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Often used in the same context:
eyes, thinking, subconscious mind, mindset, senses, thoughts, psyche, perspective, rearview mirror, brains, philosophy, idea, guess, imagination, perceiver, essence, desires, nutshell, geezerhood, mantra, soul, contemplations, hearts, conscience, dailiness, preconceived notion, perception, emotions, mouths, ears, comfortableness, mood, thing, someways, hands, feelings, destiny, dreaming, preconceived idea, memories, sights, hobbie, boggle, recollection, visions, lips, everything, attitude, aspirations, myself, consciousness, sanity, aversion therapy, what, something, cando, shape, sane, kind, yours, tactfulness, credo, daydream, equation, mentality, preception, subconsciousness, ego, preconceptions, reverie, beingness, motivation, somebody, gooseflesh, piehole, realization, checkbook, gaze, words, imaginings, sort, bucko, tact, whole, spirit, context, actuality, tickler file, wishfulness, finiteness, rearview, frame, dreamer, intuiting, intentions, damn, promise, truth, hell, hurry, brainwaves, sirree, minds, intellect, intelligence, thinker, will, thought, being, character, genius, humanity, intuition, sentiment, art, sentient, encompassing, imbalanced, unmediated, noetic, understanding, world, allembracing, dynamic, embracing, physical, unified, existent, externalized, immanent, indivisible, mindbody, mystical, people

More specific:
attend to, bridle at, bridle up, bristle at, bristle up, care, conclusion, decision, determination, ego, noddle, show anger, subconscious, subconscious mind, tabula rasa, take to heart, tend, unconscious, unconscious mind, worry

Appears in the definition of:
., abhorrent, about-face, abstract, acceptant, acquisitive, act, act as, adamant, agile, alert, anguish, apparent, ataraxia, attractive, autopilot, aware, ballast, bear in mind, befogged, befuddled, bel esprit, bodily, boggle, brilliant, bury, cachexia, cachexy, calm, calmness, cark, carry, case, cassirer, catch, cerebrate, circumstance, clear, clear-cut, clearly, clog, closed, clothed, clouded, coarse, cogitate, cognitive science, collective, come, comfortable, composure, compos mentisp, comprehensible, conceived, conception, concern, conclusion, concretize, condition, connect, consideration, conspicuous, constipate, corporal, corporeal, corrupting, craze, cumulatively, decision, deem, degrading, derangement, descartes, design, detected, deteriorate, determination, detestable, development, dexterous, diddle, digest, disorder, disposition, disquiet, distinct, distinctly, distract, doggerel, doubtful, dracocephalum, draw, dream, drily, drug of abuse, dualism, dulled, easy, echo, effervescent, ego, elusive, enervation, engaged, envision, envisioned, equanimity, ernst cassirer, esprit, evident, evocative, evoke, exact, excogitation, faculty, fall, fanatic, fanciful, fancy, fantasise, fantasize, fiddle, figure, first-class, flood, follow, forcibly, foreign, forget, forgetful, forgivingly, form, formed, fortitude, generic, generous, genus dracocephalum, get, gleam, good, graphic, gratifying, grope, hang, hatha yoga, haunting, health, healthful, healthy, hoenir, hold, holistic medicine, hospitable, illative, image, imbibe, immanent, impalpable, imperceptible, implant, impression, imprint, incisive, inclination, inculcation, independent, ingraining, inner resources, innovation, innovational, inoculate, inquiring, insanity, insemination, inspiration, inspirational, instilling, intellect, intellectual, intend, interest, internal representation, invention, inventive, inward, in everyone's thoughts, in the air, in the head, in the mind, ivory tower, keenness, keep an eye on, know, lay out, lifelike, like-minded, load, logical, lose, lost, lucid, lucidity, madden, make, manifest, marbles, mature, mean, mental, mentalism, mentally, mental disease, mental faculty, mental illness, mental representation, mind's eye, mind-altering, mind-bending, mind-blowing, mind-boggling, mindful, mind game, miss, missed, module, nemine contradicente, nem con, noddle, noetic, nonmedicinal, nonpsychoactive, non compos mentisp, oblivious, obscene, observe, obvious, occupied, occupy, occur, offhand, of sound mindp, of unsound mindp, old, open, open top, out-of-body experience, outward, outwardness, overthrow, paint a picture, palatable, palpable, patent, pay, perceptible, persistent, perturb, pettifogging, pettiness, philosophic, physical, pictorial, picture, pictured, plain, plant, play, poignant, poison, potently, precise, preoccupation, present, press, project, psychic, psychical, psychoactive, psychopathy, psychopharmacology, psychotropic, pullulate, quick, ram, rational, re-create, recall, recollection, redolent, redolent ofp, reflective, remember, remind, remindful, reminiscent, reminiscent ofp, rene descartes, represent, representation, repugnant, repulsive, retain, rethink, ripe, salubrious, saneness, sanity, scarred, sectarian, secure, see, seem, sentimentalize, serious, set, somatic, sound, strain, street drug, study, stultify, subconsciously, subconsciousness, subjective, subtle, suddenly, suggest, superego, supple, sweet, tabula rasa, take for, tangible, tantra, tartly, telepathy, tenacious, tendency, tentative, think, thinker, think about, think of, thought, thought transference, torpid, toy, trained, trance, transeunt, transient, trenchant, trouble, ugly, unafraid, unanimity, unanimously, unbend, unclear, unclouded, unconcerned, unconscious, unconscious mind, undigested, unformed, unhealthy, unhinge, unimpressionable, unmistakable, unpalatable, unperceivable, unquiet, unruffled, unsound, unsympathetic, untroubled, uppermost, upset, upstairs, vacant, vegetate, vex, view as, vigor, vigour, visualise, visualised, visualize, visualized, vivid, wander, wasting, watch, watch over, weigh, whole, wholesome, will, wish, word of god, work, worry, yoga, yogacara

More general:
aim, anamnesis, care, cognition, deal, design, handle, intellect, intellectual, intelligence, intent, intention, knowledge, look out, manage, notice, obey, object, observance, observation, opinion, persuasion, purpose, recall, recollection, remember, remembrance, sentiment, think about, think of, thought, view, watch, watch out

bear in mind, beware, brain, head, heed, idea, intellect, judgement, judgment, listen, nous, psyche, take care, thinker, worry

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