Words and phrases whose definition contains process:   (884 results)

., ablation, aborning, absorption, abstraction, accession, accessory vertebral vein, accouchement, acculturation, acetylation, acheson process, acidification, acquisition, acrosome, action, activating agent, activation energy, activity, aculeus, acylation, adaptation, additive, adiabatic process, adjustment, administrative hearing, advertence, advertency, aeration, aged, ageing, agglutination, aging, ala, alertness, alveolar artery, alveolar point, amelogenesis, amylolytic, anaglyphy, anhima cornuta, anneal, anthesis, antiredeposition, antisepsis, apophysis, appendix, apperception, aquatint, arcus zygomaticus, argumentation, arista, arteria alveolaris, asepsis, assimilation, association, atomic number 59, attack, attending, attention, at last, at long last, audile, auditive, auditory, autotype, autotypy, bankruptcy, barbel, basic iron, batch, bath, believing, beneficiate, benficiate, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bessemer, bessemer converter, bessemer process, biogenic, biological process, bioremediation, birth, birthing, birth trauma, black and white, blocker, blocking agent, blood clotting, blood coagulation, bloom, blooming, blossoming, blueing, bluing, bodily function, bodily process, body process, bph, breath, breathing, buildup, burning, calcification, capture, carbon process, categorisation, categorization, cecal appendage, cellular division, cell division, center, centre, centrifugation, cerebration, channel, chelation, chemical action, chemical change, chemical mechanism, chemical process, chemical reaction, childbearing, childbirth, chilling, chromatographically, chromatography, chromosome mapping, civilisation, civilization, classification, claw, clotting, clouding, clouding up, coagulation, cohesion, collotype, collotype printing, coloring, colouring, combustion, complication, compression, computerise, computerize, condensation, conditioning, congealment, congelation, conglutination, connection, connexion, conserve, consideration, constriction, construction, constructive eviction, consumption, contraction, cooling, coronion, coronoid process, coronoid process of the mandible, cracking, crested, crying, crystallization, curdling, cured, curing, cyanide process, cybernate, cytokinesis, daguerre, daguerreotype, dark adaptation, de-nazification, de-stalinisation, de-stalinization, dealignment, decarboxylation, decay, decentalisation, decentralization, deciding, decision making, declension, decline in quality, decoction mashing, decoction process, decrease, decrement, deepening, defence, defence mechanism, defence reaction, defense, defense mechanism, defense reaction, defining, degaussing, degeneration, degree, dehydration, deletion, deliquesce, demagnetisation, demagnetization, demonstration, denazification, deposit, deposition, derivation, derivative, desensitisation, desensitization, desiccation, destalinisation, destalinization, deterioration, deterrence, develop, development, devolution, diabatic, diaphoresis, diastrophism, differentiation, diffusion, digestion, dilapidation, din land, discrimination, disintegrate, dispossession, disrupt, dissimilation, dissociation, dissolution, dissolving, distil, distill, distillation, distillment, dithering, division, drift, drying up, duplex, dyinga, eastman, eating away, ecesis, ecological succession, economic process, education, educational, edwin herbert land, effervescence, efflorescence, effluence, efflux, electoral, elimination, elution, encapsulation, endgame, end game, end point, energy of activation, equal protection of the laws, ernest solvay, eroding, erosion, erythropoiesis, establishment, evacuation, evaporation, evict, eviction, evolution, exchange, excreting, excretion, excretory, execute, execution, exempt, expectoration, expedite, experimental extinction, exponentiation, expression, external respiration, extinction, extract, extraction, extravasation, exudation, facilitate, factory ship, fair hearing, fattening, fat metabolism, feedback, feeler, feminisation, feminization, ferment, fermentation, fermenting, fibrillation, fibrinolysis, fifth amendment, filtration, final, finally, finisher, fire, flame, flaming, flocculation, florescence, flowering, folding, foliation, force out, formation, fossilisation, fossilization, fraction, fractional process, fractionate, fractionation, framework, freeze, free association, functionalism, functioning, gabriel lippmann, gasification, gassing, gastric digestion, gastrulation, generalisation, generalization, genus helipterum, geological process, geologic process, george eastman, georg wilhelm friedrich hegel, germination, giving birth, glaciation, glycolysis, granulation, granulation tissue, gravure, grinding, groove, grow, growing, growth, haber-bosch process, haber process, hair, halt, hand-crafted, handmade, hardening, healing, hear, heating, hegel, helipterum, helmetflower, helmet orchid, heredity, hidrosis, horned screamer, human process, hydration, hydrocracking, hydrogenation, ideation, identification, ignition, implantation, impregnation, imprinting, inactivation, increase, increment, induction, induction of labor, infiltration, inflammatory, inflorescence, inflow, influx, infrigidation, infuse, infusion, ingestion, inhibition, innovation, inspissation, instruction execution, instrument, instrumental role, intaglio, intaglio printing, intake, intellection, interim, intermediate, intrusion, invention, inversion, involution, in the end, ionisation, ionization, ion exchange, irreversible process, isothermal, judgement, judging, judgment, judicially, jumpstart, juvenescence, karyokinesis, keratinisation, keratinization, lace making, lag, lamina arcus vertebrae, land, lantern-fly, lantern fly, last, law of the land, leach, leaching, lead time, leafing, learning, legal ouster, level, lexicalisation, lexicalization, light adaptation, line, line of reasoning, linguistic process, lippmann, liquor, logical argument, louis jacques mande daguerre, louis pasteur, loyalist volunteer force, lynching, lynch law, lysogenisation, lysogenization, made, magnetic induction, magnetisation, magnetization, make it, make pure, mapping, marginalisation, marginalization, markoff chain, markoff process, markovian, markov chain, markov process, mastoid, mastoidal, mastoidale, mastoidectomy, mastoid bone, mastoid process, materialisation, materialization, maturation, maturational, maximization, measure, measurement, measuring, mechanical, mechanism, melioration, mellowing, melt, melting, mensuration, mental, mental synthesis, mentation, metathesis, mildew, mintage, model, modernization, mold, monstrance, mordant, musculus temporalis, natural action, natural childbirth, natural process, natural selection, naturopathy, nazification, neoplasia, nerve center, nerve centre, net, nidation, nitrification, normalize, nova, nrti, nuclear reaction, nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, nutrition, obsolescence, odontoid process, olecranon, olecranon process, omission, ontogenesis, ontogeny, on trial, ooze, oozing, opacification, open-hearth process, operation, operational, opsonisation, opsonization, organic process, organification, orogeny, oscillation, ossification, outflow, oxidation, oxidative phosphorylation, oxidisation, oxidization, oxygenation, painful, parrotlike, parthenogenesis, parthenogeny, parturition, pass, passage, passing, pasteur, pathological process, pathologic process, peace process, peduncle, peptidase, peptisation, peptization, perception, perennation, performance, peristalsis, permeation, perspiration, pervasion, petrifaction, petrification, phagocytosis, phenomenon, photogelatin process, photography, photolithography, photomechanics, photoplatemaking, pickup, pinocytosis, planation, planning, planographic printing, planography, plastination, point, polymerisation, polymerization, powder method, powder photography, powder technique, pr, praseodymium, prechlorination, precipitation, preparation, preservation, print, proactive, probation, procedure, process-server, processed, processus coronoideus, product, production, production order, professionalisation, professionalization, prostheon, prosthion, protease, proteinase, protein folding, proteolytic enzyme, provision, psychoanalytic process, psychosexual development, punctuated equilibrium, puree, purification, purify, quickening, radioactive waste, radiography, random walk, rationalisation, rationalization, re-uptake, reabsorption, reaction, reading, read method, read method of childbirth, real-time operation, real-time processing, real time, recall, recognition, recollection, rectification, reducing, reduction, refinement, refining, refrigeration, release, reminiscence, replication, representational process, reproduction, resorption, respiration, respiratory organ, response, resultant, retroactive, reuptake, reverberate, reversible process, rigidification, rigidifying, rinse, rooting, rotogravure, ruin, run, sandhi, saturation, scanning, scattering, school, schooling, secernment, second law of thermodynamics, secretion, sediment, seepage, seizure, selection, self-cultivation, self-education, semi-automatize, senescence, sensitisation, sensitization, sensorineural, serigraph, set, set in motion, shaping, shedding, shrinkage, shrinking, silkscreen, silk screen print, simulation, sink, sir henry bessemer, skiagraphy, sloughing, soak, soakage, soaking, soaking up, social process, softening, solidification, solidifying, solvation, solvay, solvay process, sorption, sort, sorting, source, souring, spine, spoilage, spoiling, spontaneous combustion, spread, spreading, sprouting, sputter, stage, stalinisation, stalinization, starter, stationary stochastic process, stay, stiffening, stimulant, stimulant drug, stochastic process, storage, strain, stratification, style, subduction, sublimate, subvention, succession, sudation, suffusion, suggestion, summation, supernova, supposal, supposition, survival, survival of the fittest, suspend, sweating, symphysion, synthesis, system, take out, tanning, tatting, tears, technician, temper, temperature change, temperature reduction, temporalis, temporalis muscle, temporal muscle, temporise, temporize, thaw, thawing, theoretical account, theory of punctuated equilibrium, thinking, thought, thrombolysis, time, time-scale factor, timekeeping, topknotted, transamination, transcriptase, transcription, transduction, transference, transiently, translation, transpiration, transudation, treat, trial, trial-and-error, try, tubercular, tube foot, tufted, tumefaction, turnaround, turnround, ulceration, ultimately, unaged, unconscious process, uncus, underdevelop, unexplained, unfolding, union, unitise, unitize, unprocessed, upheaval, uplift, uptake, upthrow, upthrust, urbanisation, urbanization, vaginal birth, validation, vapor, vaporisation, vaporization, vapour, variolation, variolization, vascularisation, vascularization, vegetation, vena vertebralis accessoria, ventilation, vermiculation, vermiform appendix, vermiform process, video digitizing, vigilance, vinification, vitrification, voiding, vote in, vulcanisation, vulcanised, vulcanization, vulcanized, walk-through, warming, wash, washout, wash out, wastage, wasteful, watchfulness, wearing, wearing away, web, weeping, westernisation, westernization, wetter, work, worsening, xerographic printer, xerox, xerox copy, y2k compliant, zona pellucida, zygoma, zygomatic arch, zygomatic process, zymolysis, zymosis

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