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onetime, longtime, erstwhile, retired, embattled, veteran, fellow, defunct, disgruntled, legendary, assistant, prominent, outgoing, outspoken, senior, famed, stalwart, flamboyant, rhodes scholar, honorary, beleaguered, wily, whose, charismatic, unnamed, lifelong, alleged, illustrious, fiorello la guardia, averell harriman, fmr, bespectacled, current, burly, medellin cartel, ardent, hyman rickover, rwandan, hapless, chief, bill clinton, mercurial, eldridge cleaver, exiled, reputed, affable, william ewart gladstone, unseated, redoubtable, mikhail sergeyevich gorbachev, fortia, portly, lone, indefatigable, notorious, babe didrikson, pugnacious, andrei gromyko, inner circle, diehard, midlevel, his, cum, h. norman schwarzkopf, old, federal court, resurgent, bete noire, grizzled, octogenarian, prince regent, rotund, jilted, avowed, laborite, high profile, khmer rouge, seasoned, taciturn, staunch, irascible, ignace jan paderewski, feisty, zambian, peripatetic, elihu yale, gruff, lanky, unsalaried, mustachioed, diminutive, aspiring, handpicked, gridder, alma mater, owlish, long time, ernest bevin, roomed, scathing, avid, viscountess astor, formers, die, non, pre, fio, subject, latter, moulds, see, con, dies, ex, get, kinds, macro, makes, mode, molds, none, one, then, harassed, whilom, disgraced, capable, harried, junior, irate, appointed, youngest, impecunious, ousted, probationary, beloved

Appears in the definition of:
., aec, agra, alter, american labor party, american party, ampere, amygdalaceae, amygdalus, anjou, anna, anti-masonic party, antique, apartheid, apodidae, aragon, archduchess, archduke, arise, arpent, artois, aryan, aspadana, atomic energy commission, avoid, back, bankroll, barbados, belisarius, black september movement, bob, bohemia, borough english, bourgogne, breiz, bretagne, british commonwealth, british shilling, brittany, buganda, bull moose party, burgundy, bygone, bypast, camptosorus, cannonball, cannon ball, cape colony, cape of good hope province, cape province, capital of arizona, capital of tibet, castile, castilla, centrospermae, chalcedon, change, characinidae, character, character reference, chisholm trail, civilly, class schizomycetes, clipper, clipper ship, college boy, college man, collegian, columbium, comatula, comatulidae, commonwealth of nations, confer, constantinople, constitutional union party, crna gora, cryptogamia, ctenocephalus, cumbria, czech, czechoslovak, czechoslovakia, czechoslovakian, decolonise, decolonize, demerara, democratic-republican party, denaturalize, denier, departed, department of commerce and labor, department of health education and welfare, dessiatine, diapsida, dictyoptera, dissolve, division schizophyta, division tracheophyta, dixiecrats, double eagle, doubloon, duplicidentata, eagle, east german, east timor, effendi, elisabethville, esfahan, espana, ex-gambler, ex-mayor, ex-president, extragalactic nebula, family amygdalaceae, family apodidae, family characinidae, family comatulidae, family hyperodontidae, family myxophyceae, family schizophyceae, family ziphiidae, farmer-labor party, farthing, federalist, finnbogadottir, foot-lambert, forbidden city, foregone, fourpence, franche-comte, free soil party, french foreign legion, front bench, ft-l, fugue, galaxy, galicia, genus amygdalus, genus camptosorus, genus comatula, genus ctenocephalus, genus javanthropus, genus paranthropus, genus pithecanthropus, genus plesianthropus, genus pyrethrum, genus telanthera, georgian, gilbert and ellice islands, gnp, goa, gone, go back, grand turk, greenback party, groat, gross national product, group centrospermae, guinea, gulf, half-brother, half eagle, hanoverian, hardtack, hyperodontidae, icc, indo-aryan, indo-european, industrial workers of the world, inquisition, international ampere, international candle, interstate commerce commission, isfahan, istanbul, iww, jamestown, javanthropus, jerkin, kadikoy, kananga, karachi, kharkiv, kharkov, kingdom of spain, know-nothing party, kotow, kowtow, lagos, lancastrian, lassa, leningrad, leon, levant, lhasa, liberty party, lichenales, loricata, louis d'or, lubumbashi, luluabourg, lustrate, lyonnais, manhattan project, manteodea, mate, mile, montenegro, mount vernon, muriatic acid, myxophyceae, nail, nanjing, nanking, navy department, navy secretary, neocolonialism, newa, nonperson, normandie, normandy, north vietnam, old-world, order dictyoptera, order lichenales, order loricata, order pholidota, order raptores, order stegocephalia, orleanais, palaeopathology, paleopathology, pantaloon, paranthropus, peacock-throne, people's party, perestroika, persecute, peterburg, petrograd, phanerogamae, phoenix, pholidota, pilot biscuit, pilot bread, pithecanthropus, pithecanthropus erectus, plectophera, plesianthropus, populist party, preexistence, preussen, progressive party, provence, prussia, psychogenic fugue, pteropsida, pyrethrum, rally, raptores, ratitae, rebel, rebound, recover, recuperate, reference, refurbishment, regress, regression, rehabilitate, reinstatement, rename, renovation, resoundingly, restoration, retrogression, retroversion, reunion, reversion, revertible, rhodesian, right of re-entry, rio, riot act, rio de janeiro, rise, rise up, roast, round shot, russia, saint petersburg, saurian, schizomycetes, schizophyceae, schizophyta, schizopoda, schooner, sea biscuit, sea mile, secondary modern school, secretary of commerce and labor, secretary of health education and welfare, secretary of the navy, secretary of war, secret service, security, shah, shah of iran, shilling, shinto, ship biscuit, shire, siam, sikkim, skeleton, sou, south vietnam, soviet, soviet socialist republic, soviet union, spain, spill, spirit world, ss, st. petersburg, stage, stamboul, stambul, star chamber, states' rights democratic party, stegocephalia, stepbrother, stepchild, stepdaughter, stepson, strand, stretchable, stretchy, subclass diapsida, subdivision pteropsida, suborder manteodea, substantiate, sultan, superorder ratitae, sussex, tanganyika, tattered, teammate, teapot dome, teapot dome scandal, telanthera, tell, thailand, thallophyta, theodore roosevelt memorial national park, thessalia, thessaly, threepence, top-up, tracheophyta, tuppence, twopence, uncivilly, unguiculata, ungulata, uniate, union of soviet socialist republics, united states secret service, up, ur, ussr, usss, us secret service, vary, vigdis finnbogadottir, vindictively, want, war department, war secretary, westminster abbey, whig party, widow, yeoman, yorkshire, yugoslav, yugoslavian, ziphiidae, zuider zee

More general:
first, number one

early, erstwhile, late, once, onetime, other, past, previous, quondam, sometime

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— Nouns for former: case, times, president, days, minister, union, secretary, member, members, state, director, more...

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