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Often used in the same context:
associated, pertaining, linked, concerning, stemming, involving, arising, regarding, including, affecting, correlated, impacted, resulting, excluding, predated, incurred, ranging, dealing, ascribable, unassociated, separate, interrelated, covered, connected, underlying, contributing, attributed, occurring, pending, specializing, referable, discussed, decreased, following, referenced, implicated, reflecting, deferred, nonrecurring, triggers, derived, encompassed, revolve around, causes, preexisting, induced, during, assorted, documented, expensed, offsetting, originating, investigated, imputed interest, factored, overshadowing, totaling, compared, recur, surrounding, accounted, corresponds, localized, influenced, pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, amounting, minimise, paralleled, per se, approximated, scis, precede, increased, coinciding, intangible asset, continuing, discontinued, publicized, accelerated depreciation, effected, mitigate, themed, generated, predominating, equated, spawned, rh incompatibility, notes receivable, trifling, dampened, spurred, analyzed, precipitated, intertwined, exacerbated, predispose, fueled, handling, mentioned, addressing, allude, valvular heart disease, oriented, focused, based, centered, controlled, sensitive, driven, specific, centred, creating, directed, generating, producing, free, friendly, tolerant, assisted, aware, healthrelated, workrelated, ancillary, unrelated, other, relevant, aforementioned, diese, lmportant, miscellaneous, abovementioned, noneconomic, nonessential, similar, such, cognate, hese

Appears in the definition of:
., acarid, accounting, accounting system, acetylenic, acetylic, achondritic, aciculate, acidimetric, acid rock, actinia, actinian, actiniarian, actinometric, actinometrical, actinomycotic, adenota vardoni, adoption, adoptive, advanced research and development activity, affinal, affine, affined, afrasian, afrasian language, afrikaans, afro-asiatic, afroasiatic, afroasiatic language, agnate, agnatic, agrologic, agrological, akinp, alaska cod, albitic, albuminuric, alchemic, alchemical, aldehydic, aleuronic, algometric, algometrical, alimentative, alizarin yellow, alkylic, allied, alligator, allotropic, allotropical, altaic, altaic language, amaranthine, amenorrheal, amenorrheic, amenorrhoeal, amenorrhoeic, amharic, ammonitic, amnic, amnionic, amniotic, amphitheatric, amphitheatrical, ampullar, ampullary, amygdaline, amylolytic, anabiotic, anabolic, anaclitic, anacoluthic, anaglyphic, anaglyphical, anaglyptic, anaglyptical, anagrammatic, anagrammatical, anal, anaphasic, anaphylactic, anarchistic, anas penelope, androgenetic, androgenic, androgenous, angas, anginal, anginose, anginous, angiomatous, angiospermous, anguine, antennariidae, antido, aphasic, aplitic, apperception, arabidopsis, arabidopsis lyrata, archaeologic, archaeological, archeologic, archeological, arda, argentinidae, ariocarpus fissuratus, arisaema dracontium, arrow wood, asamiya, ascomycetous, assamese, associated, atheist, atheistic, atheistical, atomic number 34, atomic number 52, aye-aye, backa, bacteriochlorophyll, bald cypress, baltic, baltic language, bantu, baptistic doctrine, bark beetle, basket maker, batrachoididae, battery, bee fly, belemnoidea, berber, biological, biologically, bird's foot trefoil, block, blood-related, blood kinship, blood relation, blood relative, blowfish, boat-billed heron, boatbill, bokmal, bolanci, bole, bonito, break, break up, broadbill, broadnosed, brosme brosme, brotulidae, building complex, building supply house, building supply store, button pink, camelpox, campaign, candelilla, canis aureus, caprine animal, carapidae, cardoon, case, castanea ozarkensis, catalan, catarrhine, catarrhinian, catena, catostomidae, central chimpanzee, cephaloglycin, cephalosporin, ceras, chapter, cherimolla, cherimoya, chickweed, chinquapin, cholinergic, choral, choreic abasia, citric, citrus aurantifolia, clammy chickweed, clan, class equisetatae, class lycopodiate, class lycopsida, class sphenopsida, clubroot fungus, cobia, coca, cochlearius cochlearius, cognate, cognation, complementary, complementary distribution, complementation, complex, composite, congenator, congener, connaraceae, connate, connected, consanguine, consanguineous, consanguinity, contradictory, contrapuntal, contrary, contrastive, control center, converse, corneal, correlate, correlated, correlative, cox, cryptobiotic, cucumber, cuke, cupressus abramsiana, cupressus goveniana abramsiana, curlew, cusk, cutlassfish, cycadaceae, cycad family, cyclooxygenase, cylindric, cylindrical, dano-norwegian, darvon, database, data file, daubentonia madagascariensis, dermaptera, diagonal, dialectically, diametral, diametric, diametrical, dianthus latifolius, dictyophera, directly, direct evidence, dissimilate, diver, dodo, drupaceous, drygoods, eastern chimpanzee, enate, enatic, episode, equisetatae, erse, etymon, eurypterid, evenk, exocoetidae, exogamic, exogamous, faeroese, false fruit, family antennariidae, family argentinidae, family batrachoididae, family brotulidae, family carapidae, family catostomidae, family connaraceae, family cycadaceae, family exocoetidae, family fistulinaceae, family glossinidae, family hemiramphidae, family ophiodontidae, family pediculidae, family pomatomidae, family psocidae, family salvadoraceae, family tapiridae, family tenrecidae, family turnicidae, family ursidae, farm credit system, faroese, fascioliasis, fasciolosis, fcs, fda, fictional, filar, filarial, file, fistulinaceae, flagship, flemish, flemish dialect, foaled, folie a deux, food and drug administration, fossa, fossilology, foster, foster-daughter, foster-son, fraxinus latifolia, fraxinus oregona, frost fish, fulgurous, gadus macrocephalus, gaelic, gallus, gator, generation, generically, genitourinary, genus arabidopsis, genus bocconia, genus cathaya, genus dictyophera, genus difflugia, genus fossa, genus gallus, genus hardenbergia, genus krigia, genus pan, genus plectania, genus pogonia, genus pseudotsuga, genus pyrrhuloxia, genus stropharia, genus turritis, glareole, globefish, glossinidae, goat, goat antelope, goidelic, grammatical case, granadilla, green dragon, gu, guanabana, habenaria peramoena, haddock, haemoproteid, hairtail, hake, half, halogen, hamitic, hamitic language, hamito-semitic, hardenbergia, hemiramphidae, herb paris, heterologous, hispanic, homeostatic, hoofed mammal, hornbill, horseshoe crab, housekeep, housewifely, husbandly, hypermedia, hypermedia system, hypertext, ilama, inbreeding, incest, incompatible, interactive multimedia, interactive multimedia system, interbred, inversely, irredenta, irredentism, irridenta, irridentism, irula, isometric, jackal, japanese privet, judeo-christian, kafocin, khanty, kin, kindred, king crab, kinp, kinship group, kin group, koranic, lao, laotian, larix lyallii, latino, ldl cholesterol, leek, legless lizard, levallorphan, ligustrum japonicum, limbic brain, limbic system, lime, lime tree, limulus polyphemus, lineally, lingcod, lingual, linguistic, liparis liparis, living rock, llama, loon, lorfan, lover, lycopodiate, lycopsida, macular degeneration, malayalam, manchu, mandolin, manduca sexta, mansi, marlin, masa, maternalp, math, mathematics, maths, matrikin, matrilineal kin, matrilineal sib, matrisib, mauritanian, mauritian, mdma, mediatory, mefoxin, melanogrammus aeglefinus, merginae, method of accounting, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, metonym, metric, migrational, military campaign, misrelated, moreen, morphologically, mouse-ear chickweed, mouse ear, mouse eared chickweed, muskmelon, myomorpha, myxoma virus, national oceanic and atmospheric administration, national technical information service, natural, neencephalon, neoencephalon, neoplastic, next of kin, noaa, nonlinguistic, nonproliferation center, nonpublic, northern pitch pine, npc, ntis, numididae, numidinae, oaten, omnibus, omotic, onomastic, ophiodontidae, ophiodon elongatus, optical phenomenon, order belemnoidea, order dermaptera, order phallales, order struthioniformes, oregon ash, organisation, organization, ostyak, outbred, overlapping, ox, ozark chinkapin, ozark chinquapin, pacific cod, paiute, palaeontology, paleontology, pan, panhysterectomy, pan troglodytes schweinfurthii, pan troglodytes troglodytes, pan troglodytes verus, papaw, paradigmatic, paralytic abasia, paris quadrifolia, paroxysmal trepidant abasia, partial correlation, partridge, passamaquody, paternal, patrikin, patrilineal kin, patrilineal sib, patrisib, pawpaw, pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, pediculidae, pedilanthus bracteatus, pedilanthus pavonis, pedionomus torquatus, peripheral, pezophaps solitaria, phallales, phylum, pinetum, pinus rigida, pitch pine, piute, plain wanderer, planthopper, plant hopper, plasmodiophora brassicae, platyrhine, platyrhinian, platyrrhine, platyrrhinian, platyrrhinic, plectania, plover, podicipitiform seabird, pollachius pollachius, pollack, pollock, polygenic, polyphonic, pomatomidae, pome, pond apple, pond cypress, pratincole, product-moment correlation coefficient, proportional, propoxyphene, propoxyphene hydrochloride, prospective, prosthodontia, prosthodontics, pseudotsuga, psocidae, psychedelic rock, pubertal, puffer, puku, purple fringeless orchid, purple fringeless orchis, rachycentron canadum, racial, radical hysterectomy, raphus cucullatus, raspberry, rattan, rattan cane, reciprocally, rectosigmoid, redstart, redtail, regional, relate, related to, relation, relational, relative, relatum, retail, retrospective, riksmal, ring-stalked fungus, roller, root, ruminant, running mate, ryukyuan, salvadoraceae, salvadora family, sandpiper, santa cruz cypress, sardine, scalic, scandinavia, se, seasnail, sea lion, sea snail, selenium, separatrix, sequence, serer, sergeant fish, sheep, ship's papers, shoshone, shoshoni, shrew, shrewmouse, sib, side by side, similar, single, slash, snailfish, soft goods, solid-state, solidus, solitaire, soursop, south african dutch, spearfish, specialistic, spectrum, sphenopsida, splint bone, stevia, story, string, stroke, stropharia, struthioniformes, sub-test, subalpine larch, subfamily merginae, subfamily numididae, subfamily numidinae, suborder myomorpha, sucker, surrogate, swallow shrike, swazi, sweet melon, syntagmatic, system, system of measurement, taal, tadzhik, tajik, tajiki, talk shop, tapiridae, taxodium ascendens, taxonomically, te, telencephalon, tellurium, tenrecidae, terbium metal, tetralogy, textual criticism, thematically, the taal, thraco-phrygian, thyroid hormone, tinamou, tobacconist, tobacco hornworm, tomato worm, torsk, train, transduction, transform, transformation, tribe, trigonella ornithopodioides, trilogy, trust company, trust corporation, tuna, tungus, tunny, turnicidae, turritis, undomestic, unfunctional, ungulate, unmarried, urdu, ursidae, velociraptor, viburnum recognitum, virgule, visceral brain, vogul, western chimpanzee, whitefly, wholesale, widgeon, wigeon, wild ox, wolof, wood swallow, woolen, woollen, worm fish, xhosa, xiphosurus polyphemus, zebrawood family

accompanying, affiliated, affinal, agnate, agnatic, akin, allied, as to, associated, attached, attendant, blood-related, bound up, brother, cognate, concerned, concerning, concomitant, connate, connected, consanguine, consanguineous, correlate, correlated, correlative, corresponding, enate, enatic, fellow, germane, in regard to, in relation to, in terms of, incidental, incidental to, kin, kindred, maternal, overlapping, paternal, regarding, related to, relevant, side by side, similar, sister, vis-a-vis, with reference to, with regard to, with respect to

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