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Words and phrases whose definition contains disease:   (923 results)

., acanthosis nigricans, acne, acne rosacea, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, acquired immunity, actinomyces, actinomycosis, actinotherapy, active immunity, acupuncture, acute anterior poliomyelitis, acyclovir, ada, adenopathy, aditi, aetiologic, aetiological, aetiology, afflicted, agent, aggravation, agrobacterium tumefaciens, aids, ailment, alder blight, allopathy, alpha-lipoprotein, alpine scurvy, amaurosis, amebiasis, amebiosis, amoebiasis, amoebiosis, amyloid plaque, amyloid protein plaque, anaplasmosis, anatomize, anatoxin, aneurism, aneurysm, angina, angiopathy, animal disease, anthracosis, anthrax, antimicrobial, antimicrobic, antiseptic, antiserum, apple blight, apple canker, arterial, asbestosis, aspergillosis, asymptomatic, atrioventricular, atrophic arthritis, atrophied, atrophy, atypical pneumonia, autoimmune diabetes, autoimmunity, autopsy, autosomal dominant disease, autosomal dominant disorder, autosomal recessive defect, autosomal recessive disease, avirulent, bacillary white diarrhea, bacillary white diarrhoea, bacteriology, bang's disease, banti's disease, banti's syndrome, beet blight, bendopa, beta-lipoprotein, biopsy, biosafety level 1, biosafety level 2, biosafety level 4, black-legged tick, black disease, black knot, black lung, black lung disease, black rot, blastomycete, blight, blind staggers, blister blight, blood disease, blood disorder, blue mold fungus, bony, bonyness, bornholm disease, borrelia burgdorferi, bottom rot, boutonneuse fever, bovine spongiform encephalitis, brain disease, brain disorder, breakbone fever, brocadopa, brooder pneumonia, brown rot gummosis, brucellosis, bse, bug, bull nose, bunt, burrill bernard crohn, c. psittaci, cachexia, cachexy, cadaverous, camelpox, cancer of the liver, cane blight, canicola fever, canine distemper, carcinomatous myopathy, cardiopathy, cardiovascular disease, carvedilol, case-fatality proportion, case-to-infection proportion, case-to-infection ratio, catching, cattle plague, cat scratch disease, celery blight, celiac, ceratostomella ulmi, cercospora kopkei, cf, chemotherapy, chestnut-bark disease, chestnut blight, chestnut canker, chickenpox, chlamydia psittaci, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic wasting disease, cirrhosis, cirrhosis of the liver, citrous, cjd, clap, climax, clubbing, coal miner's lung, coffee fungus, collar blight, coma, comatoseness, communicable, communicable disease, communicate, complaint, complication, congenital disease, contagion, contagious, contagious abortion, contagious disease, contractable, control, corrective, corticium salmonicolor, cor pulmonale, costia, costiasis, costia necatrix, cottontail, cottontail rabbit, cotton ball, covered smut, cowpox, coxsackievirus, coxsackie virus, creeps, creutzfeldt-jakob disease, crohn, croup, crown gall, crown wart, cupid's disease, cupid's itch, cuprimine, curative, cure, cystic fibrosis, damping off, damping off fungus, dandy fever, deadly, deer fly fever, defense, deficiency disease, demyelinate, dengue, dengue fever, depopulated, dermatosclerosis, diagnostic, diagnostics, diaphragmatic pleurisy, diathesis, dieback, die back, die down, diminished, discoid lupus erythematosus, disconfirming, diseased, disease of the neuromuscular junction, disease of the skin, disinfectant, disseminated lupus erythematosus, distomatosis, dle, dreaded, dusky-footed woodrat, dutch-elm beetle, dutch elm disease, dutch elm fungus, dysostosis multiplex, eaton-lambert syndrome, ebola, ebola fever, ebola hemorrhagic fever, eburnation, ecdemic, electrotherapist, elephantiasis, emaciated, emaciation, enanthem, enanthema, encephalopathy, endemic, endemical, endemic disease, enteropathy, enterotoxemia, enzootic, epidemic, epidemic disease, epidemic myalgia, epidemic parotitis, epidemic pleurodynia, epidemic roseola, epidemiology, epizootic, equine distemper, ergot, erythema multiforme, erythroblastosis, etiologic, etiological, etiology, exacerbation, exanthem, exanthema, exanthema subitum, experiment, extend, extremity, eye disease, false smut, family rickettsiaceae, festination, fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, filariasis, fire blight, flaccid paralysis, flu, foaming, foamy, foot-and-mouth disease, foot rot, fowl cholera, fowl pest, frambesia, framboesia, frothing, fulminate, furunculosis, galactosemia, gargoylism, gaunt, gauntness, genetic abnormality, genetic defect, genetic disease, genetic disorder, genetic screening, genus chlamydia, genus sclerotium, germ, german measles, germicide, get the best, gibraltar fever, glanders, glandular fever, gluten-free diet, gonorrhea, gonorrhoea, good health, granuloma inguinale, granuloma venereum, green monkey disease, green smut, grippe, growth-onset diabetes, gummosis, habitus, haematuria, haemoglobinopathy, haggard, hansen's disease, hans conrad julius reiter, hdl, hdl cholesterol, health, healthiness, healthy, heart-healthy, heartrot, heart condition, heart disease, hematuria, hemoglobinopathy, hemorrhagic septicemia, hepatic coma, herbal medicine, hereditary condition, hereditary disease, high-density lipoprotein, histiocytosis, hodgkin, hog cholera, homeopathy, homoeopathy, hoof-and-mouth disease, hormone-replacement therapy, hormone replacement therapy, hrt, huntington's chorea, huntington's disease, hurler's disease, hurler's syndrome, hyaline membrane disease, hydropathy, hydrophobia, hydrotherapy, hydrothorax, hypercalcaemia, hypercalcemia, ictus, iddm, idiopathic disease, idiopathic disorder, idiopathy, ill, imbalance, immune, immunised, immunity, immunized, immunotherapy, incubation period, incurable, index case, indian tick fever, indicant, industrial disease, infantile paralysis, infect, infection, infectious disease, infectious mononucleosis, infective, inflammatory disease, influenza, inherited, inherited disease, inherited disorder, innate immunity, inoculant, inoculate, inoculating, inoculation, inoculum, insidious, insidiousness, instability, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, interstitial pneumonia, intestinal, iodine-131, irradiation, itraconazole, ixodes dentatus, ixodes neotomae, ixodes pacificus, ixodes persulcatus, ixodes ricinus, ixodes scapularis, ixodes spinipalpis, jakob-creutzfeldt disease, juvenile-onset diabetes, juvenile diabetes, kawasaki disease, kayser-fleischer ring, kenya fever, keratoderma blennorrhagica, keratonosus, keratosis blennorrhagica, keratosis nigricans, ketoacidosis-prone diabetes, ketosis-prone diabetes, kidney disease, killer, kissing disease, kuru, l-dopa, lambert-eaton syndrome, lamisil, larodopa, lassa fever, latent period, late blight, lay, ldl, le, leaf cast, leaf disease, leaf scorch, legionella, legionella pneumophilia, legionnaires' disease, leprosy, leptospira, leptospirosis, leucoma, leukoma, levodopa, lgv, life-threatening, lime disease spirochete, lipochondrodystrophy, listeria meningitis, listeriosis, little potato, liver cancer, liver disease, liver rot, liver spot, loathsome, locoism, loco disease, locus niger, lomustine, loose smut, low-density lipoprotein, lupus, lupus erythematosus, lyme arthritis, lyme disease, lymphadenopathy, lymphogranuloma venereum, lymphopathia venereum, lysis, lyssa, maceration, madness, mad cow disease, magic bullet, maidism, malabsorption syndrome, malaria, malta fever, mal de la rosa, mal rosso, mange, manifestation, marburg disease, marburg hemorrhagic fever, marburg virus, marfan's syndrome, marseilles fever, mayidism, mcardle's disease, measles, mediate, medical diagnosis, medical prognosis, medical science, medical scientist, medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine, mediterranean fever, megacolon, meniere, meniere's disease, meningitis, mental disease, mental illness, metabolic acidosis, metastasis, metrorrhagia, microbe, milk sickness, mimesis, molluscum, molluscum contagiosum, mono, monogenic disease, monogenic disorder, mononucleosis, morbid, morbidity, morbific, morbilli, mosaic, mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, mucoviscidosis, multifactorial, mumps, murrain, myasthenia, myasthenia gravis, myasthenic syndrome, mycoplasmal pneumonia, myiasis, myopathic, myosis, myxomatosis, naprapathy, natural immunity, naturopathy, nec, necrobiosis lipoidica, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum, necropsy, necrotizing enterocolitis, needle blight, needle cast, negative, neotoma fuscipes, nephroangiosclerosis, nephropathy, nephrosclerosis, nephrosis, nervous, neurofibromatosis, newcastle disease, noncommunicable, noncontagious, nontransmissible, nosology, notifiable, nucleus niger, occupational disease, occurrence, oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy, oliguria, onion yellow dwarf, onychosis, operation, opportunistic infection, organic, osteitis deformans, osteodystrophy, osteolysis, ozaena, ozena, paget's disease, palaeopathology, paleopathology, palliation, pancreatic fibrosis, pappataci fever, parrot disease, parvo, parvovirus, passive immunity, pasteurellosis, pathogen, pathogenesis, pathogenic, pathologic, pathological, pathological process, pathologic process, peach blight, pear blight, pellagra, pellicularia filamentosa, pellicularia koleroga, pemphigus, penicillamine, periarteritis nodosa, periodontal, periodontal disease, periodontitis, peronospora tabacina, pertussis, pesthole, pestiferous, pestilence, pestilent, pestilential, philanthropic foundation, phlebotomus, physostigmine, pinched, pinkroot, pink disease, pink disease fungus, pip, pkd, plague, plaguey, plant disease, pm, pneumoconiosis, pneumonia, pneumonoconiosis, pock, pocked, pockmark, pockmarked, polio, poliomyelitis, polyarteritis nodosa, polycystic kidney disease, polygenic disease, polygenic disorder, poster child, postmortem, postmortem examination, potato fungus, potato mosaic, potato scab bacteria, potato wart, potato wart fungus, potato yellow dwarf, pox, preclinical, predisposed, presymptomatic, prevalence, preventative, preventive, preventive medicine, primary atypical pneumonia, primary dysmenorrhea, procarbazine, proctitis, prodroma, prodromal, prodrome, prodromic, prognosis, propensity, prophylactic, prophylaxis, prospect, prosper meniere, prurigo, pseudorubella, psittacosis, psoriasis, psychopathy, pullorum disease, pulmonary, pythium debaryanum, quarantine, question, q fever, rabbit fever, rabies, rachitis, radiation, radiation therapy, radiologist, radiotherapist, radiotherapy, raptus, red water, refractory anaemia, refractory anemia, reiter, remedy, remission, remittal, remittent, renal disorder, resistance, resistant, respiratory disease, respiratory disorder, respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn, respiratory illness, restorative, rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, rhinopathy, rhizoctinia disease, rhizoctinia solani, rickets, rickettsia, rickettsiaceae, rickettsialpox, rickettsial disease, rickettsias, rickettsiosis, rim blight, rinderpest, ring disease, ring rot, ring vaccination, rock fever, root rot, rosacea, roseola infantilis, roseola infantum, rosette, rubella, rubeola, rudolf karl virchow, rudolf virchow, run on, russet scab, rust, rust fungus, safe sex, saint ignatius' itch, sandfly fever, saprolegnia ferax, sarcoidosis, sars, scar, scarlatina, scarlet fever, scid, scleredema, scleroderma, sclerotium, sclerotium disease, sclerotium rot, scolytus multistriatus, scorch, scrapie, screen, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema, secondary hypertension, seizure, self-limited, senile dementia, senile psychosis, septic, sequela, serology, severe acute respiratory syndrome, severe combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency disease, sex-linked disorder, sexually transmitted disease, sheep-tick, sheep rot, sheep tick, sign, silicosis, skeletal, skin condition, skin disease, skin disorder, skin eruption, skin problem, skin test, sle, smallpox, social disease, spasmodic laryngitis, specific, spinach blight, splenic fever, sporanox, spur blight, staggers, stem canker, stigma, stinking smut, strangles, streptomyces scabies, stricken, stripe blight, stylostixis, subacute, subclinical, subsidence, substantia nigra, surgery, surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process, surveillance of disease, swamp fever, sweating sickness, sweet-potato ring rot, swine flu, swine influenza, symptom, symptomatic, symptomatic ofp, symptomless, synchytrium endobioticum, syndrome, syph, syphilis, systemic lupus erythematosus, tabes, taint, tardive, terbinafine, test, texas fever, therapeutics, thermotherapy, thomas hodgkin, thread blight, three-day measles, thrombasthenia, thrombocytopenia, thrombopenia, tinnitus, tobacco mosaic, tobacco wilt, tomato blight, tomato streak, tomato yellows, tool, toxin antitoxin, toxoid, trachoma, transmissible, transmission, transmittable, transmitter, trembles, tremor, treponema, tularaemia, tularemia, twig blight, type i diabetes, typhus, typhus fever, ulcerative colitis, unbalance, undiagnosed, undulant fever, unhygienic, untreated, vaccinated, vaccinating, vaccination, vaccinia, valvular heart disease, varicella, variola, variola major, vd, vector, venereal, venereal disease, venus's curse, vesicular stomatitis, virchow, virulence, virulency, virulent, vitiligo, von recklinghausen's disease, walnut blight, wasted, wasting, wasting away, wellness, werdnig-hoffman disease, wernicke's encephalopathy, western black-legged tick, wheat scab, white fungus, white rust, whooping cough, wilt, wilt disease, wood-rat, wood rabbit, wood rat, yatobyo, yaws, yellow dwarf of potato, yellow spot fungus, zinc deficiency, zoonosis, zoonotic disease, zovirax, zymosis

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