment authority, regulatory agency, regulatory authority, secret service, selective service, selective service system, social security administration, united nations agency, un agency, weather bureau

Appears in the definition of:
., able, abrogator, absolute, acknowledge, aclant, acquiescent, actual, administrative hearing, adorn, agreed, allied command atlantic, allocator, amenable, answerable, appeal, appear, appropriated, approved, approver, arbitrative, archa, arrogate, assume, attach, authentically, authorise, authorised, authoriser, authoritative, authorities, authority figure, authorize, authorized, authorizer, autocracy, autonomy, ayatollah, bear out, belittle, best, better, binding, bishop, bye law, bylaw, call the shots, call the tune, carte blanche, centralised, centralized, central bank, centrifugal, cfo, charge, check, chief financial officer, church-state, civil authority, classical, clothe, coercion, coercive, collegial, color of law, colour of law, command, commander, commission, commissioning, commission plan, computer expert, computer guru, condemned, confiscate, confiscated, conquer, constable, constituted, contempt, contumacy, corroborate, counter reformation, count palatine, crown, crush, crushing, culbertson, curb, decree, defiant, definitive, deportee, determined, devolution, devolvement, de facto, dictated, diminish, direct, disaffected, disaffection, disinvest, disobedient, distributor, divest, dominated, dominion, ely culbertson, emancipation, empire, empower, empowered, enabling legislation, enact, enjoin, enlarged, enthrone, envoy, envoy extraordinary, equipped, evaluator, exaction, exception, execution sale, exert, exile, expropriation, extortion, extraordinary, factual, false imprisonment, fatwa, federalise, federalize, federal court, foot soldier, force, forced sale, formal, fractious, free-thinking, freedom fighter, furnished, genuinely, good authority, govern, governance, governing, government, government activity, great seal, handover, haredi, head, head teacher, henry ii, henry m. robert, henry martyn robert, high anglican church, high church, high priest, historian, historiographer, home help, ill-affected, imam, imaum, imperialism, important, impound, inhibit, inquisitorial, insubordinate, insubordination, insurgent, insurrection, insurrectionist, intifada, intra vires, invest, invested, invested with, invoke, judge, judicial sale, jurisprudence, know, latitudinarian, law, leo i, leo the great, liberalistic, liberty, liturgist, localized, lord, lordship, lynch mob, mace, maintain, main file, malcontent, mandate, mandator, mantle, master, master file, memorial, mennonitism, military officer, minister plenipotentiary, mint, monarchy, muscle, mutiny, nac, name, national censorship, nihilism, noncompliant, north atlantic council, obedient, obligational, officer, official, official immunity, oppress, oppression, oppressor, ordain, order, overlord, pacha, palestine liberation organization, paramountcy, pasha, petition, plea, plo, political, politically, political relation, politics, postulation, potent, power, power of appointment, priest, principal, process, professional, pupet regime, puppet government, puppet state, quelling, quo warranto, ratified, rebel, rebellion, rebellious, recalcitrant, recognise, recognize, recognized, recusancy, recusant, refractory, regime, regnant, reign, reigning, remand, remit, rent-rebate, representation, request, requisition, resistant, resistive, return, revocation, revolt, rioter, rising, robert, rule, ruled, ruling, ruling class, sacerdotal, sanction, sanctioned, satellite, say, scepter, sceptered, sceptre, sceptred, school principal, seat, sedition, seditious, seize, seized, semiofficial, send back, sequester, set, sheriff's sale, ship's officer, sire, sovereign, sovereignty, special agent, st. leo i, stamp down, standard, stifling, strong, subdue, submissive, subordinate, subpoena, subpoena ad testificandum, subservient, subsidiary, subversive, summons, supplication, support, suppress, suppression, supreme, suzerainty, taken over, take over, talmud, tell, totalitarian, triumvir, triumvirate, ultramontane, ultramontanism, ultra vires, unauthorised, unauthorized, uncontested, undera, underling, underpin, undogmatic, undogmatical, uniate church, uniat church, unitary, unofficial, unquestionable, unratified, unruly, unstructured, uprising, usurp, usurpation, vedist, vest, vicariate, vicarship, wear the trousers, wield, withdrawer

More general:
administrative unit, authorisation, authorization, book, certainty, control, empowerment, expert, grant, human, individual, mortal, person, potency, power, powerfulness, somebody, someone, soul

agency, assurance, authorization, bureau, confidence, dominance, government agency, office, sanction, say-so, self-assurance, self-confidence, sureness

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— Adjectives for authority: local, political, central, supreme, legal, public, royal, higher, moral, divine, highest, more...

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