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Words and phrases whose definition contains system:   (1411 results)

., 10, 4wd, abolishment, abolition, abo blood group system, abo group, abo system, abuse, acataphasia, accentual, accentual system, access time, accounting, achromatic lens, acquire, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, acrylamide, activation energy, adps, adp system, advantage, aeroembolism, agency security, aids, airmail, airpost, air conditioner, air conditioning, air embolism, air transportation system, al-rashid trust, alban berg, algorism, allograft, alpha-adrenergic receptor, alpha-adrenoceptor, alpha-interferon, alphabetic, alphabetical, alphabetic script, alphabetic writing, alpha receptor, alps, amorphous, amphetamine, amphetamine sulfate, amphetamine sulphate, amygdala, amygdaloid nucleus, amygdalotomy, analeptic, analphabetic, analytical geometry, analytic geometry, anamorphic, anarchic, anarthria, anastigmat, anastigmatic, ancien regime, ans, antapex, anti-submarine rocket, antifreeze, antinode, antisatellite, antoine laurent de jussieu, apex, apex of the sun's way, apparatus urogenitalis, architecture, area unit, armenian, armenian alphabet, aroma, articulatory system, asat, aspectual, assemblage, assembly line, astigmatism, astigmia, astronomical unit, atonalism, atonality, atrophic arthritis, attracter, attractor, au, audio lingual acquisition, audio system, auditory system, autarchy, autocracy, autoimmune disease, autoimmune disorder, automatic data processing system, automobile battery, autonomic, autonomic ganglion, autonomic nervous system, avoirdupois, avoirdupois unit, avoirdupois weight, azygos vein, azygous vein, babylonian, backgrounding, background processing, bail, balance of international payments, balance of payments, baruch de spinoza, base, basic point defense missile system, benedict de spinoza, berg, bertillon system, beta-adrenergic blocker, beta-adrenergic blocking agent, beta-adrenergic receptor, beta-adrenoceptor, beta blocker, beta receptor, bigram, bimetallic, bimetallistic, binary, binary number system, binary numeration system, binary star, binary system, bit, blind staggers, block, block diagram, blood-brain barrier, bloodstream, board measure, body, boolean, boolean algebra, boolean logic, boot, bop, bose-einstein statistics, bottleneck, boustrophedon, bovine spongiform encephalitis, brahmanism, brahminism, braille, brain, brain doctor, brain surgeon, bring up, british capacity unit, british imperial system, british system, brix scale, bse, buffer, buffer storage, buffer store, bug, built-in, burke, bus, busbar, bus line, butterfly effect, cable, cable system, cable television, cable television service, cache, calendar, calvinism, camera, camillo golgi, canal, cancer, capitalism, capitalist economy, capture, carboniferous, cardiopulmonary exercise, carl orff, carl von linne, carolus linnaeus, cartesian coordinate, cartesian coordinate system, car battery, case law, caste, cataloger, cataloguer, catalytic converter, catastrophe, categorial, cd-rom, cd drive, central heating, central nervous system, centripetal, cgs, cgs system, chalk, change over, chaos, charged, chicken feed, chinese, christianity, christian religion, christian science, church mode, cingulate gyrus, circuitry, circulate, circulatory, circulatory failure, cladisitic analysis, cladistics, classical, classical mythology, classification system, claudius ptolemaeus, clinical neurology, closed-circuit television, closed-loop system, closed loop, cns, code, codify, coding system, collective security, colony, color code, commonwealth, common law, communication system, compact disc read-only memory, completeness, component, compound lens, computer architecture, computer hardware, computer system, computing system, conduit, confession, congregationalism, connected, conservation of charge, conservation of electricity, conservation of energy, conservation of mass, conservation of matter, conservation of momentum, conservation of parity, consistency, console, consolidate, consonantal system, consonant system, constituent, constitutionalism, containment, control system, convert, coolant, coolant system, cooling tower, coordinate axis, coordinate geometry, coordinate system, copernican, copernicus, cornell, corpus amygdaloideum, corrections, corticospinal tract, crank, crash, credit system, credo, creed, cryptococcosis, cult, cultus, cytokine, daoism, database management system, data system, dbms, decade, decimal, decimalisation, decimalise, decimalization, decimalize, decimal number system, decimal numeration system, decimal system, decimal system of classification, deep space, defect, degree of freedom, democracy, denomination, deoxyephedrine, descriptor, design criteria, despiramine, dewey, dewey decimal classification, dewey decimal system, dexedrine, dextroamphetamine sulphate, de facto, de spinoza, diagramming, dialectic, diesel-hydraulic, diesel-hydraulic locomotive, digestive system, digit, disarrangement, discipline, discount rate, disk operating system, disorganisation, disorganization, division tracheophyta, doctrine, dolby, dopamine, dopastat, dos, double star, drachm, dragnet, drainage system, ductless gland, duodecimal, duplex, dynamic headroom, dysfunctional, dystrophy, e-mail, early warning radar, eas, ecc, ecclesiastical mode, economic, economical, economically, economic system, economy, ecosystem, edmund burke, eds, efficiency, electoral system, electrical outlet, electric outlet, electric receptacle, electronic mail, electronic network, electron tube, element, email, emergency alert system, emulate, encephalon, endaemonism, endocrine, endocrine gland, endocrine system, endocrinologist, energy, energy level, energy of activation, energy state, enfeoffment, english system, enterovirus, enthalpy, entropy, envelope, epicyclic gear train, epicyclic train, epilepsy, equal temperament, equilibrium, equivalent-binary-digit factor, ergodicity, erlang, error correction code, etd, ethic, ethical code, eudemonism, eutectoid steel, evaporative cooler, evoked potential, exclusion principle, exhaust, exhaust system, existing, exploit, explosive detection system, explosive trace detection, express, express mail, external drive, ezra cornell, fan vaulting, farm credit system, fcs, federal, federal bureau of prisons, federal home loan bank system, federal reserve board, feedback, feedback circuit, feedback loop, feed back, female reproductive system, fentanyl, feoff, fetal circulation, feudalism, feudal system, fiber-optic transmission system, fibre-optic transmission system, fibrovascular bundle, fica, fidelity, fief, figure, file system, file transfer protocol, filing system, firewall, fire control system, first law of thermodynamics, fitting, fixed-point notation, fixed-point representation system, flare, floating-point notation, floating-point representation system, flowchart, flow chart, flow diagram, flow sheet, fluidram, fluid drachm, fluid dram, focal ratio, focus, focused, foetal circulation, folio, foolproof, force-feed lubricating system, force feed, foregrounding, foreground processing, foreign exchange, form, formal logic, fots, four-wheel drive, fragmentation, frame of reference, friedrich froebel, friedrich wilhelm august froebel, froebel, ftp, fuel injection, fuel injection system, functional calculus, f number, gaba, gambling system, gamma aminobutyric acid, gastrointestinal system, gas embolism, gas giant, gas heat, generalised, generalize, generalized, genitourinary apparatus, genitourinary system, geological period, giro, glass, glia, glitch, global positioning system, golgi, gottfried wilhelm leibnitz, gottfried wilhelm leibniz, government, governmental, government security, gps, gregorian mode, grid, ground control, grouping, guanabenz, guidance device, guidance system, guru nanak, gyrus cinguli, haphazard, hardware, harm, hawala, hdtv, headroom, heat, heat-seeking missile, heating, heating system, heat content, hedonism, heliosphere, herman hollerith, herpes simplex, herpes simplex virus, hex, hexadecimal, hexadecimal number system, hexadecimal system, hi-fi, hierarchical classification system, hierarchy, hieroglyph, hieroglyphic, hieroglyphical, high-definition television, highlands, highlands of scotland, highway system, hindooism, hinduism, hippocampus, histamine, hollerith, holy of holies, homeostasis, homograft, honor system, hookup, horace mann, hot-wire, hsuan chiao, hub-and-spoke, hub-and-spoke system, hydraulic brake, hydraulic brakes, hydraulic transmission, hydraulic transmission system, hydrophobia, hypermedia, hypermedia system, hypertext system, hypophysis, hypothalamus, ice, idp, iis, immune, immune system, immunodeficiency, immunological disorder, immunology, immunopathology, immunotherapy, imperial capacity unit, inactivation, incompatibility, indexation, indicator, industrialism, inertial frame, inertial guidance system, inertial navigation system, inertial reference frame, information measure, information system, infrastructure, initialisation, initialization, inner ear, input, input signal, installment buying, installment plan, institutionalised, institutionalized, instrumentality, instrumentation, insulin reaction, insulin shock, integrated, integrated circuit, integrated data processing, interactive multimedia, interactive multimedia system, intercom, intercommunication system, intercom speaker, interface, interleukin, internal control, internal ear, international system, international system of units, interphone, interplanetary space, intravenous anesthetic, intraventricular, intropin, involuntary, in orderp, iraqi intelligence service, iraqi mukhabarat, ism, isometric, isometrics, isometric exercise, ixodes ricinus, job-control language, jovian planet, judicatory, judicature, judicial, judicial system, judiciary, jurisprudential, jury system, jussieu, karate, karl linne, kuru, labanotation, labetalol, labetalol hydrochloride, labyrinth, labyrinthine sense, lan, land tenure, language, language system, laplace, law, law of conservation of energy, law of conservation of mass, law of conservation of matter, law of thermodynamics, lead poisoning, legal system, leibnitz, leibniz, leucocyte, leukocyte, le chatelier's law, le chatelier's principle, le chatelier-braun principle, le chatelier principle, lidar, light adaptation, limbic brain, limbic system, line, linear a, link, linkage, linnaean, linnaeus, linnean, linux, listeria meningitis, listeriosis, load, local area network, lockage, lockjaw, logic, logical system, loop gain, louis braille, low-level formatting, lubricating system, lucky dip, lymphatic system, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissue, lyssa, machinery, madness, mad cow disease, mail, mail service, main, main line, male reproductive system, malignant neoplastic disease, man-to-man, mann, marfan's syndrome, marquis de laplace, marshals, mass-action principle, mass action, mass rapid transit, mathematical logic, maya, mayan, mazdaism, maze, mechanical system, medicare, medieval mode, medline, medulla spinalis, megaflop, melville louis kossuth dewey, melvil dewey, member bank, memory cache, meningocele, mennonitism, mercantile, mercantile system, mercantilism, meritocracy, merit system, meshed, metastability, metazoa, meth, methamphetamine, methamphetamine hydrochloride, methedrine, methodicalness, methodology, methylphenidate, metric, metricate, metricise, metricize, metric system, metric unit, metrify, mflop, microcircuit, microfiche, microfilm, microprocessor, microsoft disk operating system, mikolaj kopernik, milky way, milky way galaxy, milky way system, million floating point operations per second, million instructions per second, minuteman, mips, mirror symmetry, missile defence system, missile defense system, mixed economy, mnemonics, mobile, modal logic, monarchism, monetary standard, monitor, monitoring program, monitor program, monoclinic, mononuclear phagocyte system, mouth, mps, ms-dos, muffler, multiphase, multiple star, multiversity, muscle system, muscular dystrophy, muscular structure, musculature, musculoskeletal system, myelomeningocele, nanak, nasdaq, nash equilibrium, national association of securities dealers automated quotations, natural order, nature worship, naval tactical data system, navigational system, nebular, nebular hypothesis, negative identification, neoplatonism, nerve agent, nerve gas, nervous, nervous disorder, network, neural, neural structure, neuroanatomic, neuroanatomical, neuroanatomy, neurobiological, neurobiology, neurogenic bladder, neuroglia, neurolinguistics, neurological disease, neurological disorder, neurologist, neurology, neuroma, neurophysiology, neuropsychiatry, neuroscience, neurosurgeon, neurosurgery, neurosyphilis, neurotropic, new york state barge canal, niacin, nicolaus copernicus, nicotinic acid, nihilism, node, nomenclature, nomenklatura, nominal, nonlinear system, nordic, normodyne, notation, notational system, no fault automobile insurance, no fault insurance, object-oriented database management system, objective, object glass, octal, octal number system, octal numeration system, odd-even check, odor, odour, off-line, olfactory property, oligarchy, omnidirectional radio range, omnidirectional range, omnirange, on-line, oncovin, one-member, one-on-one, operating capability, ordered, orderliness, orderly, orff, organism, organon, organophosphate, orientating, orienting, orrery, orthopaedist, orthopedist, ossified, outlet, outlet box, output, output signal, overdelicate, p.a. system, pa, package, packed cells, page, page number, pagination, paging, panel heating, paralysis agitans, parameter, parasympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system, parasympathomimetic, parity, parity check, parkinson's, parkinson's disease, parkinson's syndrome, parkinsonism, partition, patent system, pauli exclusion principle, paye, pay as you earn, pa system, pennines, pennine chain, pep pill, performance capability, period, peripheral nervous system, perturbation, phase, phase space, philosophical system, philosophy, phonemics, phonemic system, phone system, phonological system, phonologic system, phonology, piano action, picture writing, pierre simon de laplace, pigeonholing, pitman, pituitary, pituitary body, pituitary gland, planet, planetesimal, planetesimal hypothesis, platform, platoon, plumbism, plutocracy, poetic rhythm, point system, polyphase, porous, portal hypertension, portal system, positional notation, positional representation system, positive identification, post, postal, postal service, power grid, power system, practice of law, precedent, predicate calculus, pressure-feed lubricating system, pressure feed, pricing system, primary care, primary care physician, primary health care, principle, principle of relativity, prion, priority processing, probabilism, production line, profit sharing, program, programme, promotion system, propulsion system, prosodic system, prosody, protestantism, ptolemaic, ptolemy, public address system, public service, public transit, purdah, pure binary numeration system, pyramidal motor system, pyramidal tract, quadraphonic, quadraphonic system, quadraphony, quadriphonic system, quantise, quantitative, quantize, quantum, quasiparticle, rabies, radio, radio link, radio transmitter, radius vector, radix, railroad, railroad line, railway, railway line, railway system, ramon y cajal, ram disk, randomness, rapid transit, rating system, rationalisation, rationalization, ray m. dolby, realistic, real storage, reboot, receptive, recording system, rectangular, rediffusion, redundancy, redundant check, reference frame, reference system, reflation, reform, refrigeration system, refrigerator car, regulated, relational database management system, relaxation, relaxation behavior, relaxation time, religious cult, reproducer, republic, res, resonance, resonator, respiratory disease, respiratory disorder, respiratory illness, respiratory system, resubmit, reticulated, reticuloendothelial system, reversible process, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, rhythmic pattern, rig up, ritalin, rootage, root system, rule, salivary gland, samizdat, santiago ramon y cajal, sap, satellite television, satellite tv, saturnism, scaffolding, scent, schematic, schematic drawing, schematisation, schematization, scheme, scholasticism, school of thought, school superintendent, schwann cell, scoring system, scrapie, script, security system, sedative-hypnotic, sedative-hypnotic drug, segregated, segregation, self-activating, selsyn, sense of balance, sense of equilibrium, sensorya, sensory nerve, sensory system, separatism, servo, servomechanism, servosystem, settlement, sewage system, sewage works, sewer line, sewer main, sewer system, sexadecimal number system, sex segregation, shabu, shakedown, shaking palsy, shambolic, shebang, sheep-tick, sheep tick, ship-towed long-range acoustic detection system, shipboard system, short line, si, silencer, simplex, simplified, single-entry bookkeeping, single entry, single tax, sink, sir isaac pitman, si system, skeletal, slippage, smell, socialism, socialist economy, social organisation, social organization, social security administration, social structure, social system, software, software package, software system, solar apex, solar thermal system, solfa, solmisation, solmization, sop, sophisticated, sound system, source, space-reflection symmetry, space-time, space-time continuum, space probe, spallation, spark gap, speed, spinal cord, spinoza, splanchnic nerve, spoils system, spongioblast, sprinkler system, square measure, squawker, squawk box, ssa, staff, staggers, staging, standard, state capitalism, state socialism, stave, steam heat, steam heating, steering linkage, stigmatic, stigmatism, stinger, stoicism, stop number, stress test, structure, subkingdom metazoa, sublimaze, substructure, subsume, subsystem, subway token, subway train, sun, suppressive fire, surface-to-air missile system, surveillance system, suspension, suspension system, swedish massage, syllabary, syllabic, syllabic script, symbolic logic, symbolism, sympathectomy, sympathetic, sympathetically, synchro, synchromesh, systematisation, systematise, systematised, systematization, systematize, systematized, systema alimentarium, systema digestorium, systema lymphaticum, systema nervosum centrale, systema nervosum periphericum, systema respiratorium, systema urogenitale, systeme international, systeme international d'unites, systemic, systemise, systemize, systems program, systems software, system administrator, system clock, system error, system of logic, system of macrophages, system of measurement, system of weights, system of weights and measures, system program, syzygy, t'ai chi, t'ai chi chuan, tai chi, tai chi chuan, taoism, taoist, tape deck, target acquisition system, tax system, telecommunication equipment, telecommunication system, telecom equipment, telecom system, telephone system, television, television camera, television system, television transmitter, telferage, telpherage, temperature scale, ten, tenner, tense system, tenure, teraflop, terminology, terrestrial planet, tertian, tetanus, tetragram, thalamocortical, thallus, theological system, theology, theory, thermal equilibrium, thermionic tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic valve, the alps, third party, thoracic duct, thrash, throughput, ticktack, time plan, tonal system, tonegawa susumu, tone system, tonic solfa, total heat, trachea, tracheophyta, tracheophyte, tract, trade unionism, traffic, trandate, transcendental, transcendentalism, transcendental philosophy, transformation, transient, translation, trash, trestlework, triclinic, trigram, trillion floating point operations per second, troy, troy unit, troy weight, tube, turf, tv camera, tweeter, t cell, t lymphocyte, umbilical vesicle, unary, uncharged, underground press, unified, unimportant, unimposing, uninominal, unionism, united states customary system, united states dry unit, united states liquid unit, united states marshals service, unix, unix guru, unix operating system, unix system, unstructured, unsystematised, unsystematized, upper, urinary, urinary apparatus, urinary system, urogenital apparatus, urogenital medicine, urogenital system, urology, user interface, us marshals service, utility, utility program, vacuum tube, vascular bundle, vascular plant, vascular strand, venation, vena azygos, venous blood system, vent, ventilating system, ventilation, ventilation system, vesicula umbilicus, vested interest, vestibular sense, vibrant, vigilance committee, vincristine, virino, virtual memory, virtual storage, visceral brain, visual image, visual percept, visual system, vitelline sac, vocabulary, voting system, vowel system, vx gas, wall plug, wall socket, water pump, water vascular system, wbc, web, weight, white blood cell, white blood corpuscle, white cell, white corpuscle, white separatism, willow, wireless, wiring, wiring diagram, work, wysiwyg, wytensin, x-axis, y-axis, yoga, yolk sac, z-axis, zoroastrianism

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